Extreme Flame Wizard

Chapter 196: The Hypothesis and the Wizard
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Ch. 196: The Hypothesis and the Wizard

When Igni stepped into the courtyard, what immediately came into view was the Vampires fighting each other to the death.

Igni: “........that must be Ms. Elenoir’s doing.”

It was the only conclusion that made sense to him.

By using her most effective Spell, the Vampires were now under the control of the “Puppeteer” Elenoir and fought one another. Igni saw that there was nothing for him to do here and returned back to Gregory and Creine.

Gregory: “......why did you come back?” Igni: “They’re already taking care of the Vampires. I just came back to make sure that you guys haven’t run away.”

Gregory: “.......taking care of…? What are you talking about? You’re talking about fighting Vampires…..”

Gregory looked at Igni in disbelief, but Igni only stepped aside so Gregory could see the courtyard. There, the Vampires were massacring each other as if they were possessed by something.

Gregory: “......what is happening….?”

Igni: “You ever heard of Elenoir, The Puppeteer?”

Gregory: “.......I’ve heard of her name.”

Igni: “It’s her Spell.”

Gregory: “..............”

The Vampires probably underestimated Ms. Elenoir.

The fact that they prided themselves as the strongest race most likely skewed their sense of judgment.

That’s how they were caught off guard by Ms. Elenoir’s Spell.

Igni: “Gregory, tell me more about this [Demon King].”

Gregory: “........fine. I’ll explain it in the order that it happened.”

Gregory held Creine who continued to tremble, and looking exhausted, he met Igni’s eyes.

Gregory: “It was around one month ago. All of a sudden, something was wrong with the monsters coming from the Demon King’s territory.”

Igni: “Something was wrong?” Gregory: “There were more Undead type monsters than usual.”

Igni: “............”

Gregory: “I know it sounds like nothing is out of the ordinary. I think so too. The Demon King’s territory has a lot of Undead type monsters. So I didn’t think any of it at first. But after a while, I knew something was wrong.”

The Demon King’s <Miracle> allowed him to raise the dead back to life as servants.

That’s why in the Demon King’s territory, he left behind many former servants who still roam the lands to this day.

Also, Igni spent 2 years in the Demon King’s territory and knew that to be true.

It was true that in the Demon King’s Territory, there are many Undead type creatures.

That’s why when Gregory mentioned that, he did not think that was anything strange or out of the ordinary.

Gregory: “Among the monsters, we noticed that there were humans in the mix. The dead humans began attacking us.”

Igni: “.........human?”

Gregory: “Can you guess? They were of the Demon race.”

Demon race. During the great war, they were a race who sided with the Demon King.

Hence, they were despised by humanity to this day and discriminated against.

Igni: (And they attacked Gregory after being raised from the dead?)

Igni suddenly remembered the girl he met at the Principality.

She used Necromancy, a Spell type that manipulates the spirits of the dead, and she got a hold of one of the bodies of the Four Generals of the Demon King’s army to use as one of her puppets. freewebn ovel.c om

Then could what Gregory is saying be referring to Necromancy?

Igni: (But would even the Demon race go as far as using their former comrades as puppets….?)

Gregory: “We live in the territory between the Demon King’s territory and humanity’s territory…… in the deserted, desert region. Since it’s a small area, there’s a small community there.”

Igni: “The Transgressors?”

Hearing the word, Gregory nodded in affirmation.

Gregory: “Of course, some Transgressors like to be alone. But we lived in a small community. It was the people in that community who was fighting………when he arrived.”

Igni: “.......he?” But Igni already knew the answer to that question.

But Igni felt compelled to ask it anyway.

Gregory: “It was the Demon King.”

Hearing Gregory’s words, Igni felt the temperature around him drop a few degrees.

In truth, nothing actually changed around him.

But recalling the various tales and legends of the Demon King, Igni instinctively felt something in Gregory’s words.

Gregory: “.......I only got a glimpse of him. And immediately, I ran. My instincts told me that I had no chance of winning.”

Igni: “.............”

Gregory: “And I felt something telling me that I should never forgive that thing. I don’t even know why that thought crossed my mind……I can’t explain it with words but……even so, I felt that I needed to do something. And it wasn’t just me. Everyone who was there that day felt the same way……….everyone.”

