Extreme Pampering After Marriage

Chapter 11
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Chapter 11: I Rushed Back to Celebrate Your Escape from the Sea of Bitterness

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Xu Youyou was shocked. When she raised her head, she saw the enthusiastic Su Lanxu. Her shock immediately turned to delight as she said, “Lanlan, when did you return?”

Su Lanxu had accompanied her mother abroad for a show a week ago, and Xu Youyou did not expect Su Lanxu to return so soon.

“I heard that you didn’t marry Lin Yin so I rushed back to celebrate your escape from the sea of bitterness,” Su Lanxu said as she reached out to pinch Xu Youyou’s cheek.

This was the first time Xu Youyou heard Lin Yin’s name after their failed wedding. Her heart was instantly flooded with disappointment, and the smile on her face faded slightly.

Su Lanxu put her arm around Xu Youyou’s shoulder and said comfortingly, “Alright, don’t be sad. There are thousands of men in the world. You can always look for a new one! After all, you’re so beautiful and kind. Are you afraid that you’ll lack suitors?”

From the beginning, Su Lanxu had disliked Lin Yin. It was for that reason she decided to accompany her mother and go abroad so she did not have to attend her best friend and that hypocrite’s wedding. She truly did not understand what Xu Youyou saw in Lin Yin.

Xu Youyou smiled. “I’m not sad. I guess we’re just not fated to be together.”

Su Lanxu clearly did not believe Xu Youyou. How could Xu Youyou not be sad when she liked Lin Yin so much? She rolled her eyes before she suddenly said, “Youyou, let’s go to a club.”

“Huh?” Xu Youyou was stunned. She said hesitantly, “That doesn’t seem to be a good idea.”

Xu Youyou had never been to a club before since Xu Jialu had strictly warned her not to go to such places. Otherwise, he said he would show her his artistic talent using her paintings.

Su Lanxu did not think too much about it as she said, “Why is it not a good idea? Look at you; you’re a beautiful female university student. Previously, you didn’t even want to date and insisted on getting married immediately. You don’t go to clubs or have fun. All you do is stay in the studio and paint. Sooner or later, you’ll paint until you become a little fool.”

“I’m not a little fool!” Xu Youyou protested.

Before Xu Youyou could finish speaking, Su Lanxu had already walked Xu Youyou to her car and said, “Let’s go for a meal first. Then, we’ll go shopping for clothes before we head to the club. A new club opened recently, and it’s pretty good. There are many handsome men there…”


Night fell on the bustling city.

Xu Youyou followed Su Lanxu into the crowded club. There were many people because the club was new.

It was clearly not Su Lanxu’s first time here. She dragged Xu Youyou through the crowd to the bar counter before she ordered two Cosmopolitans.

However, Xu Youyou hurriedly said to the bartender, “I want a glass of lemonade.”

Su Lanxu rolled her eyes. “Come on. Who would come to a club to drink a glass of lemonade?”

“If my brother knew you brought me to a club and let me drink…”

Without waiting for Xu Youyou to finish her sentence, Su Lanxu raised her hand and surrendered. “Alright, alright, you can have your glass of lemonade.”

Xu Youyou smiled. After the bartender handed her a glass of lemonade, she sipped on it slowly.

Su Lanxu said indignantly with her cheeks puffed up, “If Xu Jialu finds out that I tried to get you to drink, he’ll skin me alive. I can’t afford to offend him!”

“What did you say?” It was too noisy in the club so Xu Youyou did not hear Su Lanxu.

“Nothing,” Su Lanxu said before she pulled Xu Youyou’s hand and added, “Come. Let’s go dance.”

“Huh?” A stunned and helpless expression appeared on Xu Youyou’s delicate face immediately. “But I don’t know how to…”

After pulling Xu Youyou to the dance floor, Su Lanxu began to sway her hips and said, “It’s not difficult. Just move however you want…”

Xu Youyou stood in the crowd and watched the people around her dance. Everyone danced differently, and they seemed very happy. Perhaps, the music was too good or she was infected by Su Lanxu, she let go of her apprehension and slowly began to move. At the same time, the smile on her face grew brighter and brighter.

The DJ was rather good. The atmosphere in the club was at its peak.

At this moment, the doors to the club were pushed open. Following that, the music stopped abruptly, and the lights came on.

“Police raid! We received a report that there are minors here.”

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