Fake Dating the Amnesiac School Prince

Chapter 12
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Chapter 12

Proofreader: Akimi

Shi Bufan walked around the teacher and out of the room, seeming like he didn’t plan on staying in the class anymore.

Qiu Jing and the others looked at each other. Ye Lian casually stood up and followed Shi Bufan, while the other two laid on the desk and continued to sleep.

Zhen Yuanbai silently turned around to look at the teacher. Liang Xiude shook his head and tossed the paper balls on the podium, continuing the class.

Zhen Yuanbai was a little confused while listening to the lesson. He didn’t even take a look at the paper balls, so he didn’t know what Shi Bufan had written. But he had a feeling that the latter’s smile was naughty and playful.

Zhen Yuanbai lowered his head and took his notes, feeling a bit upset. Why did Shi Bufan become angry all of a sudden? They’ve already talked about this before; he wasn’t supposed to disturb him in class. Plus, he even said that he was going to score second in order to become his deskmate.

Why did he go back on his words?

But no matter what, he needed to pay attention in class. Therefore, after a few minutes, Zhen Yuanbai tossed this feeling to the back of his mind.

When class was almost over, Shi Bufan returned again. He walked straight into the door and smiled at the teacher, saying, “There are three more minutes before class is over, so can you give me my paper balls back?”

Liang Xiude indicated for him to take it and Shi Bufan went to grab the paper balls. Under everyone’s curious gaze, he went back to his seat.

The bell rang, indicating the class was over.

Teacher Liang looked in their direction, ill at ease. But since Shi Bufan was acting well-behaved right now, he couldn’t really go over and stir up trouble. Therefore, he first grabbed his books and left the room, reminded the students in the first row to tell the teacher if anything happens, in a timely manner.

He was pretty scared of Shi Bufan beating Zhen Yuanbai.

Don’t mention him being scared, but Zhen Yuanbai was also scared. The moment Shi Bufan sat down, he could smell a faint scent of cigarettes. He didn’t know how he had upset Shi Bu either; he wondered if he was going to stop being friends with him. It didn’t matter if he wanted to end their friendship, but he was scared that he might beat him up before doing so.

He hesitatingly turned around and wanted to ask why Shi Bufan was looking for him in class. However, he noticed that he was asleep. Therefore, he could only turn back around.

Shi Bufan kept on sleeping until the lunch bell rang. He woke up and sat up straight, staring at the back of his head.

All the students in class sprinted quickly towards the cafeteria. While Zhen Yuanbai was packing up his books, he kept an eye on the movement behind him. The moment Shi Bufan stood up from his seat, he immediately smiled. His pitch-black eyes looked exactly like that of a puppy.

“Are we eating in the cafeteria or do you want me to bring food for you?”

Zhen Yuanbai placed his books away and hurried over to follow his footsteps. “We can eat in the cafeteria.”

His timid expression was like a rabbit and Shi Bufan reached over to bring him in his arms. “Psh, what are you afraid of? It’s not like I will beat you up.”

Zhen Yuanbai knitted his eyebrows. “What did you want to say to me in math class?”

“What?” Zhen Yuanbai was slow and misunderstood him. “Will cultured babies have any physical defects?”

Shi Bufan laughed. “You’re smart and I’m extraordinary. The baby will definitely be smart and extraordinary. Don’t worry for no reason.”

Zhen Yuanbai didn’t know that good friends like to have kids together nowadays. But he still nodded, well-behaved. “But it probably will cost a lot of money.”

“Don’t worry, your boyfriend has money.”

What boyfriend? Zhen Yuanbai had a lot of questions.

But it was good. At least, Shi Bufan wasn’t angry anymore and didn’t prepare to beat him up and end their friendship. Zhen Yuanbai was quite grateful and in the evening, he agreed to Shi Bufan’s offer to attend an evening study session.

There weren’t that many in the class for evening study sessions. They were mainly students with good grades and the teacher would be in class from time to time. Zhen Yuanbai would sit across Shi Bufan and explain softly to him about the questions he didn’t understand. In reality, Shi Bufan was also very smart. He wasn’t that good with the humanities courses, but he had a talent for math. Zhen Yuanbai sipped the milk tea he bought in the afternoon and started to do his practice test.

One only heard the sound of the pencil against the paper. It was slowly approaching late evening and the students in the room gradually all left. Before the last person left, he said to Zhen Yuanbai, “When you guys go back, remember to lock the door.”

Zhen Yuanbai quickly answered and looked at the clock in the room. He noticed that it was almost 9 pm and everyone was getting ready to head back to the dormitories to rest. He subconsciously looked at Shi Bufan who was solving a problem and it was rare to see him with a serious attitude towards learning. Therefore, he didn’t want to interrupt him from this mindset.

He looked down at his phone and noticed that his mother had sent a few text messages already, asking for his whereabouts. The latest one was three minutes ago and before he could respond, Qin Ying had called. Zhen Yuanbai turned around to answer, “Mother.”

“Look at what time it is. Are you planning on coming back today?”

Zhen Yuanbai stared at Shi Bufan who remained undisturbed still and stiffly said, “If it’s too late, I’ll sleep in the dormitory.”

His mother couldn’t do anything about it, so she said, “Fine. If you want to come back, give me a call and I’ll have your father pick you up.”

After he hung up, Zhen Yuanbai picked his pencil up again. Shi Bufan quickly glanced at him before lowering his head down again. But the corner of his lips curled up.

Ten minutes later, Shi Bufan said, “I’m done. You can check it.”

