Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower

Chapter 35 - You’re His Granddaughter, So It’s Natural (2)
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Old Master Nan looked at Hou Lin, who was standing there without any expression. "How do you feel of having a girl under your training?"

"Master, if you wish for me to train her, I'll do my best."

"It's been a long time since I see someone who can spot you so easily." Old Master Nan laughed. He felt that he couldn't predict what would Nan Hua be in the future anymore. But no matter what, he would do whatever Nan Hua requested him to do.

"Master, is it fine for her to learn these?" Hou Liang asked worriedly. If it was known that a lady from a noble family was learning the covert art, she would be condemned.

Old Master Nan snorted. "It's fine. She can learn as much as she wants and as long as she's good enough, no one will be able to know that she's the one who do it. And if there are those who know and want to use it for blackmail… I'll send them straight to the gates of hell."

Hou Liang was stunned but he knew that Old Master Nan was already determined to pamper his granddaughter to the fullest. He could only sigh and shook his head, not asking anything more.

A single man like him would never know the feeling of a grandfather who loved his granddaughter.

It didn't take long for the needles to be sent to Nan Hua. While it was not her birthday yet, Old Master Nan told her that he would give the present early so that she would be able to get used to it first.

Looking at the box filled with needles of various sizes to the brim, Nan Hua really wondered whether her grandfather bought an entire store. There were five boxes in total as if he was afraid that she didn't think one was enough.

"Miss, are you going to go to Ning Shu Pavilion again today?" Mu Yan, one of the three personal servants of Nan Hua, asked while tying Nan Hua's hair.

Nan Hua nodded.

"In that case, I'll make it simple." Mu Yan smiled and continued to comb Nan Hua's hair carefully. Amongst the three servants Nan Hua had, Mu Yan was the one with the best skill to do her hair, so it has been her tasks.

Most of the time, Nan Hua asked for simple ones, though.

Xiao Yun carefully put the boxes on the ground. She took a deep breath. "These boxes are quite heavy. Where do you want to put them, Miss?"

"Put them near my bed."

"Yes, Miss." 𝒻𝑟ℯℯ𝑤ℯ𝘣𝘯𝘰𝑣ℯ𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝓂

After Xiao Yun moved the boxes, she noticed that Nan Hua seemed to be in deep thought. She slowly moved closer and smiled. "Miss, if you have any question, you can freely express it."

Nan Hua glanced at Xiao Yun. For the past few weeks, she had been quite distant from these three, but they treated it as if it was normal. It was then she came to the conclusion that the previous Nan Hua was as cold as she was to them.

"Are all grandfather like this?" Nan Hua asked, her eyes rested on the last box that she put on the table.

Xiao Yun was stunned by the question. Her expression turned awkward for a moment before it returned to normal. "This servant didn't have grandfather but he's your grandfather, so it's natural for him to care for you."


Xiao Yun: "…" that's the logic honestly.

Mu Yan chuckled. "Miss, you're Old Master Nan's granddaughter, so of course he'll care for you. You're his family member."

Family members.

The words sounded distant for Nan Hua. Even though she has been here for some time, she still could remember her own past. Back in her original world, she was an orphan that was abandoned since birth.

There were no parents who cared for her nor grandfather who would shower her with affections like this.

And when she entered that organization, she was nothing more than a tool. A tool used to kill.

Nan Hua looked at the box for a moment as she came to her decision.. Since they treated her well, she would also treat them well because they're… her family members.

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