Found 100 Million In My Rented Apartment

Chapter 1320 - 1320: Their Protection Fee Has To Be Doubled, Don’t You Think?
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Chapter 1320: Their Protection Fee Has To Be Doubled, Don’t You Think?

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

“This is Japan, not China. We are a lawful society here. It is illegal to beat people up.”

“How dare two Chinese people act so arrogantly in Japan? Do you really think that there’s no one in Japan?”

Everyone was jealous of Ye Feng. They would not let go of this good opportunity to make things difficult for him.

Xia Qju was surrounded by so many people. She panicked and quickly looked at Ye Feng.

Ye Feng looked at these people and was about to speak.

Suddenly, an arrogant voice came from afar. “It’s time to pay the protection fee this month. Don’t f*cking make me come over every day to rush you. If you push me too hard, I’ll smash your stall.”

Ye Feng turned around and saw a man with a slanted hairstyle walking into the seafood market with a few lackeys following behind him.

The people in the seafood market seemed to be very afraid of these people. They all nodded and bowed.

Ye Feng felt that this person looked familiar. He seemed to have seen him somewhere before.

The man with a baseball bat in his hand went from store to store to collect protection fees.

Every time he walked to a stall, the stall owner would take the initiative to send the money over without him needing to say anything.

Soon, they arrived at Ye Fengs stall.

The boss, who had been very arrogant just a moment ago, immediately bowed and greeted him. “Brother Cong, come and have a cigarette.”

As he spoke, he hurriedly took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and handed it over.

“Don’t give me that. You haven’t f*cking paid the protection fee for last month. This time, you have to pay it together with interest.” Brother Cong pushed his cigarette away and spoke fiercely.

“Brother Cong, my business hasn’t been good for the past two months. Can you give me another month…”

Before the boss could finish, Brother Cong smashed the baseball bat in his hand on a water tank.


The water tank was made of glass, and a large hole was immediately smashed into it. The water mixed with the seafood inside immediately flowed all over the ground.

“Aiya, my seafood…” The boss screamed and hurriedly went to clean up the fish and prawns that were jumping on the ground.

Brother Cong kicked him to the ground. “Don’t be so shameless. If you don’t pay the protection fee today, don’t even think about running your stall anymore.” freewebno(v)

The boss’s face immediately turned sour and he didn’t dare to speak.

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded. “You’re from the Fortune Dragon Society, right?”

When Brother Cong heard this voice, he immediately looked up.

When he saw the person who spoke clearly, his originally arrogant expression immediately froze. “Mr. Ye? Is it really you, Mr. Ye?”

He trotted over like a pug.

Ye Feng also just remembered that this person seemed to be following behind Su Qiyun, he had seen him a few times.

“What are you doing?” He sized up the other party without batting an eyelid.

Brother Congs expression changed again and again. He wiped his sweat and replied, “Mr. Ye, 1… I’m collecting protection fees.”

Ye Feng smiled. “As one of the largest gangs in Japan, the Fortune Dragon Society is actually doing this kind of business?”

Brother Cong quickly smiled apologetically. “Of course, the big shots don’t care about these small profits, but small fries like us have to live too. It just so happens that this area is a little chaotic, so we’ll provide them with help and receive some benefits at the same time.’

Ye Feng pointed at the boss who was covered in mud. “But you can’t hit him, right?”

Brother Cong hurriedly nodded. “Yes, yes, yes. Mr. Ye is right. Is the owner of this shop your friend? Then we won’t come to their stall anymore.”

He thought that Ye Feng knew the boss of this shop, his heart was beating fast.

But at this moment, Ye Feng shook his head. ‘1 1 don’t know them, I just bought a clam from their house and found a Night-Luminous Pearl from it, they want to go back now…”

Brother Cong looked at the lady boss who was still lying on the ground, then looked at the boss. He immediately understood.

“Alright, are you blind? You dare to act shamelessly with Mr. Ye? I’ll f*cking kill you all.” As he spoke, he was about to instruct his subordinates to deal with the couple.

The boss and lady boss were already pale from fear, they did not expect Ye Feng to know someone from the Fortune Dragon Society.

Moreover, Brother Congs attitude toward him was extremely respectful. It was obvious that he had a powerful background.

They had really kicked an iron plate this time, and their hearts instantly turned ashen.

Ye Feng suddenly spoke again. “l told you earlier, don’t shout and kill for no reason, it’s not good.”

Brother Cong stopped a few of his lackeys who were about to rush over. “Mr.

Ye is kind. Consider this dog couple lucky.”

He had just finished sucking up to Ye Feng when he heard Ye Feng continue. “They offended me just now, they are in great danger now, because I will take revenge on them at any time. So I think their protection fee should be doubled.

What do you think?”

Brother Cong was stunned at first, but he quickly reacted. “Aiya, offending someone like Mr. Ye is indeed very dangerous. I don’t think double is enough. We have to at least triple it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t dare to protect them.” When the couple heard this, they immediately complained bitterly.

“Brother Cong, we know we were wrong. Please be magnanimous. The protection fee is already very high now. If you increase it by three times, we won’t be able to do business.’

“That’s right, Brother Cong. Please let us off…”

Brother Cong remained indifferent to their pleas. “Since you think that the protection fee is too high, I won’t protect you anymore. If you get killed one day, it has nothing to do with me.”

A threat, a blatant threat.

The couple immediately turned pale and did not dare to say another word.

They knew very well that the other party was forcing them to close down their business.

Who could afford to pay three times the protection fee?

This young man was too ruthless!

Ye Feng then pointed at the few people who had spoken ill of him just now. “These people are all rich, cheap seafood is probably not worthy of their status. In the future, when we sell it to them, we can increase the price appropriately.”

“Did you hear that?” Brother Cong shouted at the seafood market seller. ‘E ln the future, when these people come to buy seafood, raise the price a little. It doesn’t have to be too high, just two or three times higher. Do you hear me?”

“Don’t worry, Brother Cong.” “Brother Cong. We know…”

“No problem…”

The sellers in the seafood market all agreed.

The few people who had spoken ill of Ye Feng earlier were all crying.

There was only one seafood market within a few kilometers. If the sellers here collectively raised their prices, they would only have two choices. Either they would not eat seafood in the future, or they would have to walk a few more kilometers to another market. Obviously, it would increase the cost of living.

Even though Ye Fengs punishment seemed insignificant, it added a lot of trouble to these people’s lives.

When these little worries accumulated, they would become a huge problem.

It was better to beat them up directly. At most, they would suffer some physical pain. It was better than this kind of slow punishment.

This Chinese man’s conscience was greatly damaged..

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