Five Villain Daddies Are Fighting To Spoil Me

Chapter 88: Calling Parents?
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Chapter 88: Calling Parents?

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales


“Hahahahaha, ice cream is really cold, don’t bite too much in one mouthful.”

“Hahaha even my teeth feel cold.”

“She’s so cute. Where are her parents?”

Even the aunt who sold the ice cream couldn’t help but laugh, “You are so cute.”

Ye Sang heard those around her teasing her and felt wronged. She cried and dashed into her brother’s arms, “It’s cold!”

Her teeth were hurting from how cold it was.

Huo Chenyu poked her soft face and laughed, “Cold and you are still eating it?”

The little thing held the ice cream with both hands and replied earnestly with bright eyes. “It’s cold but it doesn’t stop me from eating it.”

Ye Sang licked another mouthful of ice cream and bit into it as it melted, looking rather satisfied.

All the weird aunts on the side thought their hearts melted.

“Aaahh I want to steal her. It’s always other people’s children.”

“Hahaha she looked so pitiful from how cold it was but now she’s got it.”

“Is this her first time eating ice cream? Her family must be strict on her.”

Huo Chenyu calmly picked the little girl up as they were surrounded by discussions, ready to leave with her.

At this moment, two childish voices sounded.

“Ye Sangsang!!”


The little thing poked out her head and mumbled after seeing the two boys, “Ye Niannian, Su Ruirui...”

These two had both defended her, so she had a good impression of them. She waved her hand without hesitation and greeted crisply, “I’m here.”

Huo Chenyu turned around and narrowed his eyes thoughtfully when he heard their names, “The Su and Ye family?”

Both their young masters were devil incarnates.

Since when did his little thing have connections with them?

Huo Chenyu realized how little he really knew about what his sister was doing at kindergarten.

He didn’t care before and decided that he wouldn’t spend time investigating it.

“Sangsang, why didn’t you go to school?” Ye Niannian quickly shook off his parents’ hands and dashed forward.

He looked at the soft ball in confusion.

“Is it because of that fatty Zhao?”

“You don’t have to worry! Our Ye family isn’t scared of him.” The boy titled his chin upwards proudly and every word sounded like he was showing off.

Su Ruirui added on too, “Our Su family isn’t scared too.”

“It’s just calling parents. My parents get called all year round, every season.”

He sounded extremely heroic, “Perhaps my parents will be late, but they will never be absent!”

Mr. Su’s temples throbbed furiously.

This kid.

Stop being a good-for-nothing.

Ye Sang widened her mouth slightly in confusion, “What’s calling parents?”

Ye Niannian explained, “It’s inviting parents to have some tea in the headmaster’s office. My parents go to the teacher’s office to drink tea like going home.”

“Teachers there are really toxic and sound ugly, my parents beat me up together every time after they finish drinking tea.”

Ye Sang stared.

The little thing was terrified.

She imagined her evil daddy chasing her from the third floor down to the first floor with a slipper in his hand, the strand of hair shot up on her head in terror.

T-That’s too scary.

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