Fairy Tale Chronicles

Volume 4 Chapter 6.3
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Volume 4 Chapter 6.3

Translator: Reflet

Editor: Weasalopes

「Hey, Hiroshi. There’s something I wanted to check with you.」

「Sure, wha was it?」

After they finished their meal and have started to clean up, Makoto asked with a serious expression. That night, Makoto and Mio wanted to eat some sort of junk food. So, the dinner that night was bag ramen with shells that were arranged to taste like a dumpling and fried rice along with it. It was the type of meal that did not really take the calories and nutrient balance of food into consideration. Since it was a simple dish, it didn’t take them long to cook either.

「Wha was it that ya wanted ta double check?」

「How’s the talk on the new blast furnace going?」

「Today, we got up ta part on which part of the workshop we’re gonna remodel. Tomorrow, we’ll start with where we shoulda start workin’ on, explain the details ta people who are involved in the construction, ‘n we shoulda start buildin’ by tomorrow afternoon.」

「And exactly how long will it take to build one furnace?」

「The first one we’re buildin’, includin’ the remodellin’ shoulda take ‘bout five days. The second one, I’m only given’ out the instructions so shoulda take ‘bout ten days. The third one that we’re installin’, Imma not be involved in that one ‘n only give out advice if they need any so haven’t gotta clue how lon’ that one’ll take.」

「Okay, got it.」

Makoto nodded, confirming the time span that Hiroshi listed out. Although they said that they will look for the main temple, their party has already used up a lot of their time on Crest Cave. If this project goes on for more than a month, they would need to revise their plan from the beginning. However, it seems that there was no need to worry about their current plan.

「Okay, there’s one more thing I wanted to check with you. During those days, is there any chance that you would be free for like… maybe three days?」

「For the first ‘n the second blast furnace, I told em that I would give em instructions until the outer layer’s done so I doubt I’ll haf any time but why ya ask?」

「It’s just I think we really should finish that dungeon mission.」

「Oh, Gotcha.」

Hearing Makoto’s opinion, Hiroshi nodded in agreement. He has been ignoring that mission since he didn’t think they have enough equipment to go back to the dungeon. However, he did agree that they should at least defeat one of the bosses sooner or later.

「’n when we do, there’s somethin’ that I’ve been troublin’ over.」

「What is it?」

「If we’re gonna do that, wouldn’t ‘t be better if we dived into the dungeon ahead, collect up the ores ‘n go back when we’re better prepared?」

「Oh~ …」

To Hiroshi’s extreme suggestion, Makoto thought through it very seriously. They are going to go against a boss which they knew nothing about. Considering their safety, it would be better for their party to work more on their preparation before they headed off to their mission.

「How long would it take for you to build the equipment?」

「’t depends on what we’re gonna make but one day should be ‘nough to finish craftin’ em all.」

「Do you think you can make some time to collect the ores?」

「For the first furnace, ‘t would take ‘bout two days for demolishin’ ‘n remodellin’. For buildin’ Imma only give out instructions for the first bit so I shoulda have ‘nough time ta go ta the dungeon ‘n craft up some equipment.」

「I see.」

Makoto confirmed after hearing the approximate schedule Hiroshi gave out.

「If that’s the case, I’ll help you collect the ores so can I count on you for making the equipment?」

「 Nah problem, if tis the case, I’ll craft a katana ‘n somethin’ else as well so if ya have anythin’ on ya mind, lemme know.」

「Let me see, the armour that I was using back in Wulls was a little too heavy so probably not those. So how about a plate armour that is light and easy to move around in?」

「If tis the type that ya carry ‘round with, I won’t have any problem craftin’ it.」

「Then could you craft those?」

「Nah problem.」

Noting down Makoto’s request, Hiroshi started to design an armour based around what Makoto has mentioned in his head.

「Oh, by za way Makoto-san.」


「Tis a material that we might be able ta git our hands on if we’re lucky. But if ‘t looks like somethin’ ya can manage, could ya go ‘n git one?」

「Well, since you’re asking me specifically, I’m guessing it’s a material from a monster but what is it?」

「Adracia Saurus’s bone, gallstones ‘n pancreas.」

「Got it, so I just have to cut its head off and bring back the rest of the body unharmed.」

「Ye, purty much.」

Makoto gave a very casual response to Hiroshi’s request. Just from that conversation, it may sound that Adracia Saurus isn’t a very strong monster but that is not the case at all.

Adracia Saurus resides in a remote area of the United Nations of Midas. The creature has an overall length of around ten meters, and it is a highly agile, carnivorous dragon. As you can imagine from its size, some half-a**ed close-range combat would not come close to leaving a scratch on its scales. Contrary to its size, it has the agility and speed of a robin. So, even a decently skilled adventurer would not even dare to get any closer than a couple of hundred kilometres of this monster.

However, the only ability which Adracia Saurus possessed was speed and agility making it much weaker even compared to a Wyvern. It was also weaker compared to Galvarencia in strength and Adracia Saurus did not possess any troublesome traits. So, for Makoto, this monster was nothing more than a goose. Since Adracia Saurus is not as resistant to oxygen circle as Wyverns are, as long as Tatsuya comes along with her, it wouldn’t be that difficult for them to kill the monster without leaving any scratch on its remains. The moment this party laid its eye on this monster, it becomes nothing more than a meatball.

「Is Adracia Saurus’s meat good?」

「Unlike Cerberus, tis jist manageable ta eat but tis not delicious like Wyvern.」

「I see, that’s a shame.」

「But if ya give it ta Haruna-san, she should be able ta arrange it so that we can eat ‘t somehow.」

「Yeah, maybe.」

Makoto replied mindlessly to Hiroshi’s mindless excuse. In the field of crafting, one thing Haruna was better at it than Hiroshi would be arranging food. To be honest, the amount of devotion she has for eating and the number of monsters she can cook at this pint has surpassed the level of helplessness and was nothing but impressive.

Even that Haruna was not able to arrange Cerberus and Man Eater meat to the point which was edible. Seeing that, it was safe to say that a day which the human race would be able to eat those monsters will never come.

「Oh well, I’ll go and see if I can find any tomorrow. Would three be enough?」

「If we’re just preparin’ for our party, yeah, that should be ‘nough.」

「Okay, oh, is there any part of the Adracia Saurus that’s possible to redeem?」

「Think tis leather can be sold. The leather of Adracia Saurus can be skinned ‘n made into an armour even with a novie level ‘o sewin’ but the traits ‘o the leather’s only slightly weaker compared to steel.」

「I see, but is it skinning or sewing?」

「Fur some reason tis sewin’.」

Hearing a surprising piece of information, Makoto gave an impressed cry in response. To be precise, all skills relating to handling sheets of leather will come with skinning skill. However, that piece of information was not very well known and even Hiroshi believed that it can only be obtained through sewing.

「Either way, I’ll go and look for them tomorrow so I’ll take the van.」


Like this, Hiroshi and Makoto sorted out their plans. As expected, to the duo which would not lose against some dragon that was weak against oxygen circle, the two were back at the workshop by noon with five bodies of Adracia Saurus. Its meat was given to Haruna who thoroughly smoked each piece, then marinated them, fermented it over three days, and marinated each meat again with Miso for another three days. In the end, it ended up being meat with very rich flavour and not only Hiroshi’s party but even the dwarves at the Crest Cave enjoyed a filling, delicious meal out of it.

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