Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 368 - Heart Wavering
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Chapter 368: Heart Wavering

Translator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios

An anxious silence filled the living room. The other three people thought that Mr. Huo would say something or reveal an angry expression. However, after waiting for a moment, they saw him sitting on the sofa. His face was ghastly pale, his eyes were closed, and his breathing was heavy and rapid.

Out of the habit of relying on her husband, and maybe also a little worried for her husband, Mrs. Huo asked in concern, “Hubby, are you okay?”

She was worried that Mr. Huo would faint from anger because of Huo You. If something really happened to his body, the Huo Family would face an even more disadvantageous situation. Mr. Hill would be able to take revenge on them without facing any resistance.

Mr. Huo did not faint from anger. He only felt that all the energy in his body had been sucked dry and he was unable to deal with the current situation.

Compared to Mr. Huo, Mrs. Huo knew her biological daughter, Huo You, better because their natures were too similar. However, Mrs. Huo knew that she was more tactful and worldly than Huo You.

She knew that it was useless to talk about feelings with Huo You now. Unless she could convince her with benefits, she wouldn’t change her mind and agree to use her marriage to fight for a chance for the Huo Family.

Mrs. Huo looked at Huo You calmly, trying her best to maintain her rationality so that she wouldn’t be angered by Huo You’s attitude like her father. “Huo You, the future you’ve envisioned is indeed the most beneficial for you, but don’t forget that Huo Entertainment is still in my hands. If I don’t agree to

it, it will never belong to you. If the Huo Family falls, you will also end up with nothing. After getting used to the Huo Family’s rich life, will you be able to return to the past and live in the urban village with your adoptive mother?”

After hearing Mrs. Huo’s words, a little hope reignited in Mr. Huo’s heart. That’s right, Huo You wasn’t a naive girl like Huo Tian. As long as she had a family who truly loved her, she didn’t care if her living conditions were rich or poor. What about Huo You? She was completely different from Huo Tian. She

only cared about her own interests. If they used interests as conditions, they might be able to change her mind.

Mr. Huo looked at Huo You. Even he didn’t realize that there was a fragile pleading look in his eyes.

However, how could Huo You be softhearted toward her biological parents’ show of weakness and become their means to reap benefits?

“Are you guys threatening me? If I don’t agree to your request, you won’t hand the entertainment company over to me?”

Huo You’s gaze was fixed on Mrs. Huo, her expression slightly dark. Mrs. Huo was unable to tell her true emotions and didn’t know if her threat would work.

This was the last bargaining chip they had. Mrs. Huo used the entertainment company she still had to keep Huo You in check for the time being. Other than that, she couldn’t think of a better solution at the moment. Therefore, Mrs. Huo could only pretend to be confident and nod. “No, I’m not threatening

you. I just want to make a deal with you. As long as you can agree to our conditions, not only will I hand the Huo Entertainment to you, but I can also give you a portion of the real estate company’s shares.”

Huo You remained silent and didn’t answer immediately. Her eyelids drooped slightly and her eyes flickered. She frowned unconsciously and her heart was wavering.

It had to be said that Mrs. Huo knew her daughter well and knew that her desires were hard to quell. She wanted to get more things from the Huo Family even before she got her hands on the entertainment company.

Although Mr. Huo, the real head of the Huo Family, didn’t speak up to agree with Mrs. Huo’s promise, he didn’t criticize her for taking matters into her own hands. This was already enough to show his attitude.

Huo You knew that the Huo Family had many very valuable businesses. An entertainment company was nothing in the Huo Family’s businesses. Huo You wanted it because she had memories from her previous life and knew that the entertainment industry was an industry with explosive information. She

might not remember the changes in the international situation, but she clearly remembered the trends of the entertainment industry in the next 20 or so years.

However, compared to the other industries under the Huo Family, the benefits that entertainment companies could obtain were insignificant. Over the years, the Huo Family had entered the real estate industry, and, taking advantage of the rising property prices, their wealth had rapidly expanded like a

rolling snowball.

If she agreed to Mr. and Mrs. Huo’s conditions, would she be able to get a portion of the real estate company’s shares from them? Huo You’s heart raced at the thought of the huge wealth the Huo Corporation could bring her. Even the muscles in her throat constricted because of nervousness, causing her

to temporarily lose her voice..

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