Forced to Marry a Female Billionaire CEO

Forced to Marry a Female Billionaire CEO

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    Lacking funds for his brother-in-law’s dowry, Cole Stone is abandoned by his cheating girlfriend.

    He makes a phone call…

    “Ma’am, I give up. I don’t want to work hard anymore.”


    $10,000,000 is credited into his account.

    Betrayed, mocked, and humiliated for being poor…

    Cole Stone is forced into an engagement with a billionaire CEO whose motives are unknown.

    “Ma’am, I would like to issue you a refund—”

    “Do you think that my dowry can be refunded so easily?”

    Cole Stone is stunned speechless.

    Unfair! Absolutely unfair!

    How will Cole Stone fare with this mysterious and sassy fiancee of his who never takes NO for an answer?

    How will he fare in the world of elites?