Forced Marriage: Escaping Her Monster

Chapter 375 - Gloomy Night
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Chapter 375 - Gloomy Night

That night was very tough for both Jeremy and Jerlina. They returned home holding each other's hands and didn't say much. Jeremy was in silence and Jerlina didn't know what to say to him. Scarlett and Bobby brought them dinner and they ate together.

Cia lit up the room. She couldn't stop talking to Jerlina about something so serious. Her little mouth formed different shapes and her chubby cheeks got pink as she described something. Jerlina didn't understand anything but she pretended to listen. Earl, the jealous puppy, didn't like Jerlina giving more attention to the baby and he started to talk back for every word Cia said. After hours of being in a state of stress, everyone started to laugh.

After talking for long, Cia yawned and shifted to Bobby. She placed her little hand on his face and patted. "Dada…" she smiled beautifully making Bobby hug and kiss her. Hugging his neck, she rested on Bobby's shoulder and fell asleep almost immediately.

With the threat fallen asleep, Earl relaxed and curled up beside Jerlina's feet. Bobby carefully tucked Cia on the bed in the guest room. Jerlina looked around to see the smile on everyone's face slowly reducing as the silence returned as they finished cleaning up.

After dinner, Scarlett told her that there are many news articles around that are writing whatever. She asked her to not look at it because they are baseless garbage that doesn't worth her time. Jeremy was discussing with Bobby to see if they could sue those media organizations for spreading false information and slander.

Jerlina could sense that they are hiding a lot from her and that the issue is much more serious than she is let know. And it made her angry. She could understand that they are keeping it from her because she is pregnant and doesn't want her stressed, but that didn't seem like a proper reason to keep things from her.

Scarlett noticed Jerlina's frustrated look which was missed by both men and asked her for a walk. Jeremy thought going out when it is dark out might not be a good idea and so they went to the media room.

On the way there, Gordon came opposite them. Jerlina had to charge her phone and she went inside the room. Gordon started at Scarlett and she looked at him confused. She knew who this man is and she didn't know how she angered him.

"Did you know Emma knew that the Lady is pregnant? Can you guess how she got that information?" Gordon asked and before Scarlett could answer, he walked away.

Scarlett was stunned. She remembered her meeting with Emma in the hospital.

Did she listen?

Her heart filled with sadness and guilt. She was trying to conceal her pregnancy to her husband and ended up spilling the beans not even minding who was listening. She felt guilty for her carelessness. She knew Bobby and Jeremy were planning to bring down Emma for a while. But Emma visiting the house and the office came out of nowhere leading to all the problems around them. Emma is dead and there won't be any problem for Jerlina anymore. But with the media involved and old cases getting reopened, this is an unnecessary burden she has caused for a budding family.

"Scar!" Jerlina grabbed her shoulders. "Are you okay?"

She came out and saw Scarlett staring down and thinking so deeply. She called for her but she didn't even hear her.

"Nothing…" Scarlett shook her head. "You know what, go and choose a movie… I'll come back after using the bathroom…"

Jerlina shrugged and walked to the media room. She knew there would be only old movies in there. Old, as in very old. Jeremy has a weird taste. She arranged the romances separately once when she was bored. After a tough day, she was in the mood for a rom-com and she picked one of the movies and set it up.

"Ah…" Scarlett showed her displeasure visibly. "What is this movie?"

Jerlina read the cover, "His Girl Friday. It's a rom-com…" she placed the cover back and walked to the recliners.

"Geez! Can't you find yourself some old film or something? This movie is so new it hasn't been released in the theatres yet," Scarlett said sarcastically and sat comfortably on the couch.

"Do you seriously want to scroll through the menu for hours reading the descriptions of movies we are never going to watch? Then I can switch to the streaming services," Jerlina looked at Scarlett.

Scarlett cringed. "Yeah, this movie seems good. That guy who probably is dead looks very handsome. And that Lady too…" she settled.

That movie was unexpectedly very fun to watch. Both of them laughed till their eyes watered as they watched the banter between the main leads.

"The next time Bobby tells me that I am not treating him like a man, I am going to ask him if I am treating him as a water buffalo…" Scarlett laughed holding her stomach. Jerlina laughed along too. Somehow the word "water buffalo" made them laugh.

After laughing for a while looking at each other's faces, both of them let out a sigh at the same time.

"Emma is dead, Scar," Jerlina said.

She still couldn't believe it. She was more relieved than sad, and she didn't find the need to be ashamed about it. That woman is the one who tried to ruin her life for no reason. She doesn't have to spare that woman her pity.

"She is!" Scarlett smiled. "Even in death, that b*tch cannot help but bring trouble." Scarlett fisted her hand. "By the way, what did you tell the cops?"

"Nothing," Jerlina shrugged. "I asked for a lawyer. I didn't even confirm my name to them. I don't trust those guys anymore…" she let out a sigh.

"That's good…" Scarlett nodded. "And… not all of them are bad… There are some bad apples and… Others… are just following orders. It's the top brass…" she rubbed the back of her neck and leaned on the couch. "Man! What a day! We would be called soon… They are trying to see if they could get Jeremy, Bobby, and others now. They shouldn't have dissolved the gang and now those nobodies think they are something…" Scarlett went on with her angry rant.

"How did she die?" Jerlina asked. She still didn't know how Emma died.

Scarlett's face turned serious. "Don't get stressed and don't get angry. I know they can handle it not to mention that billionaire old grandfather of yours…" Scarlett gave a disclaimer.

But that made Jerlina only more anxious.

"Just tell me!" she hurried Scarlett.

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