Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower

Chapter 909: Mountain Tribe (3)
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Chapter 909: Mountain Tribe (3)

Lush trees and fresh air.

Tranquil atmosphere. Please visit πŸπ“‡eβ„―π’˜π™šπš‹π“ƒπ¨π˜·π—²Ζ–. co𝓢

But Nan Hua knew that it was nothing more than how things looked like on the surface while there were many battles behind it.

She turned to look at the front as she had already reached the edge of the first mountain. From here, she could see the second mountain and also the location where the Mountain Tribes were actually staying.

It's beautiful.

And she had been found out.

Nan Hua turned to look above her and saw a man wearing a mask standing there. He was looking in Nan Hua's direction warily but didn't many any notion to step forward. Even though he was keeping his distance, his instinct must have been telling him that if he stepped forward, he would be embroiled in a very difficult battle.

That was why he kept his distance.

"Who are you?" the man finally asked.

Nan Hua looked at the person in front of her and answered calmly, "Jun Hua from Dark Moon Organization."

"Never heard of you."

That was because Nan Hua hadn't officially used this name for many matters yet. Even if she was participating in the battle, she came as Nan beside Nan Luo instead of as part of Dark Moon Organization.

"I'm looking for the leader."

"I'm the leader."

"You?" Nan Hua shook her head. "You're not worthy to be the leader."

Even if the man managed to find her whereabouts and sensed her when she was close enough, his skills were still lower than her. She had found him first and even noticed that he could sense her.

The man frowned. "Leave or I won't be polite."

Nan Hua stood still.

It was always easier to ask for something after showing one's power and might. After all, it was the ability that would grant her a privilege to meet with their leader.


The man disappeared and appeared in front of Nan Hua. His hand was holding a curved sword as he tried to cut through Nan Hua.


Bending her body to the back, Nan Hua avoided the attack just a few millimeters away. The tip of the blade almost reached her neck, but that few differences of distance was what allowed her to keep her life.

Nan Hua looked at the man's movement and stepped to the side.


The second curved sword passed through the air, not far from her.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Evading the attack, Nan Hua always maintained the very short distance between her and the weapon. Yet, the man was unable to cross that short distance as he had already stretched his body and used all of his strength in his attacks.


Nan Hua could see all of the man's attack.

It was too slow for her.

Swish! Slash!

Taking out her dagger, Nan Hua's body stepped forward and her dagger swung towards the man's chest.

It ripped his clothes.

Yet, it didn't touch his skin at all.

Then, Nan Hua turned around towards the man's back by using one of her legs as the pivot. Her hand then rested there with her dagger pointed straight at the man's heart.

The man stood still as he felt Nan Hua's blade was pointed at his heart from the back. He didn't dare to move as he knew very well that his life was in Nan Hua's hand right now. During the short period when he clashed against her, he couldn't counter anything at all.

It was as if he was facing his leader.

No matter what he did, his leader would be able to counter his attack perfectly and brought him down.

All that left was sense of helplessness.

"Bring me to your leader." Nan Hua was still as calm as before.

The man narrowed his eyes. He then reached to his chest to take a bamboo flute to call the other men but Nan Hua reacted faster. She switched her hand's position and hit the man's back neck.

Peng! Thud!

One hit to cause him unconscious.

Nan Hua didn't want to kill anyone because she came here to make negotiation. Killing these people would be a useless attempt that might even cause her plan to fall into the ditch.

She turned to look at the second mountain once more.


Her body moved swiftly across the trees and bushes. This man should have some position within the Mountain Tribe, but his skill was indeed not enough.

And from the way the man behaved, it seemed that she was not the first opponent where he could only feel helplessness.

In that case, she would continue.


Entering the second mountain, Nan Hua noticed that the atmosphere was somewhat different. She looked up and narrowed her eyes.

If she was not wrong, beyond this mountain was their village and also the location where the women and children were staying. It meant that she was already close to their living location.

Should she proceed?

Not many people could even reach this location as they would have already hindered by the many guards the people who were roaming around the mountain. Because of that, the information about this place was very limited.

Even though Nan Hua had Dark Moon Organization, it was not an omnipotent organization that could gather all information. She didn't know this area for sure as compared to the areas where she usually stayed.

But Nan Hua was not afraid.

While coming in blindly was not really something she liked to do, it was still something that she was capable of doing because she had confidence in her survival skill. At the very least, she was confident that she would be able to stay alive.


Her body nimbly moved upwards.

As she climbed up, the number of people increased and their skills were all considerably better than the guards at the first mountains. However, they were not as good as that man she encountered earlier.

Then, Nan Hua stopped.

She swiftly sidestepped to the side as something was thrown to the place where she previously stood.

Swish! Jleb!

A dagger was embedded on the ground.

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