Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 18
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Chapter 18: Never Fall In Love At A Long Age

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Ding Chen had been running around outside with Old Zhu for the entire day and came back home in a fatigued state. He thought that his sister and niece would praise him for his hard work, but he did not expect them to not care about him at all.

His precious niece was holding a tablet computer in her hand and talking non-stop to the boy in the wheelchair. The familiar-looking brat beside them would interject from time to time. The atmosphere between the three of them was harmonious.

His sister, Ding Rong, looked at the three youngsters lovingly and warmly invited them to eat fruits and snacks.

Ding Chen still remembered that Si Huan had almost gotten engaged to Huo Tian in the past, so he paid extra attention to their interactions. When he was having his meal at the dining table, his eyes never left the three youths who were in a discussion.

Ding Rong waved at him speechlessly. “Why do you keep staring at the children? Hurry up and eat your food.”

Ding Chen pulled Ding Rong to sit beside him and whispered to her, “Sister, didn’t Tiantian say that she was going to play with the Bi Family’s child? What’s up with that brat whose surname is Si?”

Ding Rong gave him a slap. “Who are you calling a brat? That child is so nice. He’s handsome, polite, and he is also the president of the student union in Tiantian’s school. He just happened to be at the Bi Family to recruit Bi Ying to their school and came over with Tiantian to play.”

Ding Chen was conflicted for a while, but he still told him about the engagement. Ding Rong then looked at Si Huan in surprise. “Really? You’re not lying to me, are you?”

Ding Chen said, “Of course it’s true. I would lie to anyone but you!”

Ding Rong started to feel conflicted too. She sighed and said, “Luckily, Tiantian has returned to our family. What’s so good about wealthy families? The children don’t even have the freedom to choose who they marry. It’s fine if she were to meet a good child like Si Huan, but if she meets someone with bad morals, her entire life would be ruined.”

Ding Chen said, “Si Huan isn’t good either. Look at how handsome he is. He definitely flirts a lot. If they were to get married, we’ll be worrying a lot”

Ding Rong nodded. “You have a point. It’s best if our Tiantian were to find an honest young man in the future.”

Huo Tian, whose constitution had already changed to have sharp hearing and eyesight, could hear what her mother and uncle were saying even from afar. She finally couldn’t take it anymore and shouted in the direction of the dining room, “Mom, don’t worry about my future partner. I’m not going to look for someone honest and dutiful. I’ll look for someone handsome like Si Huan!”

Bi Ying, who was calculating the prosthetic limbs’ data on a piece of rough paper, looked up in surprise. He looked at Huo Tian and then at Si Huan. It was as if the words “So you guys have such a relationship” were written on his face!

Si Huan’s hand that was reaching for the teacup also paused. He looked at Huo Tian, who had a calm expression on her face, and then looked at Bi Ying, who had a complicated expression on his face. He was still in the mood to think that it was fortunate that Zhao Feng was not here. Otherwise, who knew how chaotic the situation would be.

Ding Rong felt a little awkward. She walked over and gently patted Huo Tian’s head. “I know you have sharp ears!”

“Hmph!” Huo Tian rubbed the place where she was hit indignantly. “Who asked you and uncle to talk about me behind my back!”

Ding Rong patted her again and said awkwardly to Si Huan, “Little Huan, I’m sorry. Our Tiantian doesn’t know how to talk. Don’t be angry with her.”


Si Huan said calmly, “It’s okay, Auntie. It’s my honor to be Huo Tian’s standard for choosing her partner.”

As expected of someone at the top of the food chain in the family, Ding Rong warned them in a gentle voice, “Our Tiantian just likes handsome boys. She doesn’t know about relationships yet. Little Huan will have to take care of Tiantian more in school and don’t let her be deceived by boys with evil intentions.”

Although Ding Rong was smiling, Si Huan could feel the murderous intent coming from her. He knew that Ding Rong was warning him to stay away from Huo Tian and felt a little amused. The Ding Family’s elders all seemed to think that he was interested in Huo Tian. They had thought too much into things.

However, had they thought too much into things? Or had he not given it much thought? Si Huan did not dare to delve deeper into his heart.

Si Huan only nodded calmly and promised Ding Rong, “I’m the president of the student union. After school starts, I’ll pay attention to the issues of students getting into a relationship at a young age. I’ll pay more attention to Huo Tian.”

Although Huo Tian didn’t have anyone she wanted to date, she still protested unhappily. “Falling in love is a student’s youth. You guys can’t interfere with my love life so blatantly!”

Ding Rong placed her hand on top of Huo Tian’s head and her neck instinctively shrank back. She had the feeling that if she dared to put up a resistance, her head would be twisted off by her mother.

Ding Rong said ‘amicably’, “The role of a high school student is to study hard and then get into a good university. So Tiantian, don’t be distracted by these messy things or Mom will be angry.”

Huo Tian shuddered.. Her animal-like instincts made her raise her hand and swear, “Mom, don’t worry. I promise to study hard and not fall in love at a young age! Even a handsome guy like Si Huan won’t be able to shake my firm will!”

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