Fields of Gold

Chapter 708 - Human Swine
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Chapter 708 - Human Swine

Yu Xiaocao felt a dull pain when she touched her chest. The pain that felt like her inner organs were being burned and chopped had disappeared. Moving her hands down, when she felt her ribs her small round face suddenly became wrinkled. It was very painful!

“It hurts! My ribs seem to be broken.” Her big eyes were filled with crystal-like tears and were like a cute fawn’s eyes that stared at Zhu Junyang pitifully. He felt very distressed.

“Don’t move around! Hou Xiaoliang, did you die somewhere? Bring a door panel over here! Zhu Junyang yelled towards the outside. He didn’t know the condition of Xiaocao’s injury and was afraid that moving her would cause her broken ribs to cause secondary damage to her fragile body.

“It’s... not possible! She clearly stopped breathing. How could someone who died come back to life? Unless...she has an elixir that can bring back the dead. Haha...if the world knew that Princess Consort Xu has such an elixir, I wonder if you can still protect her!” Eunuch Yuan, who had been turned into a human stick, was bloody and ferocious like a ferocious ghost that had crawled out of hell, trying to drag someone down with him as he was dying.

Zhu Junyang’s frosty eyes looked coldly at Eunuch Yuan and said, “Elixir? Are you hallucinating before death? You old useless coot, if you dared to go directly against me, I would respect you as a man and give you a quick death. However, you really shouldn’t have messed with my princess consort. I will make you wish you were dead instead!”

As he said thus, he pinched open Eunuch Yuan’s mouth, pulled out his tongue, blinded his eyes, and stopped the bleeding from the wounds of his severed limbs. Towards Hou Xiaoliang, who came in carrying a door plank, he said, “Take him to the hidden guards’ Punishment Hall and take very good care of him. Everyday use a sharp blade to cut him 100 times and then cook his flesh in a hotpot and feed it to him. Remember to disinfect the wounds with salt water so he doesn’t die of infection. This is a survival pill. He should be cut for a hundred days. Don’t let him die before the hundredth day!”

“Retch——” the sound of dry heaving reached his ears. Zhu Junyang’s face suddenly changed, and he quietly got angry at himself for ordering such a cruel punishment in front of the lass. The lass was so pure and kind, would she think he was terrible?

“You...” Zhu Junyang didn’t dare to come forward easily, fearing that he would cause her more disgust. He looked at her carefully and found that she was holding her chest, looking as if she wanted to vomit. Coupled with the pain from her ribs, Xiaocao’s pale face turned even more white.

Yu Xiaocao saw that her man was worried and uneasy. Before she had time to think about it, she angrily said to him, “If you don’t get me out of here, the smell of blood is too strong, I’m about to suffocate!”

Zhu Junyang saw that there was no disgust in her clear eyes so he put down his worries. He took off his outer coat and spread it on the door plank before he went over, gently picked her up, and carefully set her down.

“Hou Xiaoliang, you carry at the back. Be careful and don’t bump the princess consort.” Zhu Junyang carried the other side of the door plank. Every step was smooth. Xiaocao couldn’t feel the movement of the door plank at all.

“Wait a minute!” Yu Xiaocao suddenly thought of Chunhua, whose status was unknown. The maid had tried her best to save her. She hurriedly said, “Chunhua is hurt, go see how she is now!”

Zhu Junyang pointed his chin at the little divine stone who was doing nothing at the side and said, “Little Glutinous Dumpling, you go see her. If she’s still angry, give her a Nine Turns Golden Elixir.”

[Who allowed you to call me Little Glutinous Dumpling? Am I someone who can be ordered around by you and other mortals? Hmph, useless and stupid mortal, you can’t even protect your wife, but you’re still pretending to the best in martial arts in the Ming Empire!] The little divine stone disliked this nickname. When he was a cat, the name could be considered cute. However, he was currently a beautiful teenager. How could he use such a nickname?

Yu Xiaocao saw her man’s expression change and knew that the little divine stone had stuck a verbal knife in him, so she said, "Alright, alright! Great Immortal Divine Stone, can you please lower yourself and help us cure that lass, Chunhua, based on the fact that she is usually pretty good to the little golden cat?"

The little divine stone’s little golden cat form was small, eye-catching, and adorable. However, it had a proud attitude. The contrast in its appearance and attitude was so cute that it won the heart of her maidservants. When they were free, they always played with it. When they had delicious food, they always thought of keeping a share for it. Although the little divine stone definitely wasn’t interested in these metal foods!

Petting a cat all day, was this considered being pretty good to him? The little divine stone gritted his teeth but still went over to check on Chunhua’s injury. The injury wasn’t light, however, thankfully she was still breathing. The Nine Turns Golden Elixir on Xiaocao was taken away by that old useless coot. Fortunately, Zhu Junyang was ordered by his wife to carry all kinds of medicine for internal and external injuries. The little divine stone took one for Chunhua to take and, without any concern for the fairer sex, dragged her out by the back of her collar.

