Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 425: Eight Pages Council
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Chapter 425: Eight Pages Council

“Everyone can @ me or send me a private message in the group if there’s anything. There’ll be group welfare every once in a while. I hope everyone will bid sensibly.”

At that moment, a tall woman standing beside Lin Yuan said flirtatiously, “Master admin, you don’t intend for your group welfare to always be Flower Brocade Pearls, right? That would be very boring~!”

As this woman spoke, the bigwigs, including Lin Yuan, got goosebumps.

Lin Yuan thought, Oh my goodness! Is this the legendary acting coy to overcome toughness?

Lin Yuan cleared his throat and answered sternly, “Since you think it’s boring, we’ll change into something else. The next group welfare will be 10 heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls produced from the Scorching Elemental Shellfish.”

After saying that, Lin Yuan and Liu Jie looked at each other and left the Star Web store together.

A hint of dismay appeared on the face of that flamboyant and tall woman.

Have I been made fun of?

How dare someone do that!?

I’m a woman who has killed 32 husbands, 16 boyfriends, 27 male besties, and 81 men with ambiguous relationships!

Lin Yuan’s words sent the bigwigs in the Purchase With No Loss store into an uproar. The next group welfare turned out to be 10 heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls!

Although these 10 heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls were all fire-type elemental pearls produced by the Scorching Elemental Shellfish, any type of elemental pearls of the same purity could be exchanged. As long as the news was posted on Star Web, it would be very easy to find the next home for it.

The heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls and the Flower Brocade Pearls were not on the same level.

There were actually such unexpected benefits for trapping the group admin inside the Star Web store this time.

It seemed that doing it more often greatly benefited the group welfare.

At the same time, many people thought of what Lin Yuan had said about bidding sensibly, and they cursed, That’s easy for you to say!

One heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearl is enough to cause people to go crazy. How can we be sensible if you take out 10 of them at once?

If we can be sensible in the face of 10 heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls, then it’s really too irrational!

Not long after, when the bigwigs in Lin Yuan’s Star Web store left, they were all eager, obviously determined to get those ten heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls.

Only Freezing Cold was left in the store, shivering weakly, pathetically, and helplessly.

After Lin Yuan logged off Star Web, he pondered.

Given the Purchase With No Loss store’s current popularity, it’s a bit hard to carry out the plan of white-clothed followers and recruit king-class experts.

This was also why Lin Yuan was willing to take out 10 heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls for the group welfare auction.

He had done so in order to let this matter spread to Star Web and increase his Purchase With No Loss store’s popularity.

Lin Yuan was also unwilling to sell the heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls on Star Web through the blind trade like the Flower Brocade Pearls.

For him, the blind trade was now a threshold to enter his Purchase With No Loss store’s fan club. After all, he had to reap the better benefits so that he could enjoy them!


On a huge island struck by the waves, a radiant light rose even in the day that came from the land on the island, where it was full of various gemstones.

Eight different lofty towers stood tall on this land with various gemstones. In front of each sharp tower were 32 Chanters kneeling on the ground as they chanted softly, with a Lead Chanter in front of them leading a pious song.

A bridge was erected on top of the eight different sharp towers, with a floating garden in the air where the eight bridges converged.

The floating garden had a variety of strange-shaped wax figures that were incomplete and even a little badly damaged. Some wax figures were even completely damaged.

However, these wax figures seemed to contain some kind of laws.

Most of the wax figures were some feys, and there were also a few humans, of course.

Each wax figure had a small fountain next to it. The clear water spraying from the fountain landed on the wax figure, making the color of the wax statue more vivid, causing the aura of that law to become stronger.

The law in the wax figure was only stronger for a moment, as if the aura of these laws was stripped from these wax figures into the clear water splashes.

These clear water splashes landed on the fountain and the cycle repeated.

In the middle of the floating garden was a huge round table with eight seats in pairs placed beside it, and they were on equal footing. A figure was sitting on each seat at the moment, and these eight figures were different, all with monstrous power.

But now, the power of the other seven was focused on one of them. The person they pointed to had long blond hair to the shoulders with eyes tightly closed and a solemn look.

This woman with long blond hair suddenly opened her eyes and revealed her golden pupils. There seemed to be a war after war in progress in her golden pupils.

The radiance and tragic defeat of the war didn’t stir up the emotions in her eyes.

Her golden pupils glanced at the other seven figures without the slightest emotion, and a pitying and mocking voice sounded.

“The decision that you’ve made together is nothing but my plan to implement the Tower of War.

“Speaking of Cheng Wu, this mole in the Radiance Federation was buried by Third Page Eternal Sin.

“Not only did he serve no purpose at all, but he also alerted them and foiled my plans.”

Just as Seventh Page War said that several peals of yandere laughter sounded.

“Seventh Page War, Cheng Wu revealing his identity has nothing to do with me. Don’t bring me into this.”

The short-haired woman with hollow eyes spoke. However, the occasional light in her empty eyes seemed to contain all the evil in the world.

Seventh Page War glanced at this short-haired woman and ignored her words before saying, “I’ll immediately go and get back that sacred source lifeform from the Radiance Federation.”

Just as the hollow-eyed short-haired woman was about to say something, a pleasant, cute prepubescent young boy’s voice sounded. However, the voice was coming from a huge mass of strange flesh.

“Sister Third Page, you have a filthy mouth! I can smell it from here. Would it kill you if you didn’t target others?”

This most innocent voice spoke the mean words as if they were like the truth, allowing one to feel convinced.

The evil light in the short-haired woman’s hollow eyes flickered constantly, and she spoke with a delicate laugh.

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