Igni: “You had to do something….? What do you mean?” Gregory: “I need to kill it. I need to defeat it. …….yeah, something similar to that.”

Igni: “........aren’t Transgressors those who looked up to the Demon King?” Igni had no other way of phrasing it.

So why would those who respected the Demon King suddenly feel the urge to do something about him? But Gregory shook his head in response.

Gregory: “You’re wrong. Not everyone is a Transgressor there……among the group, there are some who just can’t live a normal life even in a decent society.”

And Gregory held Creine tighter.

Gregory: “......it’s true that among the Transgressors, some worship the Demon King. And some have even reached the realm of <Magic>. But……everyone, I mean everyone, thought the same thing that day. We need to kill that monster. We just do.”

Igni: (.......they felt the need to kill him.)

The fact that everyone had that exact same thought was peculiar.

And Igni began contemplating why - why was that so peculiar?

Abyss’ words rang clearly inside his head.

If humanity as a race was preparing to face a cataclysmic event – they were preparing for the Demon King’s return, and if humanity in preparation, birthed many genius Wizards in response continually, what would be the natural conclusion?

Igni dived deeper into that hypothesis.

If humanity continued to birth genius Wizards in preparation for the Demon King’s return, that would mean that humanity was actively competing against the Demon King. In other words, humanity already determined the next Demon King to be their enemy. What purpose would that serve?

The explanation is simple. It was for the preservation of humanity.

A hundred years ago, humanity was reduced to less than 100,000 in population.

They faced the possibility of extinction.

So in order to avoid that kind of apocalyptic situation, if humanity was preparing for the Demon King’s return….

If all of humanity subconsciously considered the Demon King to be their “enemy”.....

Then would it not makes sense that the first thought of those who met the Demon King was that they must “kill him”?

And that would confirm that everything Abyss said was true.

Igni: “.......but that’s impossible.”

Igni shook the thought from his head.

Igni: (No, that’s not possible.)

That kind of thing only happens in fairy tales.

Besides, how would you make all of humanity subconsciously recognize the Demon King as an enemy in the first place?

That would be impossible unless you have the power to control the hearts of all of humanity.

Gregory: “What’s wrong?” Seeing Igni suddenly mumble to himself, Gregory cautiously asked uncomfortably.

But Igni brushed away his question with a “never mind.”

Because there is one flaw in that logic.

And that flaw was Igni himself.

Let’s say that humanity did consider the Demon King as their enemy.

And humanity gave birth to numerous genius Wizards in response. That… Igni would concede is still in the realm of possibility. But, if that was the case, why would humanity bother with creating something like an “Ultimate Spell Specialization ? Spell One”?

That was the one contention that Igni could not let go.

Yes, it’s true that the “Ultimate Spell Specialization ? Spell One” holds infinite potential.

If you train the Wizard, that Wizard would truly become powerful. But you have to be able to train the wizard in the first place.

That’s why it didn’t make any sense.

To begin with, an Ultimate Spell Specialization ? Spell One has only a single Spell type compatibility that is [F]. Besides that one Spell type, every other Spell type compatibility is [None]. This will be determined during their Compatibility Assessment. But it is next to impossible to realize that this kind of person is an Ultimate Spell Specialization ? Spell One.

Unless they were as lucky as Igni, they would never be able to train and develop their true potential.

Igni could come to this conclusion because he himself was an Ultimate Spell Specialization ? Spell One.

But concerning Ultimate Spell Specialization ? Spell One’s, there was one possibility.

If……….and this was a big “if,” if an Ultimate Spell Specialization ? Spell One had defeated the Demon King before, then this would be in the realm of possibilities, but Igni did not believe the rumors that the Hero was an Ultimate Spell Specialization ? Spell One.

If that were true, the existence of Ultimate Spell Specialization ? Spell One would have been public knowledge.

Igni: “Looks like it’s over.”

Igni looked at the courtyard as he commented.

There, he saw the last Vampire survivor collapse to the ground and die.

Igni: “I’ll relay your story to the teachers. If all goes well, they might let you off the hook.”

Gregory: “Really……?!”

Igni: “But don’t get your hopes too high.”

Igni had to calm Gregory who was excited by the possibility and began scanning the area for Mila.

That was because among all the teachers at the academy, she was the most reasonable in Igni’s mind.

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