Forging The Path To Godliness

Chapter 96: Breaking Off All Relations
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Chapter 96: Breaking Off All Relations

Even though Claude had not reacted to the fact that he was exiled from the race, the truth was, many of the dwarves were also equally confused at the moment.

They looked at the heated scene that was about to go out of control and felt a little shocked.

The Yoruk tribe smiled coldly at this time: “Your Heavenly Forging tribe is truly impartial right now, since you cannot beat them, you exile them. This is fairness at its finest.”

After the Yoruk tribe’s rebuttal, some of those who felt that this was not the right thing to do also stood up.

“He is a dwarf, of course he can participate.”

“There are no such rules in this competition.”

“The Heavenly Forging tribe has truly fallen from grace, in order to eliminate those who are stronger than them, they will do anything they can.”


Sarcastic voices continued to speak up for this matter, even though many people were unwilling to get involved in such an issue, the idea of exiling a dwarf was truly sinister and vicious.

These years, the tribes had also undergone many transactions with the humans and other races, they exchanged things for their respective needs.

The Heavenly Forging tribe’s action had detrimental effects on their benefits, moreover, this was a completely illogical thing to do.

Right now, they would not break off relations with the various races, thus, in the future competitions, such a term could be used against them.

It was true that they were not pleased that Claude was the winner, after all, he was the successor of the Divine Forging tribe, his strength meant that the Divine Forging tribe was going to get stronger. Precisely so, they did not want him to win.

But that did not mean that they would support the Heavenly Forging tribe, this tribe had been too domineering and arrogant, they had offended many people.

These people wanted to see Claude humiliate the Heavenly Forging tribe, how could they let go of this opportunity?

Even the judges did not think that this award ceremony would end up like this, the truth was, there was nothing much they could do. It was true that Claude had won this competition, and they also thought highly of his future potential.

However, compared to the benefit of their tribe, it was completely incomparable, thus, they had not spoken.

At this time, none of these dwarf tribe members could convince the other side.

Originally, the Divine Forging tribe was considered a weaker tribe, but after they received the support of various tribes, they straightened their backs and firmed their stance, this was Claude’s undisputed victory.

Even Ye Feng did not think that the situation would progress like this, this matter had caused almost everyone to feel unhappy and unsatisfied. The truth was, the dwarf tribes had deep-seated grudges towards each other that had always been dormant.

Today, they found a way to express their grudges. Initially, they were talking about the issue of Claude’s exile, but soon, the tribes started attacking each other.

Claude who was the trigger of this entire situation could do nothing about it. He looked towards Ye Feng with an expression of helplessness, seemingly seeking help.

But Ye Feng was a complete outsider in this matter, he could not interfere.

Because the Heavenly Forging tribe had gotten relatively good results in all the previous competitions, and because they had always been a dominant tribe all these years, they had never faced such great objection to their decision, right now, all of the Heavenly Forging tribe members showed expressions of embarrassment and anger.

They were used to being high and mighty, they had not expected that these tribes would oppose them so openly like this. After the Yoruk tribe came out and accused them of being petty sore losers, they had already lost their argument.

The Heavenly Forging tribe members were extremely furious, they lost control of their emotions: “Since you are all so unhappy with us over these years, we will no longer participate in the Grand Forging Competition from now on.”

At this time, nobody tried to stop them, instead, there were only cold snickers: “Your Heavenly Forging tribe only knows how to use such petty tricks, if the champion is not your tribe, you will ignore the results? Are you telling me that the Grand Forging Competition was created to let you win?”

“Since you can’t be the winner, the Grand Forging Competition has no meaning to exist?”

The Heavenly Forging tribe did not expect that their words had such an impact. Although they felt that they were acting too rashly, because some people refused to give in on this matter, they added fuel to the fire before taking their leave.

The entire Grand Forging Competition ended after such a chaotic mess.

Ye Feng originally thought that his disciple would be crowned as the champion, to think that he would see this spectacle happening in front of him, he could not help but sigh internally.

Now that there was no reason to stay here anymore, Ye Feng started to return to the City of Chaos with Claude.

But the Yoruk tribe chased after them, saying: “We have to go on the same route for a while, let’s leave together, we can discuss forging matters along the way.”

Ye Feng was not going to refuse the friendly invitation of the Yoruk tribe, he could tell that they were trying to protect him on this journey back.

He agreed immediately.

Because of what happened in the competition, Claude was feeling a little down.

Ye Feng did not know how to console Claude, but at this time, they met with an ambush again.

Even Ye Feng could not help but curse out loud at this time: “Is this ever going to stop?”

Because of the situation earlier, Ye Feng was feeling quite angry now, and because of his emotions, he did not hold back against these enemies.

After he dragged Claude away from the initial attack, a weapon appeared in Ye Feng’s hand as he slashed at the attacker. At the same time, Ye Feng also scattered a barrage of fireballs at the enemies without hesitation.

Even these attackers did not expect that Ye Feng was a Magician, while they defended against the fireballs anxiously, Ye Feng’s weapon arrived before them. It was completely unexpected to them that Ye Feng had such immense combat strength.

Because Ye Feng had been feeling annoyed, against these enemies, he fought with his full strength. Furthermore, the sheer number of enemies forced him to react with such intensity.

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