Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1933 - 1933 Yi Huailong’s Request
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1933 Yi Huailong’s Request

The Gold Devouring Rat, Ground Listening Rat, and Lavish Wings Ferret were all rare, and Yi Lingxi had always been proud of her collection.

However, Lin Yuan currently could not concentrate on the other mouse-species feys. His mind had zeroed in on the bright red tails that the two Flower Branch Mice had.

Lin Yuan had long been troubled by his inability to evolve the Flower Branch Mice into the Lifespan Mice.

He remembered that the first Flower Branch Mouse he had evolved had a bright red tail while all the Flower Branch Mice he evolved later had dark red tails.

The Flower Branch Mouse with the bright red tail became the Lifespan Mouse, while those with dark red tails became the Flower Mink Mice.

Once he realized this, Lin Yuan immediately contacted Su Yiren and asked her to search for the Flower Branch Mice with bright red tails.

Alas, even after looking through the entire Prosperous Chamber of Commerce and even activating the Love Music Centers, she had turned up empty.

But now, through one trade with Yi Lingxi, he would obtain what he had been yearning for. Please visit f𝐫e𝘦𝘸e𝗯𝒏𝗼ѵe𝗹. c𝑜m

To Yi Lingxi, the two Flower Branch Mice with bright red tails were just pretty pets. But to Lin Yuan, they were treasures that unlocked immortality.

Lin Yuan always felt that he would be over the moon if he could just find one of the Flower Branch Mouse with a bright red tail. But today, he was going to get his hands on two.

The Death Demon Concubine Beast needed to contract the Lifespan Mouse.

Lin Yuan could keep the other Lifespan Mouse in storage and use it when the time was right.

Ever since Lin Yuan obtained the Remembrance Soul Whale, he gained the password to souls that enabled him to reconstruct the souls of the dead.

However, when lifeforms died because they had come to the end of their lifespans, their souls would eventually wither and perish.

These souls would not become fragments after death, and Rememberling would have nothing to collect.

When Rememberling collected soul fragments, the fragments retained the original lifespans of the souls. Hence, Rememberling could only revive lifeforms whose lifeforms had not ended yet.

Having another Lifespan Mouse would allow Lin Yuan to do anything with confidence.

At first, Lin Yuan did not intend to immediately allow Yi Huailong a chance to have a private discussion. This was because doing so would send the signal to the other factions that Sky Creation was close to the Yi family.

But due to Yi Lingxi’s book, Lin Yuan’s mind had changed.

He said to Yi Huailong, “Since you have a big business to discuss in private with me, follow me upstairs.”

Lin Yuan returned the book to Yi Lingxi and said, “I don’t need to look through the book. I’m rather interested in the two Flower Branch Mice with bright red tails. Come with us to see your Hundred Flower Honey Mouse. Later, you can send someone to deliver the two Flower Branch Mice with bright red tails to me.”

Lin Yuan was much better at controlling his emotions. When he heard Yi Lingxi mention the two Flower Branch Mice with bright red tails, he did not lose his composure.

Lin Yuan sounded casual and said that he wanted the two Flower Branch Mice with bright red tails but did not express any excitement.

Yi Lingxi had been reluctant to part with rare mouse-species feys, but when she heard what Lin Yuan said, she hastily replied, “I’m sure you won’t lie to me. I will go and inform the guards at the door now to fetch the two Flower Branch Mice. Once I receive the two Flower Branch Mice, I will go upstairs to join you and Father! You can go ahead and speak with Father first!”

Yi Lingxi flitted out of the tree castle like a butterfly.

When he saw the way Yi Lingxi was leaping about, Lin Yuan could not help but be reminded of Stream in the Cloud, who was the first customer of his Star Web store.

The difference was that Yi Lingxi’s thoughts were much more complex than Stream in the Cloud.

Yi Lingxi was not leaving the tree castle just to retrieve the Flower Branch Mice but also to leave space for Lin Yuan and Yi Huailong. This would give Yi Huailong enough time to discuss with Lin Yuan.

Yi Huailong looked at Yi Lingxi leave with a satisfied gaze and said with a smile to Lin Yuan, “Young Master Chu, my daughter has been spoiled by her uncles since she was young. I’m sorry you have to put up with her!”

Since there was nothing of substance in what Yi Huailong was saying, Lin Yuan started to walk upstairs.

When Liu Jie saw that Lin Yuan was busy, he took the initiative to start handing out the completed orders to the members of the veteran elite families and select the resources they had brought in return.

Liu Jie was not a Creation Master, but he had good taste.

Moreover, Liu Jie was much more hard-hearted than Lin Yuan. These precious resources came from the Startling Lines Continent, and most of the native Creation Masters did not have the abilities to use them.

Although even one of these high-grade resources exceeded the value of the orders they submitted, Liu Jie had picked five to six precious resources in return for every order.

Lin Yuan had made a windfall from the way that Liu Jie was not holding back in his collection of remuneration.

On the second floor, Lin Yuan carefully studied Yi Huailong and noticed that there was a forceful resolution in his eyes.

This meant that Yi Huailong was a decisive person who liked to use force to settle matters.

Indeed, only someone like him would be able to turn a failing family around.

While Lin Yuan was observing Yi Huailong, the latter was doing the same to Lin Yuan.

Yi Huailong was the number one combatant in the Yi Huailong and had already reached thearch-class.

Although Lin Yuan had concealed his spirit qi professional aura, Yi Huailong could be certain that someone of Lin Yuan’s age could not be an A-rank spirit qi professional. Not even a Class 5 Creation Master would be able to nurture such a genius.

Given his power, it should be easy for him to kill this young man.

Yet, this young man did not appear on edge or wary in the slightest.

Any intelligent person knew not to intentionally put themselves in danger. There was no way this young man was unaware of this.

Yet, this young man was the picture of serenity.

Yi Huailong immediately realized that this young man had to have some means of confidently protecting himself.

If not for the spirit qi clothes that Lin Yuan wore, which reliably indicated that Sky Creation possessed a wealth of resources, Yi Huailong would have tried to test Lin Yuan.

Frankly, Yi Huailong still wanted to test Lin Yuan, but he dared not do so because even if such an action did not cause the young man to be offended, he would definitely refuse to work with Yi Huailong.

Yi Huailong tried to be as humble as possible as he said, “Young Master Chu, the Yi family is trying to nurture a batch of snake-species feys and one plant-type fey with the Sacred Wood bloodline from Diamond X/Fantasy V to Suzerain/Myth.”

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