Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 22
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Chapter 22: The Real Young Miss Looking For Trouble

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When Huo Tian mentioned the Huo Family’s perverse education, Huo You’s face uncontrollably became distorted for an instant.

In her past life, after she returned to the Huo Family, her parents didn’t pay much attention to the petty Huo You. They merely taught her some etiquette lessons and then set her up for an arranged marriage with a family that was befitting of the Huo Family.

That political marriage that started from an exchange of benefits was the beginning of Huo You’s unhappiness. Therefore, after she was reborn, she had been working hard to change her fate. The first step she needed to take was to chase Huo Tian away and make herself the child her parents valued the most.

However, Huo You didn’t know that her parents had a strong desire to control their children. Although they valued and doted on her, if she didn’t meet their expectations, she would be scolded by her father and mocked by her mother.

This wasn’t the life of a rich daughter that Huo You had dreamed of having, but she would never let Huo Tian see that things weren’t going well for her.

Huo You sneered. “Look at yourself. You look like you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in your entire life. Don’t tell me you’ve been working to repay your debt?”

Her followers all laughed, and a girl echoed, “Yeah, Huo Tian, isn’t this miserable? You used to be so arrogant, but now, why are you looking like a defeated dog?”

“She’s not the Huo Family’s daughter now, so how can she still be so arrogant? Of course she’s here to withdraw from school!”

At the thought of having to be expelled if she failed the test later, Huo Tian immediately felt depressed.

Huo You and her followers thought that they hit her where it hurt and were pleased with themselves.

Huo You pretended to look worried. “Oh my, what should we do? Huo Tian, will there be a high school that will accept you after you drop out of Qingli?”

One of her followers said, “There are probably no high schools who would accept an idiot with a two-digit score for the total of all her examinations.”

Everyone laughed.

Bi Ying frowned and said to Huo Tian impatiently, “Is it fun to watch these people acting like monkeys? They wasted at least five minutes of your time just now. Are you still not leaving?”

Huo Tian slowly explained, “I’m just relaxing a little after watching some show. Actually, I’m quite nervous because I’m really not good at some subjects…”

Only then did Huo You and the others realize that they had been treated like a monkey show. They were all furious.

Even Huo You couldn’t maintain her composure anymore. She asked sharply, “Who the hell are you? How dare you talk to me like that?”

One of the girls reached out to pull Bi Ying, but even though he looked skinny and short, he stood rooted to the ground as if he was very heavy. He looked at his sleeve, which was being pulled by a stranger, in disgust. He waved his hand and the girl stumbled and almost fell.

Huo You looked at Bi Ying in surprise. She thought of something and said to Huo Tian mockingly, “It seems like you know that you don’t have a good relationship with people in school. You only have to go through the withdrawal procedures, and you still need a bodyguard? But given your current financial situation, hiring a bodyguard should be very difficult, right? It seems like you’re still not used to being an ordinary person.”

Huo You looked at the gloomy Bi Ying. “Your physical conditions look quite good. How much can Huo Tian pay you? You might as well be hired by the Huo Family. I can give you more.”

Bi Ying had probably never seen such an arrogant person before. He could not help but ask Huo Tian in a suspicious tone, “Is there something wrong with this person’s brain?”

“I already told you that I’m not good at biotechnology, so how can I judge if there’s a problem with someone’s head with my eyes?” Huo Tian shrugged and said, “But since she has such obvious symptoms, I guess her brain is really not very healthy?”


“Huo Tian, how dare you say that there’s something wrong with my brain?”

Huo You was so angry that her face turned red. She gritted her teeth and said, “Looks like you can’t change your arrogance. In the past, everyone tolerated you on the Huo Family’s account. Do you still think you’re the Huo Family’s daughter?”

As Huo You said this, her followers seemed to have received a signal. All of them approached Huo Tian and Bi Ying, looking like they wanted to attack them on campus.

Bi Ying snorted. “So this is what Qingli is like. I really regret agreeing to Si Huan’s recruitment invitation.”

Huo Tian suggested excitedly, “I also find this school very annoying now. Why don’t the two of us leave together and go to another high school? Anyway, you haven’t registered. You can just stand Si Huan up!”

“Proposal denied!”

A cold and authoritative voice rang out. Everyone looked over and realized that it was Si Huan and Zhao Feng, who were wearing the student union tags.

They were influential figures in the school, especially since Si Huan had become the president of the student union this year. There weren’t many people in the school who didn’t respect him.

Si Huan said, “After one summer vacation, has Huo Tian forgotten the location of the Academic Affairs Office? The teachers have been waiting for you for half an hour.. Hurry over now.”

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