Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1206 - Lin Yuan’s Miniature Kingdom in the Marsh World
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Chapter 1206: Lin Yuan’s Miniature Kingdom in the Marsh World

[Alien Beast]: White Evil Marsh Crocodile

[Lifeform State]: Apostle

[Alien Beast Class]: Class 2

[Power of Faith]: Extremely weak

[Faith Totem]: Crocodile Pattern White-Toothed Totem

Natural Skill:

[Crocodile Group Worship]: Even if it publicly robs food from the other Marsh Crocodiles, its aura will incite positive feelings in the other Marsh Crocodiles. The more of its aura the other Marsh Crocodiles are exposed to, the more positive feelings will arise. The positive feelings will eventually turn into worship which will allow the White Evil Marsh Crocodile to attract the other Marsh Crocodiles within a large radius. The feelings of worship will coalesce into faith that the White Evil Marsh Crocodile will be able to absorb.

[Crocodile Turned Guards]: When the White Evil Marsh Crocodile injects its blood into other Marsh Crocodiles that had become its believers, the Marsh Crocodiles will change from crawlers to human-like lifeforms that can walk on two feet. Their learning ability will also be raised.

Faith Ability:

[Change the Chosen]: Inject a portion of energy from the totem into a lifeform to change it into a different form. The lifeform will change from a normal believer to a Favored Believer.

Now, Lin Yuan knew that White Evil Marsh Crocodile’s totem was the Crocodile Pattern White-Toothed totem.

Now, Crocodile Group Worship would allow the White Evil Marsh Crocodile to absorb faith from its Marsh Crocodile believers.

This increased the White Evil Marsh Crocodile’s store of faith power.

When Lin Yuan discussed faith power with the Invisible Demon, he found out that faith power was ranked into different levels, namely extremely weak, weak, higher weak, below average, average, higher average, below strong, strong, and extremely strong.

Every time an Apostle’s faith power increased by three classes, their lifeform level would transform, allowing them to gain a new faith ability.

The type of faith power received would be fixed.

When the faith power was extremely weak, weak, and higher weak, the only faith ability the Apostle had was Change the Chosen.

Once an Apostle’s faith power reached below average, it would be able to unlock its source sacred body and gain a new ability that would raise its combat power by leaps and bounds.

At first, this all seemed too foreign to Lin Yuan.

However, the White Evil Marsh Crocodile’s Crocodile Group Worship could bridge the gap and allow it to become Lin Yuan’s first Apostle to unlock its sacred source body.

Lin Yuan turned his attention to Crocodile Turned Guards.

Crocodile Changed Guards would allow the White Evil Marsh Crocodile to turn its believers into Favored Believers and give the dim Marsh Crocodiles a cloak of human skin that enabled them to walk like humans.

Moreover, it also enabled the Marsh Crocodiles to increase their learning ability.

The strength of this ability aside, Lin Yuan saw the human-form Marsh Crocodiles as laborers.

The Medusa Snake Demons needed to attract the Marsh Crocodiles while looking after the Drought Ground Sweet Flags and Barren River Orchid Bud that grew at the edge of the marsh.

These jobs were far more useful than manual labor.

Lin Yuan felt that it was too much of a waste of manpower to use lifeforms as intelligent as the Medusa Snake Demon as laborers.

Hence, he had been trying to come up with a way to solve this issue of finding laborers.

It would be too much of a hassle to bring in external manpower from the main world.

But now, the White Evil Marsh Crocodile’s natural skill provided a perfect solution.

Now that the White Evil Marsh Crocodile was an Apostle, it could use marsh language for simple communication.

Although it was not eloquent, it was understandable.

Lin Yuan asked the White Evil Marsh Crocodile, “Can the Marsh Crocodile believers that you change into a human form still fight underwater?”

The White Evil Marsh Crocodile gurgled in its throat and said, “They can. They might be in human form, but they’re still amphibious. Marsh Crocodiles are more agile underwater than they are on land.”

Lin Yuan’s eyes lit up.

This meant that he gained laborers and underwater troops that could be used in the marsh.

Wendy was taking various predator plants as its believers.

Lin Yuan saw these predator plants as defense infrastructures. Their various abilities added many different facilities to his territory.

Rising Lizard decided that it was only going to accept the Medusa Snake Demons as its believers.

The Medusa Snake Demons were very smart and could manage the day-to-day activities within the territory.

Due to Crocodile Group Worship, the most suitable believers for the White Evil Marsh Crocodile were the Marsh Crocodiles.

The Marsh Crocodiles would not only strengthen the defenses at the edge of the marsh but also become a significant source of power.

Wendy, Rising Lizard, and the White Evil Marsh Crocodile’s believers would form a flawless system that continually advanced the territory’s progress.

The three groups of believers all had their own rules.

With this perfect system, it would even be possible for Lin Yuan to create his own kingdom in the marsh world.

The foundation was already laid.

Currently, all the blood in the marsh had been consumed by the decomposing bacteria, and the marsh had returned to its original state.

Many Marsh Crocodiles had swum over and fallen under the control of Scale Concubines Marsh Crocodile Song.

These Marsh Crocodiles would only serve as guards and a source of food but also catalyze the White Evil Marsh Crocodile’s growth.

Lin Yuan removed his jacket and dove into the marsh.

It was as though he had entered a whole different world.

Most of the marshes in the marsh world were extremely deep.

The marsh at the edge of the territory stretched at least 500 meters.

The wooden plants and rotten substances floated on the surface of the marsh, giving it a dirty appearance. However, only the surface was dirty.

Once he dove underwater, the turquoise water revealed a world that was abuzz with activity.

All Lin Yuan could see were thick clusters of twisted branches.

The branches tangled together and were brimming with life.

The branches were also wrapped around many bones.

According to the shape of the bones, Lin Yuan could tell that they were from the Marsh Crocodiles that the Invisible Demon had killed.

True Data revealed that the Water Demon Support Willow was only Class 4.

The Water Demon Support Willow’s body covered more than 2,000 square meters underwater.

Since the Water Demon Support Willow was an aquatic predator plant, it did not grow upward but outward.

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