Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 21
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Chapter 21: Let You Come Back To the Huo Family

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In her previous life, exams were something that Huo Tian abhorred. Although she was a genius, she was only good in certain subjects. Her results for Humanities were unbearable to look at.

Huo Tian did not expect that she would still have to take exams even though she had transmigrated. Ding Rong had told her that if she did not take the test, she wouldn’t be able to go to school in the future!

Therefore, when Ding Chen drove Huo Tian and Bi Ying to school to report, Huo Tian was on tenterhooks.

Bi Ying, who did not bring anything except his acceptance letter, did not understand Huo Tian’s nervousness at all. He probed, “Huo Tian, why are you so unsettled? Don’t tell me you haven’t finished your summer homework?”

If she hadn’t had her seat belt on, Huo Tian would have jumped up. “What? There’s summer homework?”

Bi Ying was confused. “Qingli High School doesn’t have summer homework?”

Huo Tian pulled at the memories of her original body and slumped into the chair helplessly.

Qingli High School had summer homework, of course. However, when the teachers assigned homework at the end of last semester, the original Huo Tian, as the daughter of a wealthy family who refused to be disciplined, naturally paid no heed to the teachers’ words. Therefore, Huo Tian did not think of doing homework for the entire summer vacation.

Bi Ying was now able to control his prosthetic limbs with ease. With long pants on, no one would be able to tell that he was disabled.

Huo Tian and Bi Ying walked into the school side by side and immediately attracted a lot of attention.

As mentioned before, most of the students at Qingli High School came from wealthy families. On the first day of school, all the students did not wear school uniforms, and everyone could judge a person’s family background through their clothes.

People like Huo Tian and Bi Ying, who wore clothes that were neither new nor old, were usually poor students who were specially admitted to the school because of their outstanding results. However, no one could figure out why a poor student would blatantly dye her hair purple so arrogantly. Shouldn’t those poor students be trembling in fear and not daring to make a single mistake?

Some students recognized Huo Tian and were shocked to see her.

A boy who was showing off his limited-edition sneakers to his friend saw Huo Tian, so he whispered to his friend, “It’s Huo Tian. Didn’t the Huo Family chase her away? How could she have the money to continue studying at our school?”

That friend didn’t know much about the Huo Family’s gossip. “Is it that fake daughter of the Huo Family? Maybe the Huo Family gave her some money after chasing her away? After all, they had been raising her as their own daughter for more than ten years. They can’t be too cruel to her, right?”

“Who knows? Sigh, look… the real young miss has gone over. Oh my god, they won’t get into a fight, right?”

These students were gloating and looking like they wanted to watch a good show. It was impossible to tell that they were worried about someone fighting on campus!

Huo Tian yawned as she was led by Bi Ying to the Academic Affairs Office in a daze. She didn’t even look at the students around her. Bi Ying also didn’t recognize Huo You, who was standing in front of him. He only felt that this person was blocking the way with a few followers as if there was something wrong with her brain.

Bi Ying tugged at Huo Tian’s sleeve. “Let’s go this way. Be careful not to be bumped by others.”

Huo Tian obediently let him pull her to the right.

Huo You finally realized that she had been ignored after the two of them had taken more than ten steps. She gritted her teeth in anger, but after going through the strict training in the Huo Family, she no longer revealed her emotions freely in front of everyone.


Luckily, there was a girl called Zhou Yuan who was very good at reading people’s expressions. She scolded, “Huo Tian! Are you blind? Can’t you see that we’re waiting for you?!”

Huo Tian yawned and woke up completely after the shock.

She turned around and saw several girls staring at her aggressively. The girl in front seemed a little familiar.

Bi Ying frowned and asked Huo Tian, “Do you know them?”

“The leader seems to be someone I know…” Huo Tian tilted her head and thought for a while. Then she suddenly realized something and said, “I remember now, she’s the real daughter of the Huo Family!”

Huo You was furious that Huo Tian didn’t recognize her. However, on second thought, she thought that Huo Tian was just pretending not to know her because she wasn’t confident enough. Thinking of this, Huo You became even more arrogant.

Huo You walked up to Huo Tian and Bi Ying with a few of her followers, saying in a hypocritical tone, “Aiyah, I can’t bear to see you in such a miserable state after leaving the Huo Family. Should I go beg my parents to let you come home…”

Her followers immediately said, “Huo You is so generous even to someone like Huo Tian. You’re too kind…”

Huo Tian said in a sluggish, half-asleep tone, “Is there something wrong with your eyes? How do I look like I’m leading a miserable life? Also, you should just enjoy the Huo Family’s perverted education. Why do you have to drag me into it?”

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