Fake Dating the Amnesiac School Prince

Chapter 65
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Chapter 65

Note: not proofreaded

Ever since Shi Bufan sat next to Zhen Yuanbai, it felt as if he didn’t prepare to move back anymore and planned on scoring second every time.

He did have the talent. Even if he slept every day, as long as he tried, it seemed like he could easily surpass others. Zhen Yuanbai didn’t dare to slack off due to this, scared that Shi Bufan might snatch his throne.

Zhen Youxiu received an outstanding grade and he was going to highschool with Zhen Yuanbai in the next semester.

When it was summer vacation, Shi Bufan basically lived in Zhen Yuanbai’s house. He came over everyday to play with Zhen Yuanbai and when he accidentally played for too long he would end up sleeping in Zhen Yuanbai’s room while he was at it.

Zhen Yuan didn’t know whether he was used to seeing Shi Bufan’s face or what, but he suddenly didn’t find him annoying.

It might be because Shi Bufan had been playing games with him and this gained him some points. After all, Shi Bufan had done his research on the games.

Zhen Yuanbai was doubtful, but thought that if one could obtain a degree in gaming, the two of them would definitely get Ph.D. in it.

Not only did Shi Bufan gain points for teaching Zhen Youxiu how to play games, he even tried to gain favor with Zhen Pingjin and Qin Ying whenever he stayed to eat with them. Sometimes, when Shi Bufan didn’t come for a day or two, Zhen Pingjin and Qin Ying would even go out of their ways to ask about it.

PRC National Day was Zhen Yuanbai’s birthday, and he was quite lucky. Whenever it was his birthday, there was a break. Early morning, before Zhen Yuanbai’s mind was even awake, he heard noises outside. Under these circumstances, Zhen Yuanbai wouldn’t be up because Qin Ying who woke up earlier than him would go get the door. But quickly, she came to knock on Zhen Yuanbai’s door and she said, “Quickly get up. Fanfan’s here to celebrate your birthday.”

Fanfan...Shi Bufan?

Zhen Yuanbai suddenly climbed out of bed and opened the door, running out to see a red-flag themed cake sitting on the table. Zhen Yuanbai couldn’t hold in his laugh as he asked, “Why did you come so early?”

“I’ve been up since 5.” Shi Bufan said, “I’m not that skilled, so I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to make a good one. It’s not that early now anyway.”

“It’s already 9:30 am.” Qin Ying smiled and said, “Youxiu isn’t up yet. Breaks rarely come, so you have quite the heart to wake up early and personally make a cake.”

Zhen Yuanbai was very excited in his heart. Shi Bufan actually made a cake for him! He usually only saw this happen in idol dramas, and this was the first time it happened in real life.

He looked at Shi Bufan and the latter was looking at him too. When their gazes met, Qin Ying’s expression changed subtly.

Not only did Shi Bufan personally make a cake for Zhen Yuanbai, but he also gave him a very good-looking watch. Zhen Pingjin took a look and asked, “What brand is it? Is it expensive?”

“It’s CM. It’s not expensive.” Shi Bufan laughed and said, “It didn’t cost much.”

Zhen Yuanbai tried to wear it with one hand and when Qin Ying saw this, she was about to step in when she heard Shi Bufan snorting. “Why are you so stupid?”

He tugged Shi Bufan over and carefully adjusted the watch, saying, “It fits you just well. Do you like it?”


Zhen Yuanbai’s face flushed slightly. He saw the words “CM” behind the watch and tiny english words consisting of a confession next to it. He didn’t dare to say anything, however. He didn’t even dare to let his parents see, afraid that they might notice something.

Don’t mention Qin Ying, but Zhen Pingjin was a bit confused too. “What kind of a brand is CM?”

“It’s not a brand.” Zhen Youxiu said, “It should be the initials to my elder brother’s name.”

Zhen Yuanbai glared at him. Zhen Pingjin and Qin Ying glanced at each other, and the two found it weird, but they were unable to explain.

Since Shi Bufan had brought the cake, Qin Ying obviously couldn’t neglect him. She made dozens of dishes and the children all ate to their hearts’ content. “Speaking of senior year and it’s about to be here already. You guys need to work harder this year.”

Zhen Yuanbai nodded and while they were at it, Shi Bufan told them about his study plan. Zhen Yuanbai stared at him, not believing that Shi Bufan, someone so lazy and carefree, would have a study plan. He was clearly trying to impress his parents.

