Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower

Chapter 31 - Old Master Nan Vs Old Madam Long
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Nan Hua was walking in slow pace behind her grandfather. Her eyes were clear as if she didn't hide anything but in truth, she had meddled with the Long Family Residence. From the very moment Long Xu Nian asked that servant to prepare that problematic cloth, Nan Hua had made her move.

She was an assassin, so naturally she also learned about human's body.

A needle was all that she needed to immobilize someone. Since Long Xu Nian wanted to dispose that cloth, all she had to do was to make sure that the servant would never be able to reach the place.

The rest?

Long Family was not a military family for nothing. There were naturally more than enough soldiers who were keeping guard.

They solved the rest by capturing the servant and made her confess in front of Old Madam Long. This time, Nan Hua didn't do anything as she could see that Old Madam Long somehow wanted to help her.

Why? Probably the answer was because of her grandfather.

As Nan Hua was used to do things covertly, she naturally didn't plan on telling Long Xu Nian about what she did. It was enough as long as Long Xu Nian suffered through the hands of other people.

Old Master Nan waved his hand to dismiss the servants, leaving only the four of them plus two servants: Nan Luo's personal manservant and Xiao Yun.

"So, Old Hag, why are you here?"

"You damn Old Dog, are you saying that you won't welcome me if my son or my husband is not here?" Old Madam Long snapped.

Old Master Nan scoffed. "Is there even any reason for me to welcome a madwoman like you here?"

Old Madam Long harrumphed coldly. She crossed her arms and raised her chin upwards. "Since you ask for my help, I'm not going to go unless you give me payment."

"What payment? You want me to pay for you to clean up your household? Dream on!" Old Master Nan was even more stubborn.

"Hmph! I expected you to say that, so I'm here to tell you that from now on, Hua'er is my granddaughter. Because of that, I want her to come and visit me again in the future!"

"What? NO!"

"What 'no?' She's my grandson's fiancée, so naturally it's not weird to pay a visit to me!"

"She's not part of your family yet, you shameless Old ****!"

The two old people kept on arguing with each other while Nan Luo moved to the table and pulled the plate filled with pastries closer to him and Nan Hua. He nudged Nan Hua. "Just eat first. They won't stop until at least an incense stick of time."

Nan Hua looked at Old Master Nan and Old Madam Long who were still squabbling around. It seemed that the two of them knew each other well, which was why Old Madam Long didn't mind helping Old Master Nan.

However, she was more curious whether it was fine for them to speak with unfiltered words like this.

Their words were harsher and harsher as time passed by.

"Are they always like this?" Nan Hua couldn't help but ask when she saw Nan Luo was munching on a small cake with ease.

Nan Luo nodded. "Right, you're usually with Mother when Old Madam Long come. They're always like this, but don't worry, they're best friends."

Are best friends cursed at each other like this?

But Nan Hua didn't ask it out loud and took the pastry. In any case, it wouldn't be polite of her to ask her grandfather about this. Since it was already the case, she would just eat the pastries and wait for them to finish.

The two of them continued for even longer that Nan Luo was full from eating pastries and had no other choice but to study. Nan Hua was also reading with him, so when the two old people were done with their talk, they saw that the two children were reading one book together.

The sight was very cute and refreshing.

"If only Xu Nian and Qian Xing could be as good as them." Old Madam Long sighed when he looked how harmonious the two siblings were.

Old Master Nan snorted. "You're the one who failed to educate them and now you're hoping for them to cooperate together?"

"Can't you shut up for a while?" Old Madam Long gritted her teeth. Her biggest regret was to follow her husband to the frontline and met with this annoying old man. If they had never met at the frontline, she would never be angered so much by him every single day.

Even her husband was not a match against him.

Old Master Nan snorted. "Anyway, are you finally going to tidy up your residence?"

"That'll depend on my son." Old Madam Long shrugged. "I'm already old and weak, so I can't manage the residence."



Seeing how Old Madam Long was still in the mood to quarrel with him for more than incense stick of time, Old Master Nan knew that she was still full of vitality. Those two words old and weak used to describe her? That would be the biggest joke in the world!

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