Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower

Chapter 34 - You’re His Granddaughter, So It’s Natural (1)
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"You can return first, Luo. I need to talk with your twin sister first." Old Master Nan passed a glance at his grandson, who made ruckus from the side.

Nan Luo pursed his lips. He turned to look at Nan Hua. "Hua'er, if Grandpa bully you, tell me. I'll…"


"Ouch! Grandpaaaa!"

"I'll not bully your sister. Go and rest early." Old Master Nan shook his head when he saw his grandson acting like this.

Nan Luo clicked his tongue but he still left. He knew that his grandfather had something that he wanted to discuss with his twin sister. As for what it was, it must be something that even he shouldn't know.

Thus, he headed to the other place in order to start his other practice.

"Grandfather," Nan Hua said softly. She could guess that Old Master Nan wanted to talk to her about her sudden decision. After all, she didn't know whether the original Nan Hua actually train martial arts or not since it was never mentioned.

"Hua'er, come here."

Nan Hua looked at her grandfather then walked closer. When she was standing before her grandfather, he picked her up and put her on his lap. Since her body was still small, it was not hard for him to pick her up.

Nan Hua: "…" I would like to be taller.

Old Master Nan sighed. "Do you have a goal, Hua'er?"


"Yes." Old Master Nan caressed his granddaughter's head tenderly. "When you first train martial arts, do you want to continue pursue it or you just want to learn it so that you can follow us?"

Looking at his granddaughter, Old Master Nan was somehow reminded of his daughter. Back then, Nan Si Qiao also begged for him to teach her martial arts. Unfortunately, both son and daughter didn't have much talent even though Nan Si Qiao was better.

In the end, Nan Si Qiao accepted his arrangement to be married to a young promising general. On the other hand, Nan Shu Cheng pursued the path of literacy.

"I want to follow you." Nan Hua nodded with certainty.

Why should she stay in the capital city when she knew very well that the Nan Family would be forced to the frontline in the future? She might be able to change it but it was also highly possible that she wouldn't be able to do it.

After all, the incident was not written in detail and it involved too many people.

She would need to have her own forces if she wished to change the future that was written in that novel. What she could do as an individual was very limited.

"In that case, what do you want to be? General, strategist, archer, or…" Old Master Nan didn't say the rest as he glanced at Hou Lin, who was standing beside them.

Nan Hua knew what he wanted to say. Her grandfather was a general, so he must be hoping that his descendants were also taking the same path. However, she didn't have any intention to stand at the limelight.

"I wish to stay under the shadow."

"I see…" Old Master Nan had guessed it after he heard Nan Hua's request just now. He sighed and patted her hand. "I was hoping for you to become a general like me, but if that's what you want. I'll allow you to train. However, before you start training with Hou Lin, you need to train your basic first. I'll prepare the weapons needed."

"Thank you, Grandfather."

Nan Hua sensed some sadness in her grandfather tone when he talked and felt that there might be another reason as to why her grandfather chose to accommodate what she wanted so much.

Lowering her eyes, Nan Hua didn't say anything more. She didn't want to pry on what her grandfather didn't want to say.

"Go and have some rest."

"Yes, Grandfather."

Nan Hua moved down gracefully before she went away to rest.. Children shouldn't sleep to late as it would affect their growth.

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