Needless to say, elders liked youngsters with a plan for their future. Zhen Pingjin listened and nodded, saying, “You and Congming should help one another. Work hard!”

With the start of the senior year, the atmosphere in the classroom became serious. Zhen Yuanbai was easily influenced by the learning environment. Shi Bufan wasn’t able to make Zhen Yunabai laugh from his jokes for a while, and the latter was quite a strange one. Shi Bufan was originally looking forward to living in the dorms with Zhen Yunabai, but the latter was so nervous that he couldn’t sleep in the dorms. They didn’t even take the college entrance exam yet, and Zhen Yuanbai was already acting out of his mind.

“What if we aren’t in the same college? Then what?”

“We have about the same grades, so why wouldn’t we be together?”

“But what if I do something stupid in the college entrance exam?...”

“You have been first place for so many years, so how could you possibly just do something wrong?”

“I don’t know.” Zhen Yuanbai buried his face in his sleeves and suddenly wanted to cry. Ever since the New Year, they were nearing the exam date closer and closer. He was getting more and more afraid, and he couldn’t relax at all. Shi Bufan reached over and patted his head, also lying on the table. He squeezed over and said, “Nothing will happen. Yuanyuan? How about this? We’ll go out and enjoy ourselves tonight?”

Zhen Yuanbai sniffled and said with teary eyes, “Everyone is going to the evening study session.”

“Then we’ll take a stroll around the school. You can wear your earbuds and memorize the vocabulary while walking around ok? That’s also self-studying.”

Zhen Yuanbai had never thought of this method, but Shi Bufan’s method works, so he nodded.

Because it was senior year, Ji Yanping also visited the classroom for self-studying sessions. After the two obtained her permission, they left the room. Zhen Yuanbai plugged the earbuds in his ears and after hearing the familiar English phrases, he felt a bit more comforted.

Shi Bufan pulled his hands and heard Zhen Yuanbai say softly, “I don’t know why, but whenever I’m not doing something related to studying, I feel guilty...even sleeping and eating makes me feel as if I’m committing a crime.”

Shi Bufan held onto Zhen Yuanbai’s fingers tightly and turned to the side to stare at his clean and snow-white face. He suddenly moved closer and kissed his face, saying, “Do you feel like you’re committing a crime by dating me?”

Zhen Yuanbai nodded. “Yes.”

Shi Bufan laughed right then and said, “Then think about it like this. We worked so hard so that we can be with people we like and live our lives however we want, right?”


“Then do you think you’re committing a crime by dating?”

Zhen Yuanbai looked at him for a while before pursing his lips and saying, “I...”

Shi Bufan said patiently, “Hm?”

“I... want to hand in my homework.” Before he finished his words, Zhen Yuanbai had raised his head and captured Shi Bufan’s lips with him. Shi Bufan pinched Zhen Yuanbai’s hands and gently responded. Zhen Yuanbai pulled away with a slightly warm face. Shi Bufan asked him, “Do you feel better now?”

“Hug me for a while.”

Shi Bufan extended his arms and held Zhen Yuanbai in his arms firmly. The latter sniffled and focused on listening to Shi Bufan’s heartbeat. His heart strangely calmed down, but he refused to let go of Shi Bufan’s waist. “You have to hug me tightly, even more tightly.”

Shi Bufan smiled and tightened his grip, hugging him even more tightly.

Maybe it was because there was no one on the campus in the evening, Zhen Yuanbai became brazen. He clung onto Shi Bufan and hugged him for a while before he finally let go. Shi Bufan squeezed Zhen Yuanbai’s face and asked, “Are you ok now?”

Zhen Yuanbai nodded and said, “A little bit.”

“When you ‘can’t do it anymore,’ you can call me whenever and I’ll come to hug you.”

Zhen Yuanbai smiled, embarrassed.

They returned back to the school building and Zhen Yuanbai breathed even more lightly. He rubbed his face. Although he felt a bit gloomy, he didn’t feel like bursting into crying.

Shi Bufan held onto Zhen Yuanbai’s hands and said, “Do you want to hand in your homework again?”

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Zhen Yuanbai smiled and extended his arms, hugging Shi Bufan. The latter kissed him on the face when they suddenly heard footsteps. Zhen Yuanbai hurriedly moved away from him and looked up, but no one was there.

He immediately poked Shi Bufan and asked, “Did, did someone see us?”

