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Chapter 30

Proofreader: Akimi

The atmosphere in the car was a bit awkward and Mother Shi secretly looked back. Yet, Shi Bufan was shameless and directly twisted his face to the side, saying, “Zhen Youxiu is calling you stupid?”

He avoided the important message and dwelled on the trivial matter, making Zhen Yuanbai angry right then. He sent Zhen Youxiu a message: Don’t talk to me.

He then looked out the window and Shi Bufan curled his lips up, seeing him looking down and fiddling with something. Shi Bufan looked over to see Zhen Yuanbai changing his username and WeChat name. He changed it from “Engrossed Learner” to “Brain used to study.”

It fit Zhen Yuanbai’s personality quite well.

Zhen Yuanbai tossed his phone to the side and suddenly glared at Shi Bufan, pushing him back firmly. “Leave me alone!”

He turned to look at the bed and knitted his eyebrows, murmuring. What exactly does Zhen Youxiu know? How does he view his and Shi Bufan’s relationship?... Will he mutter random things to their parents?

When facing the Shi family’s vast house for the second time, it was hard for Zhen Yuanbai to conceal his envy. If he becomes rich in the future, he would buy a huge house like this for his parents as well. Then, he’ll bring his grandparents to the house too. Meanwhile, after he and Zhen Youxiu both got married, they could also live together. This house was suitable for three generations to live together.

“You like it?” Shi Bufan moved closer to him and softly said, “Once I inherit my family’s inheritance, I’ll buy you 100 mansions.”

“Who cares?” Zhen Yuanbai grabbed his clothes and walked in, but his heart pounded quickly because of Shi Bufan’s words. It was strange. Why was his heart pounding quickly when hearing this exaggerated promise?

The moment he walked in, he saw the man who aggravated Shi Bufan. The other party was sitting on the sofa in the living room, pouring tea. When he heard movements, he looked up sternly. Zhen Yuanbai felt frozen in his spot and murmured, “Hi Uncle Shi.”

“Hello.” Shi Xian laughed and his eyebrows slightly relaxed. “Go upstairs and play. You can come down later to eat dinner.”

Zhen Yuanbai was pulled upstairs by Shi Bufan and the latter said, “Don’t talk to him. Your life will be shortened.”

Ling Xuan sat by Shi Xian and said, “Smile more often and don’t be so rude to him.”

“That boy doesn’t give me a good attitude, so you expect me to treat him kindly?”

“He doesn’t even remember you. If you talk to him in a nice tone, he will definitely listen to you.”

Shi Xuan shook his head and felt wronged, saying, “I already take care of his expenses, so why are you making it seem like I owe him?”

The moment Zhen Yuanbai walked upstairs, he laid on the soft sofa and tilted his head, saying, “When you grow up, you will probably be like your father. He’s quite handsome, right?’

Shi Bufan rummaged through his drawer and took out his junk food for Zhen Yuanbai to eat. He coldly lifted his eyelids and said, “Is there something wrong with your eyes? Is he handsome?”

“Handsome.” Zhen Yuanbai sat up straight and said in a proper manner, “He’s almost as handsome as you.”

Shi Bufan sat next to him and because he made too much movement, Zhen Yuanbai subconsciously moved to the side. Shi Bufan unwrapped the chocolate and said, “Do you want to eat it?”

Shi Bufan threw his legs on the table and shoved the chocolate into his mouth, suddenly pausing and looking down at the wrapper.

Right now, it was almost lunchtime and the sweet smell of food filled the air. Zhen Yuanbai’s originally hungry stomach became even more hungry after he smelled the air. He pursed his lips and kicked Shi Bufan, “Where are we starting our session?” 𝗳𝗿𝐞𝐞𝘄𝐞𝗯𝐧𝐨𝘃𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝐨𝐦


“Do you not want to be tutored?” Zhen Yuanbai said, “If you don’t, I’m calling my father to come to pick me up.”

Shi Bufan looked at him and realized that he wasn’t joking, so Shi Bufan placed his legs down, saying, “Tutor. Of course, I want to be tutored. How do you want to go about this?”

