Face-Slapping System

Chapter 74 A Simple Date
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Five hundred Global Dollars was double the amount he was currently earning. He did not expect Roland to be so ruthless to offer him that much for just an assistant position.

The entire thing became an even more 'too good to be true' scenario for him.

He grew skeptical about it but the allure of a higher wage still tempted him to ask, "This… if it's real, then I will immediately resign now!"

His current position was nothing but a shallow and empty title. If could earn more being a waiter, he would even become one.

In fact not only him, even Stacey was also quite surprised about the offered salary. After all, she also only earned as much as a manager in the mall previously and it was a known fact that mall employees have better salaries compared to others.

And with her assistant manager being offered as such, it was just right that she as the manager would be offered even higher.

"It's settled then. Process your resignation as early as possible so that you could start training with the other crew. Right, I know you're still skeptical about this so free some of your time tonight, let's all have a little dinner together in my house." Roland said with a hint of assurance in his voice.

He understands Gustav's skepticism about this matter. After all, he was barely even living a few days ago and now he already has a restaurant? No sane person would believe such nonsense from the get go? At least, not Gustav.

At this moment, the same with Auntie Estela, Gustav was still doubting the truthfulness of his words. He planned to quell their doubts tonight by letting them taste the main dish of the restaurant.

And it just so happened that by doing so, he would be able to earn Face-Slapping Points which was quite convenient for him.

Even after Roland and Stacey left, Gustav was still sitting at the table with a pondering face.

The bomb that Roland was so huge that Gustav was not able to react in time. Although he was skeptical about it, who would not try their luck on such a good offer? Well, at least not Gustav.

Only after a few more minutes did Gustav recover from his stupor when a familiar voice sounded in his ears.

"Hey, serve us the usual!"

Bryan and Anna's face came into view, and this time, they were not alone.

After they settled the matter, Roland and Stacey were finally free for the day.

In the end, the two of them decided to watch a movie in the cinema together as Roland had never experienced something like this before.

The movie was a horror with the title of 'The Well'. It was a basically the story of revenge by a female ghost after she was brutally ****, murdered and thrown to the well to hide the evidence by a group of four teenagers. The story was quite tragic and was also very horrifying. In the end, some even cried in sympathy for the female ghost due to her tragic experience.

Of course, Roland secretly hoped that he would earn some Face-Slapping Points while being here. However, all the people were so focused on the movie they were watching that they did not even bother to look at the person beside them at all.

Although it made him disappointed, he could only exit the cinema more than two hours later with Stacey.

After that, Stacey and Roland decided to go shopping together.

This time, perhaps she got conscious about what Gustav said earlier about Roland's ex being a gold-digger, so she decided to pay for all of the things that they will buy as she was afraid that Roland might see her as such.

Like Roland, money was also not a problem for Stacey.

It just so happened that she also wanted to pamper and take care of Roland a lot to help him 'move on' and get rid of his previous trauma, so Stacey has no problem about treating Roland at all.

This time, she bought a lot of shirts for Roland, including the fancy ones that were quite trendy at the moment.

Although Roland wanted to reject it at first as he was quite embarrassed of being treated by a woman, Stacey insisted on it so he could only comply.

In the end, he actually enjoyed the feeling of being treated too.

As they say, a man was not worthy if he could not treat her woman like a Queen. However, was a woman worthy of a Queen's treatment if she didn't treat her man like a King?

It was only now that Roland resonated with this saying.

His previous misconception about only men should provide and give in a relationship was once again proven wrong by Stacey.

He could not help but feel lucky to have met her during that time.

Now, Roland was being treated like a King by Stacey. He could not ask for more. His heart fluttered as he observed her radiant smile as she tried the shirts she selected for him.

Seeing her happy smile, Roland could not help but reach out his hands towards her cheek. His thumb rubbed the delicate face with tender care.

This might sound cheesy and abrupt, but at this moment, Roland thought that he might have fallen in love again.

"W-what?" Stacey's startled voice awakened Roland from his stupor.

However, Roland only smiled radiantly before saying, "You're very beautiful!"

Seeing his smile paired with the tender complement, Stacey's cheek turned rosy again for the nth time this day.

Roland's handsome face was undeniable. Stacey had already noticed this since the first time they met. However, at that time, she had still not fallen head over heels for him, and it was only due to her secret desire that she started to notice him in a different way.

Now however, looking at his handsome face, Stacey had a vague feeling that what she was feeling was no longer something due to the fantasy and her secret desire.

Something had changed, but none of the two had noticed it, yet.

In the end, as she could not hold the heat she was feeling anymore, it was Stacey who initiated a deep kiss again. With a tiptoe, she wrapped her arms around Roland's neck and sucked his lips as if there was no tomorrow.

And compared to their first time, this deep kiss was no longer as rough. Both of them could feel their soft and wet lips touching each other.

Fortunately, they were inside the fitting room right now, or else, someone might really notice their intense battle.

In the end, Stacey became even more passionate about giving Roland the best treatment. Not only did she buy him a lot of clothes, a business suit, pants and many others, she even decided to bring him over to a salon to have his hair cut as it was already quite long.

Roland who got pampered silly by Stacey was even more happier than her, although he did not show it explicitly.

After his messy hair was cut, Roland's handsome face was even more accentuated. It was to the point that the gay hairdresser, even took a few touches here and there on his face.

In the end, Stacey had to intervene by glaring at the hairdresser with a fierce look.

After they were done having fun, they went to eat a simple meal before they decided to go home to the villa.



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