Forced to Date a Big Shot

Chapter 873 - No!
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Chapter 873: No!

After Ye Li shouted this, Xue Sheng also shouted, “Yes, Xixi, don’t worry about us! Hurry up and leave!”

Ye Lai seemed to be feeling better, but he remained silent.

Song Wenman staggered and almost fell to the ground when she was pushed forward. However, even so, she still shouted, “Xixi! Leave!”


The four of them were in all kinds of misery.

Xue Xi clenched her fists, and a hint of red slowly crept into her eyes.

She looked at Fang Yi. “Despicable!”

Fang Yi sneered. “In order to catch you, the method doesn’t matter!”

Just as Xue Xi was about to take a step forward, Jing Fei said, “Sister Xi, leave! She doesn’t dare to kill ordinary people. As soon as she makes a move, she won’t be able to stay in the world of espers! She would become the target of all espers!”

Xue Xi bit her lip.

She knew what Jing Fei had said was true, but Zheng Zhi was already dead. If there was no one else, only Fang Yi could have killed him.

She was already so crazy. How could Xue Xi still trust her?!

Indeed, Fang Yi frowned and picked up the gun.


She quickly shot Xue Sheng’s knee and aimed the gun at Ye Li’s temple. She said crazily, “Xue Xi, surrender!”

Jing Fei shouted angrily, “Fang Yi, you’re crazy!”

Fang Yi sneered. “It’s not me who’s crazy, it’s you guys! You guys have all gone crazy because of someone who will destroy the world in the future!

“Xue Xi, I’ll count to three. If you still don’t come over, I’ll shoot! There are four people here. You know that I can do it!”

She took a deep breath. “Three, two... one!”


Xue Xi’s voice had never been so sharp!

She watched as Xue Sheng fell to the ground, but he slowly crawled toward Ye Li, wanting to protect her mother...

She looked at her grandfather, who was ignorant, but he was so frightened that he squatted down.

She watched as her grandmother hugged her grandfather and coaxed him not to be afraid...

These four people had once given her a kinship she had never expected.

But now, they were implicated by her...

She then looked behind her and saw her friends surrounding her. As they had just gone against the people Fang Yi had brought, everyone was injured.

Even Qin Shuang, whose special ability was preventing people from speaking, was holding a dagger in her hand and using all her strength to protect her. However, her arm was also bleeding...

This was kinship, friendship...

She slowly said, “I’ll give up resisting and leave with you guys.”

This was what Fang Yi wanted. She was overjoyed. “Then raise your hands and walk over slowly!”

Xue Xi raised her hand and walked forward step by step.

“Sister Xi!”

Her friends were calling her.

However, she did not turn around.

Xue Xi walked toward Fang Yi step by step.

Fang Yi’s eyes were filled with ruthlessness.

She was counting in her heart. As long as Xue Xi was not more than a hundred meters away from her, she would be able to shoot and kill her!

It was about to succeed—

“Xixi! No!”

Ye Li was too close to Fang Yi. She was so close that she could hear her intense heartbeat. She suddenly realized something and shouted. She used her shoulder to push Fang Yi away and stood between Fang Yi and Xue Xi!

“You’re seeking death!”

Fang Yi was furious and fired!

The bullet was aimed at Ye Li’s temple.

Xue Xi’s eyes widened. She could almost imagine how blood would spurt out when the bullet pierced her temple.

Her mother would die just like that!


In a flash, Xue Xi gently stomped her feet.

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