“If they did, they did. After all, we’re going to graduate soon. No one can stop us from dating.”

“But my parents don’t know about this.”

“I think you need to prepare yourself as your parents may find out soon.”

Zhen Yuanbai humphed and returned to the classroom with Shi Bufan. Lately, Zhen Pingjin was scared that he might be under too much pressure, so he drove him to school and back home. After Zhen Yuanbai said goodbye to Shi Bufan, he got in Zhen Pingjin’s car. The latter asked, “There’s no school tomorrow?”

“Yes.” Zhen Yuanbai said, “We get to rest for half a day and I’ll come over in the evening for a self-study session.”

“Have your mom make some food for you.” Maybe Zhen Pingjin was afraid that he might scare Zhen Yuanbai, his tone had softened a bit. Zhen Yuanbai nodded obediently and started to play 2048 on his phone.

When they were almost home, Zhen Pingjin suddenly received a WeChat message. Zhen Yuanbai quietly entered the elevator when he suddenly saw Zhen Pingjin glancing at him strangely. He looked back in confusion, but Zhen Pingjin looked away. After a moment, he asked, “You must feel a lot of pressure this year right?”

Lately, people have been mentioning the word ‘pressure’ to him frequently. Zhen Yuanbai nodded and said, “It’s ok.”

Zhen Pingjin pursed his lips and didn’t say anything for a while. Once he returned to his designated floor, Zhen Yuanbai walked out. When he got home, Qin Ying was already at home, making a midnight snack for him. While Zhen Yuanbai was eating, he said, “I’m going to be fat from eating so much every night.”

Zhen Youxiu, on the other hand, was quite happy. “You can choose not to eat and leave the food there.”

“You’re quite fat as well.”

“I’m still growing.”

The two brothers bickered about when the parents suddenly exchanged their phones from under the table. Qin Ying glanced at Zhen Pingjin, hesitating. Then she glanced at Zhen Yuanbai who was bickering with Zhen Youxiu and she suddenly asked, “Congming, do you want to go out and play?”

“I don’t have a break.”

“It’s fine.” Qin Ying said, “Why don’t you ask for a few days off and I’ll take you out to shop?”

“No.” Zhen Yuanbai said strangely, “I’m going to take the college entrance exam soon. I can’t believe you would suggest this.”

For a moment, Qin Ying was speechless.

After Zhen Yuanbai was done eating, he got in bed and read a book for a while. Then he suddenly heard knocking outside the door. Zhen Pingjin’s voice rang, “Congming, come out for a bit.”

Zhen Yuanbai stood up and got out, going into his parent’s room obediently. He sat on the chair and was slightly nervous after seeing the arrangement of the room as if he was going to be interrogated. “What, what’s the matter?”

Zhen Pingjin touched his chin and asked, “Did you start dating someone?”

Zhen Yuanbai instinctively wanted to deny, but a sudden emotion exploded in his heart and tears fell down his cheeks. “I...I...”

“You’re dating Shi Bufan?” Qin Ying said, “Your teacher in charge saw you guys... you and Shi Bufan... when did that happen?”

“Last, last year...” Zhen Yuanbai started to tremble. Although his parents had talked in gentle tones, he could still tell that they were quite angry. Otherwise, they wouldn’t call him out in the middle of the night. He started to sob. Zhen Pingjin lit a cigarette and stood up, walking to the window. The room was silent for a moment before Qin Ying walked over and wiped Zhen Yuanbai’s tears for him. “You’ve been under a lot of pressure lately. Does this have anything to do with that?”

“I don’t know...” Zhen Yuanbai couldn’t stop crying. He glanced at Zhen Pingjin’s back with teary eyes, feeling as if he would turn around and slap him at any time.

Qin Ying sighed and said, “We’re just worried for you, ok? We won’t blame you. Stop crying and return to your room to rest.”

“You guys, you guys aren’t going to hit me?”

Zhen Pingjin turned around. To speak the truth, if it weren’t that the college entrance exam was nearing, Zhen Yuanbai would definitely get a beating. But after all, Zhen Yuanbai was their kid. Even if Zhen Pingjin wanted to beat him up, he didn’t want to add oil to the fire during this time. “Go back to your room and sleep.”

Zhen Yuanbai stood up shyly and he just made it to the door when he suddenly turned back around. He abruptly kneeled down and widened his eyes, saying, “I like Shi Bufan. I want to get in the same college as him. I’m going to marry him in the future.”