By this time, the battle in the underground palace was coming to an end. Although Eunuch Yuan’s group was well developed, most of his people were dispersed leaving only a small part of them in the underground palace. Most were mediocre in martial arts, so the soldiers under Official Fan were enough to deal with them. The problematic ones were taken care of by Su Ran and the hidden guards.

Ming Xin came out with a bloody figure on his back. Using a seemingly calm tone that was kind of stiff, he said, "Master, Ming Gui was tortured by that old coot and is going to die..."

It turned out that after Ming Gui followed Eunuch Yuan and the others into the Chen Family’s warehouse, he was found by Eunuch Yuan. The old man had him outnumbered and captured. Eunuch Yuan wanted to get information about the hidden guards on Prince Jing’s Estate. However, as one of the ten leaders of the hidden guard, how could Ming Gui disclose his own information? Even though he suffered from inhumane torture, he still clenched his teeth and said nothing.

Zhu Junyang saw that his arms and legs looked as if they had no bones and knew that the bones of his limbs had been broken. Even if he survived, he would become a disabled man.

"Yuanzi, give him a Nine Turns Golden Elixir and send him to the Tongren Medicine Hall. Ask the doctors to connect his bones. When I get back, I’ll make a bone growth cream.... maybe he’ll be able to stand up.." However, he wouldn’t be able to return to the hidden guards. Yu Xiaocao’s expression was suddenly a little gloomy.

The little divine stone poured out a Nine Turns Golden Elixir from a jade bottle and threw it at Ming Xin. He then asked Yu Xiaocao, [How do you know the name that was given to me by the Goddess Nuwa?]

That was right. Yuanzi was the nickname the Goddess Nuwa gave the little divine stone when he had just become sentient. It had always liked this name, although the name ‘Yuanzi’ wasn’t very lofty and grand.

"You told me a long time ago, didn’t you? I didn’t expect the immortals to be so forgetful. " Yu Xiaocao was lying on the door plank with a slight pain in her abdomen. Strange, she was hit in the chest, so why would her stomach ache? Could pain be transferred?

The little divine stone pursed his lips, but the corners of his mouth still couldn’t help rising. The human master still attached great importance to it. She still remembered what he said when she first came here!

"Young Miss! Miss...wah wah wah wah..." Wutong, who had gone out to send information, was not allowed in until after Chen Family and the Underground Warehouse fell. As soon as she came in, she saw her weak master lying on the door. Her tears poured out like rain.

Xiaocao had originally closed her eyes and finally opened them after several tears fell on her face. She said, "Wutong, I am all right! I’m pretty dirty right now, don’t use your tears to wash my face anymore, ok? "

"Mistress, you’re alright? This is great! I was so afraid... If anything happened to you, how will I live in the world, wah wah wah... " Wutong thought of her mistress’s serious injury. Despite that, Xiaocao had still supported her and fought to give her a chance to escape. She thought, ‘No one can ever separate me from her. My life is for her and I will always be by her side!’

Hou Xiaoliang, “...” (The wife who was finally in reach was gone again? Why was it so hard to marry someone!)

Yu Xiaocao rolled her eyes and said, “Aren’t I perfectly fine right now. You told the prince in time and the prince also came in time to save me. I have already taken a Nine Turns Golden Elixir. Most of my internal injuries are healed and there are only a few scratches left. After resting for a few days, it’ll be fine. Don’t cry, my wounds are starting to hurt because of your crying.”

Hou Xiaoliang looked at his future wife who had cried until her eyes were red and puffy and couldn’t help saying, “Mistress is correct. Stop crying, be careful that your crying will ruin your eyes. Her Highness still needs you!”

“What you said is right!” Wutong wiped the tears off her face with her sleeve and finally stopped crying, “This time Chuanhua came out with the two of us again and she got hurt again. I will be the only one by Mistress’s side. I have to be well so I can take care of her... Pay more attention and don’t bump her into anything!”

Yu Xiaocao was soon carried to Tongren Medicine Hall, where she was treated by her old acquaintance——Doctor Sun. Doctor Sun originally lived in the small town, Tanggu, and was not valued by his family. Later, due to Xiaocao’s superb medicines, Tongren Medicine Hall gained a chance of survival.

Tongren Medicine Hall then became a leader in the pharmaceutical industry because of its exclusive sales of Yu Family’s pills and solutions in the beginning. Its sales of other drugs more than doubled because of this. As a result, Doctor Sun was transferred from the small town of Tanggu to the general shop of Jiangnan’s Tongren Medicine Hall in Jinling and became a popular doctor. His medical skills were gradually recognized by his family and he became a famous expert in Jinling.

"Oh! Lass, what’s wrong with you? " When Doctor Sun saw his old acquaintance, he was shocked. After a while, he couldn’t help but sigh. Even if he was thousands of miles away from the Yu Family, the connection still couldn’t be cut.

In Tanggu, he helped the lass, Xiaocao, take care of her illness, helped her mother to take care of her weak body, treated her father’s leg bitten by the blind bear, and dragged Yu Hang back from the gates of hell. How could he once again meet this girl in Jinling?

Yuanzi - can be translated as ’roundy’

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