Forced To Be A General, I Just Wanted To Retire

Chapter 1313 - 1313 I Have a Better Way
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1313 I Have a Better Way

Translator: Atlas Studios

Editor: Atlas Studios

After contacting Kuzan, Kuro completely hung up the phone and walked out of the tent. He ordered Marine to bring a chair over and sit outside the tent.

They were escorting Shirahoshi from the Fishman Island through the current. Unexpectedly, as soon as they went out to sea and sailed back to the place to rest, the Battleship was sunk by the sudden appearance of Straw Hat Gang, causing them to retreat and they could not only fight. Sakasugi and Laughing were ready to catch Straw Hat in one fell swoop. 𝙛𝙧𝓮𝓮𝙬𝓮𝙗𝙣𝒐𝒗𝓮𝒍.𝙘𝒐𝙢

In a one-on-one situation, One Smile could tie with the three guys fighting him, and Sakasugi was fighting Straw Hat. If this went on, Sakasugi could not lose, but Blackbeard appeared, and the situation was immediately reversed.

“The reversal is too much, damn Tiki… and Straw Hat!”

Kuro clenched his fists and looked down at the bounty order he had ordered a Marine to bring.

To be honest, I haven’t been paying attention to the straw hat recently. Now I have to re-examine it.

On the wanted poster, the big smiling face with the straw hat remained unchanged. The only change was the wanted poster.

Unlike in the past, Straw Hat’s bounty has now soared to three billion, double the previous 1.5 billion.

He changed his title from Pirate Hunter to King of Hell, Rolo Noah Zoro. His title came from the ‘Yama’ sword, and the three swords were all mastered into Black Blade’s Great Swordsman, as well as those strange moves.

Bounty: 1.8 billion Berries.

In addition, there is the Devil Chef Vinsmoke Sanji, the original title of ‘Black Foot’, but because of the transformation of people and the fire on his feet, there is also a similar move of his own ‘Demon God’s Wind Feet’, which is named.

Bounty: 1.73 billion Berries.

“Sea Warrior” Jinbe, the original Shichibukai, had a bounty of 438 million. After such a long time, based on the risk of the original Shichibukai, the bounty increased by one billion, reaching 1.438 billion.

These three people are the absolute main force of the Straw Hat Gang.

In addition, the bounty of the rest of the Straw Hats also rose, all in the hundreds of millions.

‘Marquis Voyager’ Nami is no longer called ‘Little Thief Cat’ because she has a weather stick that can release thunder. With Big Mom’s former Homies Zeus, the title changed and the bounty began to rise to 466 million.

‘GOD’ Usopp, bounty of 500 million Berries, this is the real 500 million Berries, not Doflamingo’s underground bounty.

“Demon Child” Nico Robin, 600 million. Recently, her presence has increased a lot. No, it has always been a lot, and the higher-ups also want to get her, so the bounty is naturally this high.

‘Transformer’ Franky, bounty 454 million.

‘King of Souls’ Brook, bounty of 483 million.

And …

‘Love Cotton Candy’ Tony Tony Chopper, Bounty 200… Bailey.

Kuro leaned back and said, “I remember that this guy’s combat power is not low. Why is it only 200 after so many years?”

“That’s double,” said Yi Xiao.

“Well… it doesn’t matter.”

Kuro looked at these bounties and narrowed his eyes and said, “It’s a coincidence. Kaido’s cadres plus himself are also ten. One Captain, all the Three Disasters and Six Cells are here, and the rest of them are fighting, which corresponds to the Captain of Straw Hat’s current Big Ship Regiment. Coupled with the madness of causing trouble… Humph, Kaido is better than him.”

He loosened his hand and the bounty order fell and he stepped on it. “Even if Kaido comes back to life again, I can still kill him!”

Kuro took out a cigar and lit it up. He said, “In one day, they shouldn’t have gone far. They also have a huge monster like Shirahoshi. They also have a lot of metahumans. They won’t go into the sea. There is a high chance that they will encounter them.”

“You want to continue fighting?” Laughing stood next to him and asked, “What about the World Conference?”

Kuro spat out a mouthful of steam smoke and said fiercely, “The main general has been defeated. If we don’t get back this face, the Marine’s face will really be gone! The World Congress holding their meeting has little to do with us Marines.”

No one can defeat two generals. Similarly, no one can defeat two Yonkō (Four Emperors).

Straw Hat hadn’t seen him for two years. Back then, he was able to fight Kaido to a draw and relied on “Burning Life” to hold on. Now he must have grown a lot. Count him as a Yonkō (Four Emperors).

As for Tiki, it has been more than two years. Back then, he was Yonkō (Four Emperors). Now, he will probably integrate his abilities more.

It was normal and reasonable for two Yonkō (Four Emperors) to defeat Sakasugi.

But Kuro’s breath is not smooth!

The two pirates actually won against their main general!

If Sakasugi was defeated, it would not be considered a defeat. If he continued to fight, Yixiao would be able to hold on until he came. But if he delayed like that, it was very likely that Sakasugi would be gone, so Yixiao did not force him to stay.

But… it doesn’t sound good!

There has never been a defeated Marshal!

Generals can retreat and fail.

But the Marshal absolutely could not. Sengoku had not fought since he became the Marshal. Even during the War of the Best, he held it in until the end because of that idiot Tiki.

The Marshal will basically not make a move. Since the establishment of the Marine, the Marshal has rarely made a move. He basically made a move only after he was sure that he would not lose because that is the main commander. It has nothing to do with combat power, but because of his status, the main commander’s defeat is a very serious loss of prestige.

But Sakasugi was defeated.

“It’s so embarrassing! That straw hat and Tiki!”

Kuro gritted his teeth and said, “When I find you, I will crush you in the sea and never float up!”

“I thought you would ask Sin Fishman Island… Although it is a battle between Marines and Pirates, I will be in trouble if other things are involved.” Laughing said with relief.

“Humph, you’re like this, but I’m not that low-level. Fishman Island is in the deep sea. How can I blame him? Those Fishman people can give up that place at most, it’s not that simple. Besides, I won’t go to the sea easily. It’s too late to find Fishman Island now. Once this news is out, Fishman Island will definitely react and it’s not easy to invite people up. Fishman Island’s words are not important.”

Kuro exhaled a mouthful of smoke and said lightly, “If I really can’t find it, I have a better way.”

“Oh?” Laughing looked at Kuro.

The wind blew past, blowing their cloaks and hair and also rising with a cloud of smoke.

Kuro bit his cigar and his eyes gradually became ferocious. “Red Hair is still locked up in Impel Down!”

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