Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 39
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Chapter 39: The Troubles of a Genius

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After Si Huan explained this to Huo Tian, Huo Tian finally understood.

Si Huan said, “It seems that you don’t know much about our school. When the school was built, the real estate industry was still in its infancy stage. Therefore, the school bought a large piece of land at a rather low price. In addition to the main campus, our school also has a small horse ranch and golf course. Do you know how much profits these pieces of land can generate from commercial development?”

Huo Tian shook her head blankly. “Although I can’t imagine it, it must be a huge sum of money.”

Si Huan patted Huo Tian’s head and pushed down the tuft of messy hair on her head. “This is why He Yu wants the school’s management rights. He is too greedy. One day, he will end up stuffing himself to death one day..”

“I don’t care what happens to such people…” Huo Tian frowned and said, “But I’m still worried about the joint examination in two weeks.”

Si Huan was puzzled. “You’re actually afraid of exams? Shouldn’t Year Two knowledge be easy for you to grasp?”

Huo Tian sighed worriedly and looked at Si Huan with a hesitant look.

In the Student Union office during lunch break, Si Huan looked solemnly at the test papers and homework in his hands that were filled with red crosses.

Zhao Feng also flipped through the test papers, pointed at a history paper, and laughed. “Huo Tian, what the hell did you write? The teacher treats you pretty well to be giving you so many pity points!”

Si Huan shrugged the arm Zhao Feng rested on his shoulder in frustration and handed the test papers to Bi Ying, who was sitting quietly at the side. “Bi Ying, take a look. Do you think there’s still hope?”

After Bi Ying flipped through it, he was also speechless. He asked Huo Tian, “Putting aside the humanities papers. I know you’re not good at subjects that require creative writing, but why are marks deducted from the science papers as well?”

Huo Tian explained in an aggrieved manner, “The teacher said that since all the students were doing the papers together, they would be graded according to the standards of the revised papers. Therefore, those questions with high points that didn’t have any steps written would have points deducted.”

Bi Ying and Si Huan had understood long ago how special Huo Tian was and could roughly guess the reason why she did not write the steps. Only Zhao Feng was very curious.

“Then why didn’t you write down the steps?”

“Can’t tell the answers at a glance? How am I supposed to write the steps?”

Zhao Feng didn’t quite understand, so Si Huan explained to him, “Huo Tian means that these questions are like 1 + 1 to her. Because they’re too simple, she doesn’t know how to write the calculation steps.”

Zhao Feng was shocked speechless for a long time. After a while, he gave Huo Tian a thumbs up and said, “You’re indeed a genius!”

Si Huan said, “The criteria for marking the papers is fixed. Even geniuses have to follow the rules to get a high score. Huo Tian, we will be training you over the next two weeks. We will temporarily lower your standard to the standard of a top student. Do you think you can do it?”

“Alright, it’s not as if there are any other ways, right?” Huo Tian nodded listlessly.”

Therefore, in the time that followed, Huo Tian went through an extremely painful training process. Si Huan and Zhao Feng sorted out the important points of the humanities subjects for Huo Tian to memorize.

Bi Ying sorted out all the formulas and proper steps for solving questions in the various science subjects, finding many questions for Huo Tian to do as part of the focused training.


The key points needed to be memorized in the humanities course were relatively easy for Huo Tian. She had never made any mistakes when facing such questions, but those questions that required further understanding and creative writing were an unbearable sight.

As for science subjects, Huo Tian habitually ignored some of the steps to solve the problem. However, as she solved more and more questions, she rarely made mistakes like this. In the end, Huo Tian was already able to steadily score full marks in science subjects.

As the days passed, the first city-wide joint examination finally arrived.

The day before the exam, Huo Tian’s form teacher, Mr. Wang, called her to his office.

Mr. Wang looked at the haggard Huo Tian and sighed. “Huo Tian, I don’t want to give you too much pressure, but I think you know how important this exam is. Therefore, I hope you can change the attitude you usually show for your homework and tests and take this exam seriously.”

Huo Tian still looked dejected, but she still assured him seriously, “Teacher, don’t worry. I’ve already been ravaged by Si Huan and the others for two whole weeks in preparation for tomorrow’s exam, so I’ll definitely work hard tomorrow.”

Mr. Wang smiled and said, “That’s good then. You have to showcase your true abilities.”

After leaving the teacher’s office, Huo Tian met the principal and the academic director and received another round of encouragement.

Huo Tian sighed dejectedly and thought, (Why do you have to put me under pressure that I shouldn’t need to go through? Can’t you let me be an ordinary genius?)

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