Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 298: Lin Yuan’s Network of Connections
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Chapter 298: Lin Yuan’s Network of Connections

When Lin Yuan’s Purchase With No Loss store had released the news that they could exchange any Bronze/Epic feys for source-type items or Gold metals, it had proven that at least a pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master was behind this store. Otherwise, he would not have the confidence to do that.

These two Class 4 Creation Masters that had entered Lin Yuan’s Purchase With No Loss store’s fan club were elementary Class 4 ones.

After becoming a Class 4 Creation Master, there were four small stages—elementary, intermediate, advanced, and pinnacle. The difference between each small stage was thousands of miles apart.

Therefore, many Class 3 and elementary and intermediate Class 4 Creation Masters wanted to have the chance to interact with this Purchase With No Loss store’s owner.

These Creation Masters had used ten strange flames to exchange for the Flower Brocade Pearls in order to get a chance to interact with the Purchase With No Loss store’s pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master.

However, Lin Yuan was unaware of all these, nor was it his business.

Just as Lin Yuan was indifferent, the Purchase With No Loss store’s fan club had become a place where some Class 3 Creation Masters and elementary and intermediate Class 4 Creation Masters would want to rack their brains to get in.

His store’s network was slowly spreading. Although it was still only a prototype, its outline had been huge and unimaginable.

Most importantly, even if this network’s prototype was huge, there were not many people in it.

If one were to describe each person in the network as a chain of resources, then Lin Yuan’s Purchase With No Loss store’s network would be a silk web formed from a top-notch chain of resources.

Furthermore, this network’s prototype had slowly spread mainly because since those who wanted to join it had not been able to purchase Lin Yuan’s Purchase With No Loss store’s goods, they had no way to enter the fan club.

When Lin Yuan was about to log off Star Web, he suddenly realized that Listen, who had been very active, did not seem to speak anymore.

In the past few days, when Lin Yuan had been looking through the fan club occasionally, he had not found Listen, nor did he know what Listen was busy with. He thought little about this, however.

Soon, Gao Feng arrived at the agreed location with Lin Yuan and found him.

When Lin Yuan received Gao Feng’s call, he knew that Gao Feng had arrived and put on an outer coat before leaving the guest house.

He then realized that Gao Feng was like a fool, looking around at the guest house’s side, with a huge box.

Lin Yuan shouted and waved his hands at Gao Feng. Upon seeing Lin Yuan, Gao Feng’s eyes lit up, and he greeted him. He shoved the box in his hands to Lin Yuan and said, “Brother, these are the specialties of Wind Mist City. They’re all special fine and soft pastries. There are ginger hibiscus cakes, jujube peach pastries, and soybean crab paste. They’re all very suitable for this season.”

Lin Yuan took it and found that the box was actually not light. The box of pastries weighed at least 7.5kg.

There was only one old store that produced these special soft pastries in Wind Mist City. He wondered if Gao Feng had robbed that store to get so many of them.

Lin Yuan remembered that the Mother of Bloodbath had heard of the long-established store’s soft pastries a few days ago and had been talking about it.

Not only were the soft pastries limited, but one also had to come down personally to buy them. Clearly, even if the Mother of Bloodbath was a glutton, as long as it was not full, it could not have gone to Wind Mist City and line up to buy these pastries.

After Gao Feng came, the Mother of Bloodbath’s gluttonous heart was satisfied.

Lin Yuan stored the box of pastries into that amber-button-shaped Diamond fey storage box and said, “You’ve brought me Wind Mist City’s specialties. In return, I’ll treat you to a meal as a courtesy.”

Upon hearing that, Gao Feng smiled brightly and naturally put his hands on Lin Yuan’s shoulder like a brother.

The two of them walked to the Spirit Food Pavilion branch not far away. As they walked, they talked and laughed, full of youthful spirit.

After Gao Feng interacted with Lin Yuan, he felt that Lin Yuan had the capital to make friends with him. He also had the thought to make friends with him. In the subsequent transactions, Gao Feng also felt that Lin Yuan was very thorough and detailed.

After interacting with Lin Yuan, Gao Feng also felt that their temperament was very compatible. Although they did not know each other for a long time, Gao Feng treated Lin Yuan as one of the few good friends he recognized.

Lin Yuan did not ask the Mother of Bloodbath to join them at the Spirit Food Pavilion for a meal. The reason was also very simple. The Mother of Bloodbath was not in the guest house at this moment.

Ever since the Mother of Bloodbath had joined the gourmet group, it had gotten to know many online friends.

The Mother of Bloodbath had been busy tasting nice food with the nearby online friends and attending a food club these days.

Lin Yuan could not help but feel a little helpless. If those online people who attended the food club with the Mother of Bloodbath knew that the person sitting and eating food with them was actually a Suzerain/Myth II fey, they would probably faint from the shock.

Lin Yuan had the red crystal spider the Mother of Bloodbath had condensed. As long as he crushed it, the Mother of Bloodbath would sense it and immediately rush over.

At the same time, this crystal spider also contained the power of the Mother of Bloodbath’s full strength and protection.

When they arrived at the Spirit Food Pavilion, Lin Yuan immediately booked a private room and handed the menu to Gao Feng. Soon, the two of them ordered a table of good food.

After that, Lin Yuan saw that Gao Feng looked like he wanted to say something but did not. He immediately knew that Gao Feng wanted to see the completely jade-textured green elm that he had mentioned before over the phone.

Lin Yuan was very understanding and summoned the completely jade-textured green elm. He had a full 250kg piece of five-centimeter-thick squarish green elm in his hands, warm and unusual.

When Lin Yuan summoned this completely jade-textured green elm, Gao Feng only felt that a piece of beautiful navy-blue jade had appeared before him. It exuded the unique fragrance of a green elm and had strand-like wood grains on it.

Gao Feng immediately knew this was completely jade-textured green elm, which made him very alarmed. Figuring out Lin Yuan’s identity became more and more difficult.

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