Fatal Shot

Chapter 533 - First Appearance of the Sniper Rifle
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Chapter 533: First Appearance of the Sniper Rifle

In the midst of the argument between the two sides inside the Heavy Knight vehicle, a weaponized police patrol spacecraft approximately 30 meters off the ground in the sky was closing in on them. The spacecraft was only around 500 meters behind them.

“Beep, beep...”

The moment the patrol spacecraft entered the 500-meter range, the driver’s cockpit of the Heavy Knight suddenly sounded a warning.

“Hmm? What the heck? There’s the police?” After the manipulator stopped speaking, Yellow-tooth had wanted to mock them a bit more, but his expression changed after he heard the alarm. He quickly checked the surveillance device of the modified Heavy Knight quickly to find the source of the alarm.

“It’s in the sky? That’s weird, how come there’s a police patrol spacecraft here?” After determining the source of the alarm as well as the notifications provided by the intelligent system, Yellow-tooth spat out the cigarette in his mouth and spoke oddly.

A police patrol spacecraft was different from a hovercraft. Since such vehicles had their own energy driver, they could fly a certain distance even after exiting cities. However, under normal circumstances, this type of weaponized patrol spacecraft would not exit cities. At that moment, their position was quite far away from Storm City.

“F*ck, they’re not here pursuing us, are they?” The other Sniper player cursed suspiciously.

“Impossible. Didn’t the NPC say that the passcode chest has a signal-jamming ability? We were disguised during the mission. There’s no way our identities were exposed inside Storm City while we were executing the mission.” Yellow-tooth said after hearing the Sniper’s words. His face showed that he was already losing his cool.

At that moment, the high-speed weaponized patrol spacecraft had closed in further and the distance between the spacecraft and their Heavy Knight was only less than 400 meters.

“They’re definitely here to pursue us.” At that time, Seven Kills who was seated in the last row of the vehicle suddenly and calmly spoke.


“What evidence do you have to be so certain?”

After hearing Seven Kills’ words, the two players from the Town of Exile asked, unconvinced.

“We haven’t done anything during the earlier stages of the mission. We’ve been relying on the NPCs all the while. Do you really think that a hidden profession spot is so easy to get? Him leaving the item to us is a signal,” Seven Kills said coldly as he raised his head.

“Warning. The police vehicle is less than 300 meters away. Attention!” The Heavy Knight vehicle’s intelligent system sent out another warning.

“Yellow-tooth, what should we do?” The Sniper player was showing slight panic.

Yellow-tooth seemed to have thought of something, and his originally slightly panicky face relaxed. A tinge of contempt could be seen on his face. “The Guard team’s weaponized patrol spacecraft doesn’t have high caliber weapons. With the defense of our boss’ modified Heavy Knight, even high caliber Sniper rifles can’t penetrate it, as long as they don’t get off their spacecraft, there’s nothing for us to be afraid of. Let them follow our asses and keep pursuing us. When the weaponized patrol spacecraft uses up its energy, we’ll be rid of them...”


Before he could finish his sentence, the room of the car that was comparable to a lightweight tank seemed to have been hit by something. A clear dent could be seen on the roof, and half a deformed bullet head could be seen at the tip of the dent.

The sound of the bullet hitting the vehicle was so loud that it made the ears of everyone inside the car ring.



Feng Luo shook his shoulder, which had become slightly numb from the recoil of firing a shot from his Wings of Death rifle.

Since there was no place for him to set up a stand to support the gun, he could only shoot from holding the sniper rifle.

It was the first time he used a 14.5mm caliber sniper rifle like this, and needless to say, the recoil of the gun was quite strong.

Although the stats of the rifle had reduced the recoil by 50%, when compared to the Eye of the Thunder, it was still quite strong. As such, this caused his first shot to deviate from the intended target slightly. The gunshot sound was also quite loud, even louder than the Barrett.

However, whether it was the sound or the recoil, they were all minor details that did not impact the performance a lot.

In terms of the effect achieved by the Level 50 Rare Grade sniper rifle, Feng Luo was quite satisfied with the result of using it in real-time battle.

The armor of the Heavy Knight was a bulletproof structure. Normal submachine guns would only leave white marks on it. Even high-caliber Sniper rifles would need to strike the same spot four to five times before shaving off some of its defenses.

However, the first bullet fired from Wings of Death was enough to almost break through the defense of the Heavy Knight. It was brutal.

Paired with the Legendary Grade sniping scope, the rifle’s equipment level had reached Level 52, but the effects of its attributes and stats were not reduced due to a “set effect.” Its attack remained at 1,100 and there was also a 40% sight improvement.

Although the current environment was very dark, there were street lights providing some light and with a higher vantage point, even at this distance, Feng Luo could easily find the position of the vehicle.

Old John’s skills were really quite frightening.

“Bang, bang...”

Two more shots fired consecutively. After he finally got the hang of it.


Feng Luo moved his hands and the Wings of Death rifle automatically switched to the second of its three magazines.

Feng Luo put a bullet with red rings into the loose chamber. Although he had only received the rifle on that day, in terms of the 14.5mm caliber ammunition, he had long been prepared.

Three magazines, just enough for him to equip one normal armor-piercing round magazine and two special function bullet magazines.


His right index finger pressed down on the trigger forcefully. Under the effects of the energy accelerator, a searing bullet reached the incredible speed of 1,500m/s as it flew towards the accelerating Heavy Knight.

In less than 0.2 seconds, the bullet hit a spot almost the same as the three previous shots.

This time, the Heavy Knight armored vehicle, with most of its defense broken, could no longer withstand the impact generated from this mini cannon.


The bullet pierced through the ceiling of the vehicle and struck a location between the driver’s seat and the front passenger seat.

Immediately after that, the bullet head exploded into a ball of flames.

Although the bullet did not hit any person, the flame caused by the explosion increased the temperature inside the car to increase exponentially in an instant.

“Cough! Damn it! Cough, what kind of sniper rifle are they using over there? To be able to even pierce the armor of a Heavy Knight vehicle!” Yellow-tooth coughed consecutively. As his vision was affected by the flames, he almost caused the entire Heavy Knight vehicle to turn over.

Even though players’ bodies aren’t affected by fire burns, the high-temperature air was an uncomfortable experience that made everyone in the car suffer.

“Tell them to stop the car and engage in battle!” Seven Kills was half bent over as he shouted at Yellow-tooth.

“Cough. What? Stop the car? No way, isn’t that inviting death? There is only one Guard patrol vehicle right now. If we stop the car right now, who’s to say there won’t be more coming to ultimately surround us?” Yellow-tooth said, refusing to stop the car while continuing to drive.

“Stop the car! The weaponized patrol spacecraft isn’t flying at a high altitude. It also does not have high defense. A manipulator using skills with a Machine Gunner should be enough to take it down. If we don’t stop the car and fight, the enemy Sniper will be able to pick us off one by one as they continue to pursue us!” Seven Kills shouted with a cold sneer.

Although the Heavy Knight vehicle had a spacious interior, there was not a lot of space to dodge with five people inside.

If they were to stay within the vehicle, there would not be enough space to get a shield out and the only choice they had was to wait for death to come.


“That’s rather decisive.” Upon seeing the two SUVs decelerating, Feng Luo, who was looking through the sniping scope on the weaponized patrol spacecraft in the sky, was rather surprised.

“However, do you really think that this is the right choice?” Feng Luo had a playful expression on his face.


Wings of Death shooting mode changed from manual mode to automatic mode. Reloading speed has been halved.

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