Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower

Chapter 37 - Nan Shu Cheng (2)
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"Yes, Young Miss." The servant quickly bowed and turned to leave. He was afraid that if he was a second slower, the two children would change their decision and chose not to meet with Nan Shu Cheng.

At that time, he would not know what kind of message he should bring to that man.

Nan Luo turned to look at Nan Hua. "Hua'er, there's no need to meet that scum. If you don't want to meet with him, we don't have to!"

He only dared to say that word when he was alone with Nan Hua. If it was outside with a lot of outsiders, he would naturally not dare to say those words out loud as it would only bring him endless troubles.

"He's already here." Nan Hua was calm. "We'll just greet him."

"But…" Nan Luo furrowed his eyebrows. "I don't even want to see his face." He sulked.

Nan Hua looked at her brother and slowly raised her hand to rub his head. "Be good, he won't do anything with Grandfather here."

"Okay…." Nan Luo was still dissatisfied but if his twin sister wants to meet that man, he would comply and followed her. But of course, he would not treat Nan Shu Cheng kindly.

Looking at her twin brother, Nan Hua wondered why a young boy would hate his father so much. He was only 8 years old, about to turn 9 soon. And yet, the hatred that Nan Luo showed was definitely deep seated.

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It was as if there was a raging flame that was lit up whenever the name Nan Shu Cheng was mentioned.

The two of them changed clothes and then walked to the main hall. Upon their arrival, they could see Old Master Nan was there along with a man around the age of 30 or so. He had sharp eyebrows and handsome countenance that could easily attract many ladies. Donning in long grey robe, the young man looked like an accomplished scholar.

But the image was shattered as Old Master Nan roared, "You want them to return there? What for? You won't even have time to care for them!"

"But father, Qu Fei Jiao is my wife now. She'll surely take care of them," the man, Nan Shu Cheng tried to coax his grandfather.

"That Concubine Qu?" Old Master Nan sneered. "What right did she has to be my daughter in law? I'll never acknowledge her! She's just a concubine."

"Father!" Nan Shu Cheng's heart sank. He knew that while his father looked like an ordinary person most of the time, his father's words bore higher weight than many other people.

If Old Master Nan didn't want to acknowledge his wife, it was clear that her time in the future would be harder. Other noble families would not want to treat her well and might even treat her harshly.

Old Master Nan snorted but refused to say anything more. His eyes landed on the door when he saw the two children. Even before the servants have time to announce their arrival, he had already beckoned for them to come in.

"Hua'er, Ah Luo, come here."

"Grandfather." The two of them came over obediently. They didn't even turn to look nor greet Nan Shu Cheng who was standing there.

Nan Shu Cheng's eyes darkened slightly when he saw the two of them, yet the amiable smile on his face never disappeared. He was a politician, so it was very common for him to smile even when he actually didn't want to.

"Nan Luo, Nan Hua, why are you not greeting your father?"

Nan Luo passed a look at Nan Shu Cheng. His eyes were chilling cold, one that totally didn't suit a child at the age of 8. "Master Nan."

Master Nan?

Nan Shu Cheng was stunned but before he could ask Nan Luo to correct his greetings, another childish voice had followed suit.

"Master Nan."

"Father, what's the meaning of this?" Nan Shu Cheng furrowed his eyebrows and looked at his father.

Old Master Nan snorted. "That's their decision and not mine. Why do you think they didn't want to return?"

Why do you think they didn't want to return?


Nan Shu Cheng didn't answer. Nan Luo was not even looking in his direction as he sat down beside Old Master Nan. His eyes would wander around the hall as if it was his first time here. Nan Hua was looking downwards as her eyes flashed with coldness.

Neither one of them wanted to speak to him.

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