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Chapter 1542 Result

Feng Ao Kuai arched his eyebrows and smiled. This was not the first time someone called him that way and he was not surprised that Nan Hua said it.

Because she might be the only one who understood the real reason why he chose this very moment to tear his brother and forced him to grow up. Even if it looked like he was punished and lose a lot, the truth was the polar opposite.

He needed this chance.

A different chance.

"Thank you for your praise, Hua'er." Feng Ao Kuai laughed lightly. He was not bothered that he was punished at all and instead felt that everything would be fine.

Nan Hua passed a glance at Feng Ao Kuai before moving her eyes away again. Among her siblings and cousins, Feng Ao Kuai was the only person who could understand when she was talking some complicated matters.

But in terms of closeness, there were more private matters that she could talk with Nan Luo rather than him.

"Feng Ao Si will be a father soon. It's good for him to learn to be more responsible," Nan Hua said calmly.

"Huh? Sister in law is pregnant?" Feng Ao Kuai was stunned.

"Not yet. Perhaps in this break?"

"Then that would be something to be celebrated about." Feng Ao Kuai thought of himself becoming an uncle and nodded his head. It seemed to be quite fun too. He didn't dislike children either way.

Their mother would also be happy to have a grandchild. Feng Ao Si was the only one who had gotten married, so she should go to him if she wanted to pester someone. As for him?

His engagement matter should be discussed when he returned to the Capital City in a few days.

"I'll return to the Capital City." Nan Hua glanced at Feng Ao Kuai. "I hope you can pass."

"Thank you, I'll focus on studying soon." Feng Ao Kuai smiled confidently.

Different with Feng Ao Si who could only make his name on the battlefield, Feng Ao Kuai could chose other path that was also suitable for him. Besides, he had to retrain his soldiers and recruit more soldiers for his return.

This might take months or even years.

Until that time, he hoped that his older brother could consolidate his rank and abilities.

Nan Hua nodded and watched into the distance. 𝒇𝒓𝒆𝒆𝔀𝒆𝒃𝒏𝓸𝓿𝒆𝙑.𝒄𝓸𝙒

The two of them no longer talked about this, but they both understand what Feng Ao Kuai wanted to do.

Nan Hua only thought of one thing.

It was truly both fortunate and unfortunate for Feng Ao Si to have such a younger brother. If Feng Ao Kuai dared to calculate her as much, she would beat him up so badly in his own game.

Thankfully, the one targeted was Feng Ao Si and not her.

Anyway, she didn't need it because she had her own consideration and paths that were completely different from the silly kid Feng Ao Si.


<Long Qian Xing's side>

Long Qian Xing finished following Great General Wei and also the review. There were also some things that he himself had to reflect. After all, there were also things that he might not able to completely notice when he was at the battlefield and faced those people from the other side.

"There will be celebratory banquet hosted by His Majesty." Great General Wei glanced at Long Qian Xing. "Aside from those who are unable to participate, the rest had to stay behind."

Hearing those words, Long Qian Xing could guess that Great General Wei wanted him to stay behind and participate. Knowing how much Great General Wei hated attending any kind of party, Long Qian Xing snorted.

"Yes, Great General Wei."

"You may go."

Long Qian Xing cupped his fist and walked out of Great General Wei's Residence. He rubbed his forehead, feeling that it was instead after the war was over that there were so many works to be done.

If only it was possible, he really wanted to be able to go back and return earlier.

Unfortunately, it couldn't be done.

He raised his head and saw Nan Hua walked in his direction. "General Jun."

"General Xing." Nan Hua nodded.

Seeing her posture and gesture, Long Qian Xing guessed that she had some business with Great General Wei. He felt that his teeth itched a bit. If only it was possible, he wished that he could spend more time with Nan Hua.

But there was so much work for him to do.

Sensing Long Qian Xing's gaze, Nan Hua blinked her eyes. "I'll pay a visit to you later, General Xing."

Long Qian Xing smiled and nodded. "Yes, General Jun."

As Nan Hua passed by Long Qian Xing, she could see that he was truly delighted. The corner of her lips curled up to form a faint smile.

He's really cute.


Nan Hua stopped in front of Great General Wei's temporary residence and nodded at the guard there, signaling for him to announce her presence.

"Great General Wei, General Jun is here to see you."

"Let her come."

The guard nodded and Nan Hua walked inside.

Great General Wei was sitting behind his work table and looked at Nan Hua in front of him. "What brings you here today, General Jun?"

"I would like to talk with you privately, Great General Wei."

Hearing that, Great General Wei squinted his eyes. The next moment, he gave the order, "Leave us alone."


The guards swiftly departed, leaving these two alone. With Great General Wei's martial arts, they were not worried that anything could happen to him anyway.

"You're free to say anything you want now, Young Miss Nan."

Nan Hua was not surprised that Great General Wei had known her real identity. As a great general, Great General Wei's senses were indeed very keen and sharp. From the way Long Qian Xing interacted with her, the token she had inserted before, and the way Emperor Yang Zhou looked in her direction, it had given him the clues he needed.

"I'm here to talk about a private matter, Fourth Senior Brother."

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