Zhen Pingjin’s hands trembled and Qin Ying’s lips twitched. “Do you know what you guys are saying?”

“I know. I have a clear mind.” Zhen Yuanbai suddenly stopped stuttering. He wiped his face clean and said, “If you guys don’t hit me today, you guys can’t hit me in the future because of this either, ok?”

Zhen Pingjin was speechless.

Zhen Yuanbai was just striking while the iron was hot. After all, they knew about it anyway. At most, he would get a beating. He knew how important the college entrance exam was for people and believed that his parents placed more importance in this than him. If he didn’t explain everything clearly, then he’ll definitely get a beating if he talked about it next time.

As expected, Zhen Pingjin got angry. He suddenly walked over in two strides and before his slap landed on Zhen Yuanbai’s face, Zhen Pingjin heard sobbing. Zhen Yuanbai closed his eyes and sniffled, sobbing uncontrollably as if he was going to be skinned alive.

This was the reason why he never got a beating as a child. Even before getting a beating, he was already scared witless. If he really got a beating, he probably would’ve fainted.

Qin Ying pulled Zhen Pingjin to the side in time and said, “He’s already eighteen. Don’t beat him... Fanfan, don’t cry. Go back and sleep.”

The crying stopped and Zhen Yuanbai slowly opened his eyes, seeing Zhen Pingjin sitting on the bed with his back against him. He harshly took a drag of cigarette and Zhen Pingjin’s body seemed to be slightly trembling.

He suddenly realized something and wiped his ears, pulling the door open and walking out.

Zhen Yuanbai’s teary eyes made contact with Zhen Youxiu who was peeking in. The latter raised his eyebrows in confusion and asked, “Father hit you?”

Zhen Yuanbai thought he had lost his face, so he ran into his room and wiped his face hard.

Actually, he prepared to get a beating when he kneeled down before. But the moment Zhen Pingjin was about to slap him, it seemed as if someone turned on the switch for his emotions...he lost his face and he wasn’t handsome at all.

He angrily punched the pillow.

Zhen Yuanbai thought that he definitely wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight, but unexpectedly, he fell into a deep sleep. Zhen Pingjin was originally worried that something might happen tonight because of Zhen Yuanbai’s cowardly personality, so he secretly opened Zhen Yuanbai’s room in the middle of the night. The sight almost made him faint from anger.

He slapped Zhen Yuanbai’s pillow and the latter who was fast asleep subconsciously breathed lightly. He already moved from sleeping in a vertical position to a horizontal position. Even the pillow fell on the ground.

Zhen Pingjin had the intention of teaching Zhen Yuanbai a lesson. After he placed the pillow on the bed, he grabbed Zhen Yuanbai and shifted him into a better position. Zhen Yuanbai rubbed his face against the blanket, but he still slept deeply.

Zhen Pingjin was speechless.

What a simple-minded boy.

They didn’t know whether to blame Shi Bufan or Zhen Yuanbai for this. After Qin Ying discussed with him, they decided to not tell Shi Family’s parents for now. “With Shi Bufan’s family situation, let’s not tell them about it just in case it influences his college entrance exam’s performance.”

Zhen Pingjin nodded and agreed, “Then let’s talk to his parents about it after the college entrance exam... what is this annoying matter?!”

Although the Shi Family was far from the Zhen Family, when Shi Bufan came over to look for Zhen Yuanbai, he was never annoyed and didn’t mind all the trouble he had to go through. The next morning, Zhen Pingjin only slept a few hours and just suppressed his anger when he opened the door to see Shi Bufan’s smiling and handsome face. “Hi Uncle Zhen! Is Yuanyuan up?”

Zhen Pingjin said with a gloomy face, “Not yet.”

“I’m looking to do homework with him.” Shi Bufan smiled and then walked in. Zhen Pingjin closed the door and followed behind him, saying, “He went to sleep late, so let’s not disturb him right now. Sit here for a while.”

Qin Ying brought the breakfast over and said enthusiastically, “Did you eat breakfast yet?”

“Not yet.” Shi Bufan smiled and said, “I know that aunty isn’t going to work today, so I specially came over to eat.”

Like usual, he grabbed a small deep-fried breakstick when he suddenly noticed Zhen Pingjin staring at him. He asked strangely right then, “Uncle, what’s the matter?”

Why did he suddenly look at him with such an unfriendly gaze... and observing him?

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