Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower

Chapter 36 - Nan Shu Cheng
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"But not all family members are kind," Bai Yin added from the back. "There are many others who are trying to stab others from the back."

"Bai Yin, please check the kitchen to see if the breakfast is ready." Xiao Yun shot a dagger towards Bai Yin to make sure that she would not speak about this anymore. What was with this Bai Yin lately, she kept on mentioning about things that would displease Nan Hua.

Bai Yin pursed her lips. She was only saying the truth. However, she was not that idiot to stay in the room and scurried away to check on the kitchen.

"Are you going to read afterwards, Miss?" Xiao Yun changed the conversation carefully.

Nan Hua was actually observing the three servants too. From the way they behaved, she knew very well that they were all already trained to know what their Master was thinking just from observing her expression and gesture. She could see that they were all on edge when they were talking about some matters.

"Yes, prepare the book here."

"Yes, Miss."

The little episode passed without Nan Hua thought so much. But the next day, they got another unwelcomed guest.

At the Ning Shu Pavilion.

Nan Hua and Nan Luo were sparring against each other. Since Nan Hua would be training with Hou Lin soon, Nan Luo insisted on her training more with him. He wanted to spend more time with his twin sister!

Tak! Tak! Tak!

The sound of wood hitting wood filled the small courtyard. The two children were moving rapidly as they switched the roles of the attacker and the defender from time to time.


"I got you!" Nan Luo twisted his body and thrusted in Nan Hua's direction.

Barely evading to the side, Nan Hua bent her legs slightly then kicked upwards. The wooden sword was kicked upwards right at Nan Luo's wrist before a wooden sword stabbed right in the position of his chest, stopping right when it touched his clothes.

"You lost." Nan Hua's voice was calm.

Nan Luo's face distorted a bit. He glared at Hou Liang. "The tricks you taught me is useless!"

Hou Liang smiled bitterly. It was not that the trick was useless, but it was not effective against Nan Hua. But of course, he would not say that out loud. "Young Master, you need to move faster. Also, when you're about to strike, you have to predict your opponent's trajectory. If you're a beat slower, they can evade the attack."

Nan Luo pursed his lips. "Hua'er, don't worry, I'll be stronger than you so that I protect you."

"Mhm." Nan Hua nodded and put the wooden sword away. She had started to get used to this body but her strength was still very weak. Even against Nan Luo, she had to finish the fight quicker or her hand wouldn't hold out.

Maybe her next training would be to increase her power and stamina?

At this moment, a servant came in from outside and stopped right before he could enter the backyard. He bowed down and shouted, "Young Master, Master Nan had come and request for you and Young Miss to meet him."

Master Nan?


Nan Hua arched her eyebrows while Nan Luo's eyes turned several layer colder. The only person who could be addressed as Master Nan would be their father, Nan Shu Cheng.

After coming to this world for several weeks, Nan Hua had never met with Nan Shu Cheng. Neither Old Master Nan nor Nan Luo would even talk about him. In their opinion, it would be best if they never talked about this person at all.

"What did he want?" Nan Luo asked back.

The servant was feeling uneasy but he still had to reply. "Young Master, Master Nan wishes for you and your sister to return."

"Return? Tell him that we won't return." Nan Luo's tone was exceedingly cold that it might freeze the leaves around him.


The servant was troubled. If he returned with that message, Nan Shu Cheng would undoubtedly beat him up. He carefully asked again, "Young Master, will you meet him?"

"Meet him? I don't…." Nan Luo was about to reject when he sensed his sister tugged his sleeve. "Hua'er?"

"We'll meet him," Nan Hua replied in Nan Luo's stead.. Her black eyes shimmered in different type of coldness. She had never met with her so called father, so isn't it time for her to finally greet him?

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