“Let’s go to your desk first.”

Zhen Yuanbai stood up. The scent of the chocolate was too strong and it made him tempted. But, this was Shi Bufan’s house and all the food belonged to him. Since he didn’t give him food, he was embarrassed to ask for food.

Shi Bufan bent down and brought the chocolate over to the desk as well. He pulled a chair over, sitting down with Zhen Yuanbai and started to unwrap another chocolate. Shi Bufan smiled and said, “Say: my hubby is so handsome. Then, I’ll give you the chocolate.”

“I don’t want it.” Zhen Yuanbai opened his exercise book and Shi Bufan clicked his tongue, saying, “Then kiss me and I’ll give you a bite.”

“No, no, no.” Zhen Yuanbai was a bit annoyed, saying, “Do you want me to tutor you or not?”

Shi Bufan had no choice and delivered the chocolate to Zhen Yuanbai’s mouth, saying in a good attitude, “Eat it, hm? Please.”

Zhen Yuanbai finally ate the chocolate after showing Shi Bufan mercy. He puffed his cheeks up and bit on the outer shell of the chocolate, feeling liquid in his mouth. Shi Bufan had already started to peel the 2nd chocolate, asking, “Is it yummy?”

“It seems to be wine chocolate.” Zhen Yuanbai swallowed the one in his mouth and said, “I’m not going to eat anymore. It has wine inside.”

“It’s not yummy?”

“It is.”

“Then eat another one.” Shi Bufan eagerly shoved chocolate into Zhen Yuanbai’s mouth. The latter was unable to avoid it and ended up eating another one. He patted Shi Bufan’s hands and said, “No, we still need to eat later.”

Shi Bufan nodded while peeling another one. Will his little classmate be drunk after eating the wine chocolate? He eagerly considered this thought and when he delivered the third chocolate to Zhen Yuanbai’s mouth, the latter refused to eat it no matter what. “I’m not eating it. It’s too sweet.”

Shi Bufan withdrew his hand and asked, “How do you feel?”

“I’m ok. Open your book.”

While Shi Bufan flipped through the book, he stared at Zhen Yuanbai. While the latter was explaining the question, Shi Bufan would stare at him, making Zhen Yuanbai’s face flush and it was as red as the red rose soaked in milk. As Zhen Yuanbai explained the questions, Shi Bufan asked again, “How do you feel now?”

Because Zhen Yuanbai was cut off by Shi Bufan, he looked at shi Bufan as if looking at a retard. “How do you want me to feel?”

Shi Bufan shook his head in regret and said, “Nothing.”

It seems like the wine chocolate wouldn’t make someone drunk.

Or that they hadn’t eaten enough.

In order to prevent Shi Bufan from forcing him to wear an animal onesie, Zhen Yuanbai specially brought his clothes over. But when it was time to shower, he couldn’t find the bag containing his clothes.

Shi Bufan said, “Did you leave it on the car? Call them and ask?”

“No way, I remember bringing it in the house.” Zhen Yuanbai stared at him and said, “Did you hide it?”

Shi Bufan laughed and said, “You’re not a fairy, so why would I bother hiding your clothes?”

Zhen Yuanbai kept quiet and began to rummage for his bag. Shi Bufan followed behind him. Seeing how quickly his little classmate was moving around, Shi Bufan realized that he might be a bit angry, so he couldn’t help but call out, “Yuanyuan?”

Zhen Yuanbai said nothing and rushed into the room, pulling the drawers open. Shi Bufan could tell that Zhen Yuanbai was getting angrier and angrier, making him a bit nervous. “Isn’t my pajamas cute? It’s not like anything will happen if you wear it.”

Zhen Yuanbai glared at him and his pitch-black eyes moistened. One could see the faint blush on his face and Shi Bufan paused, seeing him turn around. He reached over and blocked his eyes.

Shi Bufan was confused.

Zhen Yuanbai turned around to wipe his eyes, sniffling and letting out a faint sob.

Shi Bufan slowly turned around and pulled his hands down, but Zhen Yuanbai pushed him firmly. “Don’t touch me.”

