Five Frozen Centuries

Chapter 380: Eternal Life Trap
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Chapter 380: Eternal Life Trap

When Wei Huo and the Snake God returned to the Titan battleship, Chen Xuanyue was still sitting under the tree. She seemed to have entered a mysterious realm and was no longer concerned about the outside world.

Wei Huo said, “She should only have a few hundred years left.”

The Snake God said, “Yes, if one doesn’t break through, one will die when one’s lifespan ends.”

Wei Huo said, “However, even if one dies, one can be revived as long as one becomes a Mythical creature.”

The two of them spoke with words that others could not understand. At first glance, even their logic was problematic.

The black-and-white Titan had already changed direction. At that moment, they were heading toward a certain death zone. Lu Qiqi’s fleet had entered that place. She should have obtained the secret of eternal life there. That was how she had survived for nearly 20,000 years.

Chen Xuanyue was still sitting under the tree. Even though Wei Huo and the Snake God were talking about the secret of immortality and they were getting closer to it, she was still sitting under the tree.

She had already made up her mind. She would either succeed or die. She would not consider any other method.

She would experience true life and death, then comprehend the secrets of the Mythical stage, and eventually become a Mythical creature!

She forgot everything, ignored everything, and devoted herself to understanding the Mythical stage. Just like Wei Huo in the past, she disregarded life and death and staked everything on this path. She would either walk through it or die on it.

Wei Huo and the Snake God took a few more looks at Chen Xuanyue. They did not mind having another companion along the way, but they would not feel sad if Chen Xuanyue died just like that either.

Becoming a god was not necessarily a good thing. Sometimes, God was sad.

It was actually a blessing for a person to die of old age and leave without regrets. After all, for most people, living was a form of pain.

If one did not understand this or fully comprehend it, and thus was unable to understand life and death, one would not become a Mythical creature.

These principles could not be explained with words, just like the face of the Snake God could not be described. Humans had created the word ‘God’, but they could not make others understand what God was. They could only slowly understand it themselves.

Wei Huo and the Snake God departed and left this place to Chen Xuanyue. It seemed like this place had become Chen Xuanyue’s grave, her coffin, and the last place where she would be buried. She still had 500 years of life left.

This was indeed a long lifespan for the Mystic Yin Tribe. Unfortunately, it was too short for Chen Xuanyue, who wanted to become a god.

However, perhaps Chen Xuanyue did not want to become a god anymore. Her nearly 7,000 years of life should have made her understand some principles. Eternal life was just a trap...

Wei Huo and the Snake God arrived outside the black-and-white Titan. Mythical creatures could fly freely in the universe. They were not afraid of vacuum environments, cosmic rays, or strong gravitational forces.

They had come outside the Titan to observe the Forbidden Death Zone carefully.

The two of them did not feel the passage of time that much. Unbeknownst to them, 300 years had passed and the black-and-white Titan had finally reached the edge of the interstellar desert. At the same time, in front of them was the Forbidden Death Zone, a star system located on the edge of the interstellar desert.

Then, Wei Huo and the Snake God saw a peculiar thing. It was a nearly stationary star. There were only two planets revolving around the star, but the speed of these two planets was almost infinitely close to zero.

Wei Huo looked ahead and said, “Is this the Forbidden Death Zone?”

He saw a huge fleet in the center of the galaxy. In the center of the fleet was the gigantic Soaring Cloud Castle. However, at that moment, the fleet was still.

Wei Huo could see the red-blue radiation energy emitted by the fleet’s thrusters. However, the radiation energy was still. It looked like a sticker. Yes, the entire galaxy looked like a real 3D sticker.

What had happened?

Had the galaxy been split into two? Or had time stopped in the galaxy?

The Snake God said slowly, “The secret of immortality...”

Yes, the secret of immortality was hidden in this galaxy. As long as one entered it, one would be able to detect everything. However, even gods would still be vigilant. Before completely understanding the situation, they would not act rashly.

The Snake God speculated. “Could there be an interstellar camera hidden here that recorded what happened 20,000 years ago?”

Wei Huo thought about it and said, “Perhaps the speed of light has slowed down. If the speed of light has slowed down tens of thousands of times, what happened tens of thousands of years ago would have happened at this moment.”

The Snake God nodded. After studying the small universe, they knew that this was not impossible. It was not difficult either.

However, Wei Huo thought of what had happened in the center of the black hole. He then took a guess. “Perhaps it’s a Black Hole Barrier that can be created by a level-five civilization or a level-six civilization. The flow of time inside and outside the barrier is different.”

The Snake God said, “Perhaps we should go in and take a look.”

Wei Huo said, “If the time flow is really different, hundreds of years might pass in the outside world a second after we enter.”

The Snake God said, “However, to us, a second is a second no matter where we are.”

The Snake God took out the pocket universe and said, “Billions of years have passed in this small universe. The living beings in this small universe have indeed experienced this long period. They have not lost even a second.”

Wei Huo nodded and said, “Yes, the outside world has nothing to do with us. Let’s go in.”

The black-and-white Titan started moving. They approached the star system that looked like a sticker and then entered the star system from its periphery.

As they entered, they saw the two planets in the star system begin to move. In the beginning, they were still. Gradually, their revolutions and rotations accelerated.

The fleet in front of them started accelerating as well. It was as if they had pressed the reset button on a slow-motion movie. The speed of the images gradually increased. As they went deeper into the star system, everything in the star system gradually became normal.

As he advanced, Wei Huo turned around and looked at the outside world. The outside world was spinning at an astonishing speed.

As the stars moved, the sky would constantly change due to their movement. However, their movement speed would not be too fast. Normal people would not even be able to detect the movement of the stars. However, at that moment, because the flow of time inside and outside the Forbidden Death Zone was different, the sky outside suddenly changed rapidly. The originally motionless stars also started moving.

The flow of time inside and outside was normal. They could no longer tell the difference.

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