Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 37
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Chapter 37: Board Meeting In A Deadlock

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Not every board member was on He Yu’s side, so he couldn’t deal with the issue of Huo Tian and Bi Ying’s student statuses in one go. However, He Yu wasn’t too disappointed by his failure.

After all, He Yu had only come today to test the bottom line of the school’s management and other board members. Only then could he adjust his strategy and slowly take over Qingli High School.

He Yu was a shrewd hunter. He wasn’t in a hurry to achieve his goals, but Huo You didn’t have much patience.

Year Two Class One was in the middle of a math class. The students were listening attentively when there was a knock on the door. “Reporting.”

The math teacher’s originally unhappy expression instantly disappeared when he saw Huo Tian outside the door. He smiled until his face was full of wrinkles. “Huo Tian, come in quickly.”

The hands of Huo You, who was taking notes, trembled and she ended up drawing an ugly line on the paper.

Huo You thought in irritation, (Why is Huo Tian back in the classroom? Is He Yu unable to do anything to her either?)

The math teacher noticed that Huo You was a little distracted, so he picked her up to answer the question. During math classes, it was easy for students to miss out on important points just from bending over to pick up a pen, let alone how Huo You wasn’t even paying attention in class.

Huo You looked at the question on the blackboard, thought long and hard about it, but couldn’t think of an answer. She shook her head and said, “Teacher, I don’t know.”

The math teacher gave Huo You a reproachful look and said, “Sit down. You have to concentrate during class.”

Her teacher had scolded her, but Huo You felt that her face was burning. She quickly lowered her head and sat back down.

Huo You didn’t want to wait until noon, so she called He Yu in the short break between classes.

After their relationship had taken a step further, Huo You’s attitude towards He Yu now had an additional bossiness of a little girl.

“He Yu, you promised to help me chase Huo Tian out of school. Why didn’t you do it?”

A trace of impatience flashed across He Yu’s eyes, but he still tried to coax her gently. “Baby, of course I’ll do what I promised you. However, I’m not the only one who has the final say in the school’s board meeting. So, have more patience. When I collaborate with the other board members and find a legitimate reason to convince the school’s management, I’ll be able to chase out all the people you hate out of the school.”

Huo You felt assured and said sweetly with a smile, “You only know how to coax me. If you can’t do it, I’ll never talk to you again.”

“Ahhh, how can that do?” He Yu teased. “I’m really afraid of your threats. Don’t worry, you just need to wait for a period of time. I’ll properly take care of the things you asked me to do.”

Qingli High School’s board meeting was going to be held three days later. Si Huan attended in the capacity of a shareholder.

Among all the shareholders, the Hein Corporation held the most shares, while Si Huan ranked third. However, no matter how many shares they had, the board members did not have decision-making rights on school matters. The only people who could participate in the management matters were the school’s management.


This meant that the board members could get dividends every year, and they could introduce their friends and family’s children to attend Qingli High School as well. However, they have no say in what happens to the school’s affairs.

He Yu had wanted to change this a long time ago. Although Qingli was only a high school, if it was managed well, it could generate huge profits. However, the school’s management was obstinate and unwilling to reform. He Yu wanted to take this opportunity to change the situation as well.

Therefore, He Yu was the first to raise his doubts at the board meeting. “The board members have always believed in the Qingli High School’s management. But the truth is, from this year onwards, the school’s management has been exploiting loopholes in the regulations and breaking the rules of the school many times. Although the reason they had put in so much effort is to recruit two ordinary students, a moment of negligence may result in huge damage. As long as there’s a precedent, it will cause the management process to gradually fall into chaos…”

He Yu then brought out the evidence that the school’s management had randomly set up prize awards and also applied for a large sum of money to build a laboratory for the students. Some of the board members, who didn’t know the truth, began to suspect that the school’s management team was trying to find ways to stuff their own pockets.

The school’s management also took out evidence to prove that Huo Tian and Bi Ying were two extraordinary geniuses. The reason Qingli High School was giving these geniuses such great treatment was in consideration of the school’s future. This made the board members who had great foresight nod in approval of the decision made by the school’s management.

“Since everyone has understood the basic situation, let’s raise our hands and vote. Those who think that the school’s management is biased towards Huo Tian and Bi Ying, please raise your hands…”

After saying that, He Yu raised his right hand. Some of the board members exchanged glances with each other before raising their hands as well.

After the voting, the number of board members who supported and opposed the management’s decision was evenly matched. The meeting was in a deadlock.

Si Huan had noticed that the situation wasn’t looking good not long after the meeting started. Some of the board members had exchanged glances with He Yu several times.. It looked like they had already reached an agreement before the meeting.

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