Fox Girl In An Apocalyptic World

Chapter 34: [Bonus Chapter] - Lou and Kim’s night (R18)
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Chapter 34: [Bonus Chapter] - Lou and Kim’s night (R18)

[A/N: If you do not like yuri please skip this chapter, this chapter is not important to the story so you are not missing out on anything.]

[Warning: Sadism, pet play and general BDSM themes so continue at your own discretion]

Lou laid Kim on the bed while holding the passionate kiss. Kim was a little shocked at first by the sudden assault but quickly got into it as this wasn't the first time this had happened.

Both of them started taking off their military uniform, ridding themselves of the identity they had.

Once they were completely naked Lou did not waste any time and grabbed Kim by the hair. Lou threw Kim to the ground and despite the rough treatment, she was enjoying every moment of it.

Kim laid on the ground and Lou stepped on Kim's face.

"Lick it." Two words came out of Lou's mouth in a cold tone and without any questions, Kim began to lick Lou's feet.

After a minute of licking, Kim was starting to run out of breath as she did not dare stop unless Lou told her to.

"Good girl~ you can stop." Satisfied with Kim's obedience Lou took her foot off Kim's face.

"Get up." Lou ordered Kim and she instantly got on all fours looking up at Lou.

Lou smirked and leaned over, grabbing ahold of Kim's chin. Looking deep into her eyes Lou gave Kim one more kiss.

"Now meow for me~." Lou backed away from Kim and sat at the edge of the bed waiting for her.

"Nyaaa~." Lifting one arm up Kim posed as a cat fully immersing herself in her race as a lynx.

Kim's small tail was wagging back and forth, indicating that she was thoroughly enjoying it.

"Good Kitty~, now come satisfy your Mistress~." Lou opened her legs gesturing at Kim to come over.

Kim crawled her way over and once her head was between Lou's legs, Lou grabbed a hold of Kim's ears forcing her into Lou's pussy.

Kim moaned and proceeded to lick Lou's pussy to the best of her ability.

5 minutes went by and Lou was close to cumming and to reward Kim for her efforts, Lou was going to cum into Kim's mouth.

"Don't miss a drop~." Lou pushed on Kim's head even harder, leaving no room to breathe.

"Ahh~." letting out a satisfied moan Lou cummed into Kim's mouth and without wasting anything she made sure she got every drop into her mouth.

"Fufu~ good kitty, now it's your turn." Lou stood up while also pulling on Kim forcing her to stand up as well.

Lou then proceeded to pin Kim to the bed and Lou using one of her hands slowly went down Kim's body till it reached her pussy.

Lou inserted her fingers quickly and hard causing Kim to let out a loud moan from the unexpected roughness.

"NYAHHH~." Kim already felt like cumming and was trying her best to not climax yet.

Lou on the other hand started to bite Kim's neck drawing a little bit of blood.

Licking the blood off Kim while still fingering her, Lou increased her pace making it harder for Kim.

However, Lou suddenly stopped and Kim looked at Lou wondering why she had suddenly stopped.

"D-don't… stop M-mistress." Kim had been out of breath making it harder to speak.

"Don't tell me what to do!" Lou then slapped Kim in the face causing her to moan.

"If you want me to finish, beg for it." Lou glared at Kim coldly and she felt shivers go through her body seeing the glare.

"Oh, please Mistress ravage me like I am your personal toy, the only thing that matters is you~." Kim put her hands on top of her chest and opened her legs even wider inviting Lou.

Lou smirked and hearing a perfect response turned Kim on her stomach.

"Ara~ such a good little kitten, let me finish you off for being such an obedient pet." Lou bit down on Kim's ass while also teasing her pussy.

Lou then got Kim to go on all fours while on the bed and Lou was directly behind her.

"It's a shame we don't have any toys, so my tongue will have to do." Lou was annoyed that there was nothing to use, but they had to make do with what they could.

Lou using her tongue then began to eat out Kim's pussy.

"Oh fuck." Kim was struggling to keep together and her hips started to move with Lou's tongue trying to get as much out of it as she could. Lou all of a sudden slapped Kim's ass as hard as she could.

"AHHH~." Kim gripped the streets and pressed her head up against the bed trying not to climax.

However, Kim was no longer able to hold it in any longer and so she came into Lou's mouth. 𝙛𝓻𝓮𝓮𝙬𝓮𝒃𝓷𝓸𝒗𝓮𝓵.𝒄𝓸𝓶

Lou did not let a single drop out and instead of pulling away kept going.

"LOU~!." Kim screamed out Lou's name as she was not prepared for the second round. Kim had also started feeling like she wasn't in her body anymore and only desired more pleasure.

"Harder~ treat me like a little slut of yours." Kim was unable to think of anything else but speak what she desired.

However, Lou had stopped again, but before Kim could speak, she found herself on her back again. Lou then leaned in and kissed Kim while Lou inserted her fingers again into Kim's pussy.

Lou pulled away from the kiss and started sucking on Kim's nipple and used her other hand to play with the other nipple.

"KYAA~~!!" Kim was assaulted by different waves of pleasure and without realizing cummed a few more times.

Kim was noticing she was losing her mind and all her mind could think about was Lou.

Lou did not care what the state of Kim was and kept pleasuring her till Lou was satisfied.

Lou then moved her head up to Kim's shoulder and Lou bit down as hard as she could.

"AHH~." Kim felt an intoxicating pain that had caused her to cum again.

Lou then drank Kim's blood enjoying the taste.

"Mmm tastes as sweet as ever~." Lou licked her lips, getting the excess blood off.

Wanting to end things soon as Kim was nearing the end of her endurance Lou got on top of Kim almost sitting on her face.

Without saying a word Kim began to eat out Lou while she did the same.

However, Kim had a harder time trying to pleasure Lou since Kim was exhausted from all the orgasming. Still trying her best Kim kept pace, but she already felt cumming again.

However, Lou had been extremely turned on by Kim's actions before and was close to orgasming herself.

Both of them were getting more and more intense, until they both finally orgasmed at the same time. Kim was unable to keep going and so her face was completely covered in Lou's cum.

Lou on the other hand still wanted to taste as much as she could and so she licked up as much of Kim's cum as she could.

Lou, knowing that Kim could no longer go anymore, got off her. Lou then proceeded to get Kim under the covers not caring if they were clean or not. Lou also slid into the covers and wrapped her hand around Kim. Laying back Lou got herself comfortable and felt herself starting to drift asleep.

"M-mistress I a-am forever y-yours." Kim who snuggled into Lou looked up to meet her eyes.

"You didn't have a choice anyway, you will always forever be mine if you liked it or not." Lou raised her head and to seal what Kim said, Lou kissed her.

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