Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 672 - Occasionally Lose Control
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Chapter 672: Occasionally Lose Control

Lin Yuan looked out the window.

A gust of wind blew down the Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus flowers, which cascaded to the ground.

As he gazed at the carpet of red flowers, Lin Yuan murmured, “Zheng family and Miao family... It looks like the wind is really kicking up.”

While the gust of wind danced in the air, something was happening inside a mansion in the Royal Capital.

Seven or eight masked attendants in black attire were reporting to an extremely rotund elderly man.

“Butler Fu, one of us went to spy on the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce yesterday night. As of noon today, he has yet to return. A few of us would like to go to the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce to take a look!”

The extremely rotund elderly man’s chubby globes of flesh started to tremble as he bellowed, “You useless bunch! You were ordered to find out which faction is behind the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce, but you haven’t discovered anything, much less the faction’s power. How am I supposed to report back to the Second Young Master?”

The attendant that spoke looked visibly angry.

“Butler Fu, no one can deny that the Second Young Master is fond of you. But our spy team is also the most competent one in the Zheng family. We went because you promised us that the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce doesn’t have any emperor-class experts. Otherwise, there is no way that someone of our caliber could be spotted!”

Before Butler Fu could reply, an earthy yet still hard to place voice said, “Is this infighting? The Zheng family hid in the shadows to spy on the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce, which is supported by our Young Master. This is extremely disrespectful to him. By killing people from the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce, you’ve committed a sin against our Young Master. Hence, you deserve to suffer the same consequences as those you slew.”

The moment that this earthy voice spoke, a strange masked man in gold armor appeared in the center of the room.

There was a small purple snake coiled around the man’s hand.

The small snake had six colored heads, with blue in its center. Its black head was almost of comparable size to the blue head.

Duan He did not waste any more breath on the Zheng family. He dipped his head and said to Purple Demon, “Purple Demon, dig in.”

The moment Duan He spoke, the house was filled with the shadow of a snake.

The masked attendants in black and obese elderly man plunged into Purple Demon’s stomach in a flash.

It was all over in an instant.

Before Duan He left, he circulated the spiritual power in his energy and formed into a sharp vortex that scratched the words ‘The Royal Capital, the grave of the Zheng family’ onto a table in the room.


Ostrich Logistics was a faction supported by the Radiance officials. Hence, it was a basic requirement for them to be able to keep secrets.

It was unheard of that Ostrich Logistics would reveal any information regarding a faction’s members of resource channels.

Lin Yuan had his dedicated courier Ah Neng. Thus, any order regarding Lin Yuan, whether it was to send or receive goods, was all done by Ah Neng.

Lin Yuan did not have to worry at all.

Soon, Ah Neng had already sent over the Dry Land Sand Pig from the girl dressed in cyan half-armor.

After Ah Neng was done delivering Lin Yuan’s package, she enthusiastically handed him a form and said, “Mister Deep Mountain Elder Lin, I’ve been your private courier for half a year now. Ostrich Logistics’ regulations state that private couriers must be examined every half a year. Please grade me on my performance.”

Ah Neng removed the glove she had been wearing, took out a card made of an unknown letter, and handed it to Lin Yuan.

When Lin Yuan received the card, he could see the nervousness and earnestness in Ah Neng’s eyes.

Her gaze reminded Lin Yuan of Genius whenever it saw red braised meat in the lunchbox that Uncle Li sent back in the Xia Region.

Although there were only a few multiple-choice questions, Ostrich Logistics was strict with their private couriers, and every question had comprehensive scoring details.

Lin Yuan immediately graded Ah Neng with five stars for everything before giving the card back to her.

“I’ve been extremely pleased with your performance in the last six months. I’m very glad to have you as my dedicated courier,” said Lin Yuan.

Ah Neng’s initial look of anxiousness turned into pure joy when she heard Lin Yuan’s praise.

She snapped her fingers, and three small insect-species feys were summoned. They flittered around her fingers.

Ah Neng waved at Lin Yuan and said, “Thank you for your compliments. I’ll be taking my leave now. I will make sure to protect all your items from now on. My rain of bullets will put your enemies out of their misery!”

While she waved, she snapped her fingers a few times.

With a bang, the insect-species feys flying around Ah Neng’s fingers shot out a beam of light.

The beam of light traveled through the card in Ah Neng’s hand and left a hole in its wake.

She hastily held the card behind her in embarrassment.

The other hand gripped the stray purplish-red strands of hair on her head as she said bashfully, “I occasionally lose control, but it’s usually when I’m faced with an enemy.”

Lin Yuan looked at the feys that Ah Neng summoned, and his nostrils flared. He recalled the first time he had met Ah Neng at the store in the Xia Region. She had two feys, one of which was the Silver Canister Shot Insect, and the other was the Gold Armor-Piercing Insect.

Now, her two feys had already reached Fantasy Breed.

The Silver Canister Shot Insect had evolved into the Gold/Fantasy Light Rain of Bullets Insect, while the Gold Armor-Piercing Insect had evolved into then Gold/Fantasy.

As for the Bronze Overload Insect, Ah Neng should have recently formed a contract with it.

The Overload Bug’s size indicated that it had just grown out of its baby stage.

Back at the Xia Region, Lin Yuan had been shocked to learn of Ah Neng’s age and the power she possessed.

Given her age, she possessed incredible talent and had a similar power level to the Savage Snake Guild Club’s Meng Xu.

Lin Yuan finally understood why Ah Neng had been chosen to participate in the S Tournament on behalf of the A-level Ostrich Guild Club.

If a young spirit qi professional had incredible feys, they needed talent and resources.

It seemed that Ah Neng’s role in Ostrich Logistics had more than what met the eye.

After Ah Neng left, Lin Yuan carried the fey storage box that Ah Neng had brought and entered the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

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