Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower

Chapter 12 - Old Master Nan’s Move
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Old Master Nan laughed when he saw his grandson's expression. He shook his head. "Your sister managed to guess all of your moves after watching your fight for a few weeks. Do you think that you'll be able to match her when she managed to increase her basic physique?"

Nan Luo furrowed his brows and felt that it was true. During the training just now, it might look as if he was pushing Nan Hua back but he could see that she managed to guess all of his moves and made appropriate move to block or evade. If it was not because his strength was higher than her, he would be the one pushed back.

Biting his lower lips, Nan Luo's eyes shone with determination. "In that case, please increase the training, Grandpa! I want to be stronger."


There were not many students in the academy who could match Nan Luo's current martial arts at his current age. Because of that, Old Master Nan was a bit worried that the boy would grow complacent. Now that the one who defeated him was his little sister whom he wanted to protect, it would make him fire up even more.

After that, Old Master Nan turned to look at Hou Liang. "What do you think of being Hua'er sparring partner too?"

"It'll be my honor, General." Hou Liang could see Nan Hua's capabilities and felt that if he could participate in her training, it would be the greatest honor. Who would know what kind of future the young girl would have?


Old Master Nan then turned to look at the shadow guard, who was hiding on the roof as usual. "Protect both of them."

"Yes, Master."

Nan Luo glanced at the roof and narrowed his eyes. "Why did I still fail to detect him all the time, ah?"

"That's because your training is lacking, Young Master. It's time for your night training. Are you ready?"


Nan Luo had a separate training aside from the training in Ning Shu Pavilion. It was a special training that Old Master Nan designed to make sure his grandson would be able to protect himself well.

Old Master Nan shook his head as he watched the two of them left. He then took out a bamboo strip from under his sleeve and put it on the table. "Hand it over to Old Madam Long. I want to see how she'll react when she found out that her own granddaughter had been switching medicine with poison."

"Yes, Master."

With a swish of wind, the bamboo strip disappeared. Old Master Nan originally planned to not alarm Old Madam Long because it was just a matter of the children and only teach a little lesson to Long Xu Nian. But now that he found out Nan Hua's talent that was unrelated to women's world, it would be better to let that Old Madam knew about how good her granddaughter is.

This way, Nan Hua didn't have to bother too much with those matters and could focus wholeheartedly in whatever she wanted to do.

Trying to harm his grandchildren? He would make sure they end miserably.

Nan Hua returned to her quarter. She could see the three servants were all waiting for her.

Bai Yin stepped forward and looked at Nan Hua's hand. She squeezed Nan Hua's hand a bit. "Miss, your hand will turn rough if this continues. Should this servant ask Master to prepare medicine for you?"

Turn rough?

Looking at her fair and smooth hand, Nan Hua's expression turned strange. Her grandfather had already put on the medicine for that because in his opinion, a girl should have smooth hand.

On the other hand, Nan Hua herself didn't care about it.

"What are you talking about, ah?" Xiao Yun slapped Bai Yin's hand. "Miss's hand is very smooth. There's no need to ask for more medicine."

Bai Yin pursed her lips but didn't say anything else.

Mu Yan also stepped forward. "Miss, would you like to take a bath? This servant will prepare it for you."

"I will take a bath."

"This servant understands."

The other two servants could only follow Nan Hua. At the door, Nan Hua waved her hand. "I'll take a bath by myself."


She was still not used to be served by others and Nan Hua had no intention of making it something to be used to. She liked to be free and naturally it meant that she also didn't want to be served by other people.

There were many things that she did that couldn't be allowed for other people to know.

A needle appeared within Nan Hua's finger. She had sneaked out a needle in order to train since she was more used to the training as an assassin rather than soldier. The rules that was given to her from the very moment she entered that dark world was that everything could be made into weapon.

The needle moved rapidly in Nan Hua's finger, switching from one to another one. If she was not careful enough, the tip would stab onto her, which was why Nan Hua chose to pick this rather than a ball.

This would also increase her vigilance aside from her finger's movement.

'I should also train with knife but I still can't sneak a knife out. The knives in the kitchen are also very unsuitable.'

Nan Hua looked at the needle and chose to just train with what she had first.. She would increase her training in the future.

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