Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower

Chapter 910: Mountain Tribe’s Queen
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Chapter 910: Mountain Tribe’s Queen

Clap! Clap!

"To be able to come here without anyone noticing and even evading my attack, I had to say that you're quite capable." A woman in her twenties walked towards Nan Hua.

Dressed in hunter like attire, she didn't look like an ordinary person. Her eyes swept across Nan Hua as the corner of her lips curled up to form a smile. It seemed that she was feeling amusement rather than worry when someone stepped into this place.

Nan Hua looked at the person in front of her carefully.

While the woman was not showing any of her martial arts nor even releasing any of her pressure, Nan Hua could sense that she was quite strong.

That one attack just now had already proved that.

"I'm here to meet with the leader." Nan Hua looked at the woman in front of her calmly. Even when she knew that the other people in this place could surround her, there was no fear within her eyes at all.

The woman arched her eyebrows. "How interesting for you to come here just to meet with me."

"Not you."


"You're not the tribe's leader." Nan Hua's words were filled with certainty. It was as if she had known who the real leader was and even met with the other party that she could pinpoint when someone was faking to be them.

The woman's smile stiffened. She furrowed her eyebrows. "Are you trying to refute me, little kid?"

Nan Hua was silent.

She stood there calmly, looking at the woman in front of her without any traces of fear within her eyes in the slightest bit. She was also not intimidated by the woman's threat at all.

"I'm the leader, had any problem with that?"


"What?" The woman was irritated. She felt that the reason why Nan Hua came here today was to make her angry.

"If you're the leader, who's the person looking at me intently from that roof is?" Nan Hua pointed at the side without even looking away from the woman in front of her. There was no motion of her moving her line of sight, but she could still sense the presence of that person.

And different from this woman, that person had a stronger sense of pressure.


Sounds of laughter came from the side.

The woman's face turned pale as she knelt on the ground, partially grumbling internally. She never expected that the opponent who came this time would be able to sense their true leader directly.

It has been years since someone managed to do that when they all pretended to be the leader in order to test the newcomer.

Nan Hua could hear the pleasing voice and noticed that it was somewhat high pitched. She already knew that the Mountain Tribe's leader is a woman, but she didn't expect that the voice to be this high and feminine.

The description from the novel was really lacking.

Turning her head, Nan Hua could see a young woman in her late teens jumping down from the roof. She had exquisite face and looked rather charming and beautiful. However, her eyebrows looked sharp, which told a lot about her hard personality.

She showed a faint smile when she looked at Nan Hua and stood there. Unlike the first woman who dressed like a hunter, this young woman was dressed in warrior robe. She had arm guard, yet her dress was rather long to be convenient.

Feminine looking, yet as valiant as a true warrior.

That was Yu Jin, the Mountain Tribe's Queen.

"You can stop pretending to be me now, Ye Jian." The young woman walked towards Nan Hua in light steps. She had noticed Nan Hua's appearance when she stepped here not long ago, but had chosen not to say anything.

What she didn't expect was this little kid to be able to detect her too.

How interesting.

Aside from her little brother, no one else was able to detect her if she didn't want them to sense her. All that they could see was that she was there, but they couldn't sense her presence in the slightest bit.

After all, she didn't have a skill that could make her turn invisible.

"Yes, Leader."

The woman, Ye Jian, knew that once Yu Jin had spoken, it was time for her to retreat. She turned to look at Nan Hua one last time before retreating a few steps to the back. Once Yu Jin decided to attack, things wouldn't be so pretty anymore.

She didn't want to be caught up in their battles.

"Yu Jin from Mountain Tribe," the young woman, Yu Jin, introduced herself.

Even though Nan Hua had known Yu Jin's name from the novel, she still introduced herself too, "Jun Hua from Dark Moon Organization."

"Jun Hua?" Yu Jin arched her eyebrows. "Did that old fogey from Dark Moon Organization trick you into entering his poor organization?"

Old fogey?

Poor organization?

This was the first time Nan Hua knew that Yu Jin's impression of Si Mo Fan was actually this low. Before she came to Dark Moon Organization, she did hear that the organization had a clash with the Mountain Tribe.

It happened years ago, so Nan Hua didn't know the detail.


But in any case, Si Mo Fan managed to gain the foothold in the West area of Xia Mountains and developed there for so many years.

Maybe something else had actually happened when they clashed back then.


"Really?" Yu Jin looked a bit skeptical, but she still walked closer and then stood in front of Nan Hua. She had sensed it from a distance, but when she was closer, she felt that the little kid in front of her was really dangerous.

She felt that she would need to go all out if she wanted to fight against Jun Hua.

"I take the organization from him."

Yu Jin was silent for a moment then nodded.

"That sounds right."

Nan Hua was silent.

A few miles away, Si Mo Fan sneezed a few times heavily. He looked at the sky and wondered just which b*stard was cursing him?

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