Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 10
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Chapter 10: Fight

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“F*ck, it’s that swindler from earlier. They’re indeed a group!” Ding Chen immediately picked up a chair and stood up. “Tiantian, stay back, don’t let them hurt you!”

With that, Ding Chen swung the chair and pounced toward those people. Huo Tian realized that Ding Chen was not as useless as she had thought. At least he had some talent in fighting.

Huo Tian knew that in a situation where there were many people, Ding Chen could only hold them back for a short while. If this dragged on, the situation would definitely be disadvantageous for him.

She weighed the barbeque stall’s chair in her hand and realized that it felt quite good to use. Hence, she followed Ding Chen and joined the fight!

“Damn, look over there…” At a table in a corner, Zhao Feng patted his good friend hard. “That girl is too rash. No, given how short her hair is, she doesn’t look like a girl.”

Si Huan looked towards the chaos and saw a skinny girl with short purple hair holding a chair and moving around amidst the people fighting. She was able to handle a few men with steel rods with ease and could even divert her attention to help her companion who was in danger.

“Oh my god, she’s pretty good at fighting. Damn, it’s exciting!” Zhao Feng watched with great interest as if he was watching an action movie. “This kid is not bad. If he doesn’t lose later, we can go make friends.”

At this time, Zhao Feng already regarded the short, purple-haired person in the crowd as a guy, and his words were full of admiration.

Si Huan was slightly surprised after he managed to get a clear glimpse of the person’s face. Back then when the Huo Family had mentioned marriage, he had seen a photo of Huo Tian’s sweet face without any makeup on. Her eyebrows were exactly the same as this agile person with short purple hair.

What kind of girl was she? Si Huan couldn’t help but wonder. Was she the arrogant and domineering profligate in school? Or was she a punk who didn’t fit in with the banquet by people from the upper society? Was she a pitiful girl who was chased out of the house? Or was she a hooligan who was willful and arrogant?

He felt that he had to clarify his doubts.

Just like that, Zhao Feng watched as his good friend carried a beer bottle and headed towards the chaotic fight. Zhao Feng’s eyes widened, and after being stunned for a moment, he also picked up a beer bottle.

With the addition of two powerful combatants, the situation immediately became one-sided.

The swindler had his hand on the wound on his face and gritted his teeth, saying, “Just you wait! I will definitely teach you guys a lesson in the future!”

Ding Chen spat out a mouthful of saliva with some blood. “A loser dares to speak so arrogantly? I’ll beat you up every time I see you in the future!”

Ding Chen also had some bruises on his face. He grimaced and turned to look at Si Huan and Zhao Feng. “Thank you, but we’re strangers, so why did you guys help us?”

Zhao Feng thought that he understood his friend very well. He chuckled and nodded at Huo Tian. “We think this brother is quite good, so we came over to make friends…”

Without waiting for Zhao Feng to finish, Si Huan said with certainty, “She’s Huo Tian.”

“What? Huo Tian?” Zhao Feng stared in shock at Huo Tian, who was clearly a handsome short-haired youth. “How is this like that punk from yesterday?”

Ding Chen hissed and said unhappily, “Hey, what are you saying? How is my niece a punk?”

Huo Tian didn’t mind Zhao Feng’s description of her and smiled at Si Huan. “You recognized me? You’ve helped me again. Thanks!”

Si Huan nodded indifferently. Before he could speak, Zhao Feng shouted, “What do you mean by helping you again?”

Huo Tian explained, “After I left the Huo Family yesterday, Si Huan was the one who sent me back. He’s really an extremely kind person!”

“That’s really kind…” Zhao Feng muttered as if he had suffered a huge blow. “Si Huan, didn’t you say that you weren’t interested in Huo Tian? You call this not interested?”

Si Huan’s face darkened and he glared at Zhao Feng. “No one will think that you’re a mute even if you don’t speak!”

However, the others also heard Zhao Feng’s words.

Huo Tian looked at Si Huan in surprise. “Is that so? But even I couldn’t stand looking at myself the way I was yesterday. Is your taste… Uh, a little niche?”


Ding Chen endured his pain and jumped up. “What? You like my niece? I was wondering why you were so solicitous? Let me tell you, don’t think that I’ll agree to you wooing Tiantian just because you helped us fight once!”

Si Huan only felt a throbbing headache. Over so many years, there hadn’t been once he had felt that Zhao Feng’s mouth was a completely unnecessary organ as he was now!

He took a deep breath and explained to Huo Tian, “Don’t listen to Zhao Feng’s nonsense. I only recognized you and came to help out on the account that we know each other.”

Zhao Feng continued to mutter in a low voice, “Being helpful isn’t a character that suits you…”

Huo Tian did not doubt Si Huan’s words at all. After all, in her heart, Si Huan was a super kind and nice person!

She said, “I knew it. You’re just lending a helping hand when seeing injustice! Thank you for helping me again!”

Ding Chen looked relieved. “It’s good that you don’t like our girl. I feel at ease now.”

Si Huan was speechless.

Si Huan thought regretfully, why had he been so impulsive earlier?

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