“I was just kidding. Why are you crying now, hm?” Shi Bufan tugged him over and hugged him, wiping Zhen Yuanbai’s tears with one hand. “Stop crying. I hid it, ok? I’ll apologize.”

Zhen Yuanbai was like a little beast feeling wronged, glaring fiercely at Shi Bufan. This made the latter chuckle but also feel bad. He reached over and kissed Zhen Yuanbai, making the latter take a step back immediately. But in the end, Shi Bufan caught him and said, “Why are you so easy to bully? Don’t you know how to hit people? Hm? If anything, just tear down my house. Wouldn’t I return your clothes to you once I get scared?”

Zhen Yuanbai sniffled and Shi Bufan sighed, saying, “This only happens to me. Once you cry, you make me feel bad. If you try to test this on someone else, they will bully you even more.”

Zhen Yuanbai pursed his lips.

Shi Bufan continued, “Don’t you know how to hit people? Hm? Do you need me to teach you? Where’s your first? Hit here...” Zhen Yuanbai refused to follow along, making Shi Bufan laugh. He tilted his head and kissed him again. “You don’t want to hit me? Then you can do this...praise and kiss me. Don’t mention your clothes, but I’ll even give you my life...”

He kept following Zhen Yuanbai while the latter kept on moving back. Until he couldn’t anymore. Zhen Yuanbai covered Shi Bufan’s mouth and asked, “Is there something wrong with you?”

“Mhm, I’m sick. I lost my heart.” Shi Bufan kissed the palm of Zhen Yuanbai’s hand in the meanwhile and the latter immediately withdrew his hand. He heard Shi Bufan ask, “Do you know where my heart is?”

“I don’t know.” Zhen Yuanbai stopped feeling down and wronged after Shi Bufan coaxed him. He placed his hands behind his back and asked, “Quickly hand my clothes over.”

“What will you do if I don’t? You’ll bite me?”

As he said this, Zhen Yuanbai suddenly patted Shi Bufan’s shoulder and said in a fierce voice, “I’ll hit you.”

“You learn quickly.” Shi Bufan laughed as if encouraging him to do the right thing. He turned around and brought Zhen Yuanbai’s clothes back, but he was still persistent. “I really think you can wear this.”

He opened his drawer and had Zhen Yuanbai look at the alligator onesie. “This looks cute.”

“You look better in this!” Zhen Yuanbai grabbed his clothes and rushed out.

Shi Bufan watched him enter the bathroom and reached over to touch the animal skin. He didn’t buy this especially for Zhen Yuanbai. In reality, when he came back home after losing his memory, he saw a draw full of these clothes already. At that time, he was thinking that he was quite childish, but he never wore the clothes once. Until Zhen Yuanbai came, he thought that the clothes were quite suitable for him. After that, he noticed that it wasn’t just fitting for Zhen Yuanbai, but practically made for him.

But Zhen Yuanbai felt like Shi Bufan was humiliating him. Shi Bufan pondered over this and decided to be childish, a way to coax his little classmate in a way. When Zhen Yuanbai came out of the shower, Shi Bufan brought the pink rabbit onesie into the bathroom.

Half an hour late, the magnificent Brother Shi wore the pink rabbit onesie, staring expressionlessly at the mirror, questioning his life.

Why did this feel so loose on him? He didn’t realize it before because he hadn’t worn it on him before. But after wearing it, it scared him.

It wasn’t his size.

He looked down and tugged on the trousers, having no choice but to pull it up. When he exposed everything beneath his knee, he then felt a bit more comfortable.

He knitted his eyebrows, feeling confused.

He had bought the clothes before he lost his memory, but it wasn’t his size. Could it be that he had been wearing this throughout middle school and never threw it out? That seemed to be the only explanation.


I can’t believe I had such a stupid childhood. freewebnovel.c om

He stopped feeling conflicted and opened the door, walking out in his pink rabbit onesie, wearing his slender legs. Shi Bufan walked as if he didn’t care for anything, walking to Zhen Yuanbai. He raised his chin and asked, “How is it? Does it look good?”

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