Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 372 - Chaos
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Chapter 372: Chaos

Translator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios

For a wealthy lady like Mrs. Huo, who couldn’t do any work at all, she would be seriously injured if she fell on the ground, let alone being kicked in her fragile and soft stomach and then falling hard on the ground. This was enough to take half of this delicate wife’s life.

She curled up and fell on the ground, holding her stomach. She was in so much pain that her head was covered in cold sweat. Her eyes, which were dyed red from anger, glared at Huo You through her hair. Countless vicious curses reached her mouth, but because of the pain in her body, she couldn’t make

any sound.

Mr. Huo stood up from the sofa but didn’t go to help his wife, who had fallen to the ground. Instead, he strode towards Huo You. He was like an infuriated bullfighter, his face filled with murderous rage.

In Huo You’s memories, Mr. Huo only revealed such an incompetent and furious expression when he was on the verge of death in her previous life. Back then, Huo You’s head was empty and she could only swipe her card and shop without restraint. She didn’t know what had happened to the Huo

Corporation that had made Mr. Huo so angry to the extent that he was hospitalized. Huo You only knew that when she pretended to be filial and went to the hospital to visit him, she met Mr. Huo, who was furious at everyone. It was as if everyone in the world was his enemy.

The crazy Mr. Huo left too deep an impression on Huo You. For a moment, Huo You thought of him as the Mr. Huo who had mental problems before his death in her previous life. Out of instinct to protect her body, Huo You subconsciously picked up her bag and swung it at Mr. Huo’s face.

The metallic parts from the luxury bag hit Mr. Huo’s nose. His nose hurt and tears welled up in his eyes. He naturally couldn’t do anything to Huo You anymore. Huo You quickly took the opportunity to stand up and distance herself from Mr. Huo.

She had never faced the crazy Mr. Huo up close, nor did she have a strong mental fortitude. At this moment, she was a little shocked. She stood far away and looked at Mr. Huo, who was covering his nose bridge with lingering fear and bending over like a cooked prawn with tears flowing down his face.

She couldn’t help but tum her gaze to Huo Feng, subconsciously wanting to ask him for an idea. “What should we do now?”

Huo Feng glanced at Huo You indifferently and saw that she was still in shock. He smiled silently and sneered at her.

He didn’t say anything, but his disdainful and mocking expression was as if he was talking about her guts. How dare she have the thought of resisting him just now. She was extremely foolish!

Huo You’s breathing stopped under Huo Feng’s gaze, and anger immediately welled up in her chest.

However, Huo Feng stopped looking at Huo You’s unconvinced gaze and turned to face Mr. Huo. He said in a panicking tone, “Dad, are you injured? How are you now? Is it serious?”

His voice was filled with worry and anxiety, but in places that Mr. and Mrs. Huo couldn’t see, his expression was scarily indifferent. He also seemed to be taking his time to get up to check on the situation.

Under intense pain, human’s concept of time would be blurry. Mr. Huo did not realize that Huo Feng did not walk to his side immediately. When he heard Huo Feng’s worried care, he even felt a trace of regret and joy. Fortunately, his son was still good. The child he had raised since he was young was

indeed more caring and filial than Huo You, who had only returned to the Huo Family after she reached adulthood.

Huo Feng helped Mr. Huo up and let him sit on the sofa. Seeing blood seeping out from the gaps between Mr. Huo’s fingers, Huo Feng raised his voice and shouted, “Auntie Liu, Auntie Liu… help me get an ice bag!”

Auntie Liu, the cook, rushed over with an ice bag, Huo Feng placed the ice bag on Mr. Huo’s nose and said in concer, “Dad, hurry up and raise your head. Otherwise, more and more blood will flow out of your nose. The ice bag is very cold. Bear with it

Her son’s thoughtfulness and solicitousness made Mr. Huo, who had been hurt by Huo You, feel a little better. He opened his eyes and looked at Huo Feng with a rare gentleness in his eyes. However, he didn’t know that his face was stained with tears and blood. He looked extremely disheveled. Under the

contrast of his disheveled appearance, his gentle gaze made him look like a lone wolf who had reached a dead end and couldn’t withstand a single blow.

Huo Feng looked at his weak father and could not help but feel a little carefree, but his face was still filled with genuine worry. He had always been careful and would definitely not reveal any clues before he really achieved his goals.

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