Zhen Yuanbai took it from him and found some small mistakes, wanting to explain to him. But when he looked up, he suddenly noticed that Shi Bufan walked over to his side, with the corner of his lips curled up. “It’s already past 9 pm. Are you hungry?”

“Then let’s go to the cafeteria and see if there’s food.”

“Why go to the cafeteria? Let’s go out to eat. Do you want BBQ?”

Zhen Yuanbai was hesitant when Shi Bufan said softly, “Why are you scared I’ll bring you back to school in a bit, or even back home?”

“Then, I’ll call my dad to pick me up after we’re done eating.”

Shi Bufan had no objections.

Zhen Yuanbai hadn’t eaten BBQ in such a long time since his parents would never let him eat these junk food. He had a limited allowance as well. Whenever he was given money, Qin Ying would ask him where the money was spent.

Zhen Yuanbai took the money from his pockets which he had planned to use to pay for Shi Bufan’s medical expenses, saying, “I’ll treat you out today.”

This classmate has his principles. Shi Bufan said, “Sure.”

Although he said this, when Zhen Yuanbai was full from eating and prepared to pay, the owner pointed at Shi Bufan and said, “He already paid the money. Here, this is the change.”

Zhen Yuanbai took the money, confused. He turned around and took out his money and gave it to Shi Bufan, along with the change. “I told you I was going to treat you.”

Shi Bufan laughed and said, “I won’t have face if I allow you to treat me out. Don’t you think?”

Zhen Yuanbai thought Shi Bufan was quite strange. In the end, Shi Bufan finished the last of the drink and squeezed the cup, wiping his mouth. He said, “Let’s go back home now.”

Zhen Yuanbai had to walk in large strides in order to catch up. “If you don’t want my money, at least take the change back.”

“Take it.” Shi Bufan walked out and fiddled with his phone by the road. Zhen Yuanbai held the money and didn’t know what to do. He said in a vexed tone, “Why are you giving me money?”

Shi Bufan said, “I want to pamper you.”

Zhen Yuanbai said unhappily, “You want to pamper me with $34?”

Shi Bufan turned around to look at him.

The street lights were dim and there was heavy traffic on the road. The unending flow of car lights contrasted the color of the sky. Zhen Yuanbai stared at the vivid colors of the sky and he seemed to be more and more handsome as the light shone on him. Shi Bufan’s Adam’s apple bobbed and he said in a hoarse voice, “How much do you want then?”

This is an issue of how much he wants? Zhen Yuanbai said, “I don’t want your money.”

He walked over and attempted to give the money back to Shi Bufan when the latter suddenly took out some hundred dollar bills and unfolded it. He handed the wrinkled bills and said, “I only have that much cash right now. Keep it for now and I’ll send you more later.”

Zhen Yuanbai subconsciously took a step back, but Shi Bufan reached over and held him in his arms again. Shi Bufan pressed the back of his neck with one hand and glanced at his backpack, shoving the money in the side pockets. After he was done doing this, he hugged him tightly and buried his head in his neck. He smiled and said, “You smell like BBQ today.”


Zhen Yuanbai felt goosebumps appearing. This wasn’t right. The more he thought about it, the more he thought something was wrong.

He hurriedly reached over to push him, but Shi Bufan was too strong and didn’t budge. He softly chuckled in Zhen Yuanbai’s ears and his slightly cool nose rubbed against his earlobes. He said in an attractive voice, “Is this your way of enticing me?”

Zhen Yuanbai was bewildered and shocked when Shi Bufan finally let him go. He turned around and there was a black car heading their way. It seemed to be very expensive and stopped in front of them. Shi Bufan walked over to open the car door and raised his chin at him. “Get in.”

“I, I’m going home.”

“I’m bringing you home.”

Zhen Yuanbai stared at the car and then at Shi Bufan. He raised one of his feet but then withdrew it. His legs were shaking and he said, “I can go back by myself.”

Shi Bufan raised his eyebrows. “How are you going home by yourself this late?”

“Hail, hail a taxi.”

Shi Bufan walked over, but Zhen Yuanbai subconsciously walked back. He suddenly grabbed Zhen Yuanbai’s wrist and he tugged him over, saying, “I’m worried about you going home by yourself, so be good and get in the car.”

Zhen Yuanbai was shoved into the car, bewildered and scared. Shi Bufan asked, “Are you going back to school or home?”

“Go home...” Zhen Yuanbai touched the hem of his shirt and slightly knitted his eyebrows. Shi Bufan leaned against the side and watched him, and he couldn’t help but smile. “Ok, let’s go home.”

Zhen Yuanbai lowered his head and furrowed his brows.

Shi Bufan pinched his earlobes and kept his attention on him. After a while, he couldn’t hold it in anymore, turning around to smile silently towards the window.

The car quickly stopped and Zhen Yuanbai hurriedly bid him farewell, getting out of the car.

There was a fountain in front of him and he was stepping on marble tiles. By the two sides, there was a continuous garden full of unknown greens and flowers. In front of Zhen Yuanbai, there was a luxurious mansion that was opening its door for him...

This clearly wasn’t his home.

He turned around to look at Shi Bufan while the latter made a shocked expression. He looked down at the time and said, “You didn’t tell Uncle Liu your house address before?”


“It’s already midnight and your parents are probably asleep. How about this? Just a night at my place tonight and tomorrow, you can go to class with me. How does that sound?”


Zhen Yuanbai pretended to stay calm and pursed his lips firmly.

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