Extraordinary Genius

Chapter 1292 - Unexpected Ending
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Chapter 1292 – Unexpected Ending

The first match ended without any surprises. The Nets won by 8 points. Many people started criticizing George Karl for using the wrong strategies. Why did they complete scoring with the Nets? Did Karl forget his team is better at defense?

The New Yorkers are over the moon. It’s been years since they watched such an exciting match. Did you all see that? Our Brooklyn Nets can win without defense.

It’s rare to see two teams scoring more than 120 points in the finals.

The Wind and Rain team was demoralized after the match, but Feng Yu told them. “You all had played well for this match. But you all are unlucky to lose.”

Punters had not expected the scores, and the bookmakers are overjoyed.

In the second match, both teams concentrated on defense, and their scores are less than 100 points. But the Nets won by 5 points in the end.

Karl did not feel any pressure after losing two matches. Through the previous two matches, he saw lots of the Nets’ tactics. Kidd is a good player.

“Coach Karl. Do you have any comments after losing two away matches?” A reporter from LA asked.

“I have no comments.”

“Who do you think should be responsible for the losses?”

“I am responsible as I am the main coach.”

“The New York papers claimed the Nets would sweep our Wind and Rain Team aside and defend their title. What do you have to say about this?”

“I don’t like to comment about those speculations, and I had found the perfect strategy to win.”


Hmph! Feng Yu must be regretting helping that Russian build up his team. Now, he cannot even win the championship!

Paul Allen laughed in his heart when he heard the Wind and Rain Team lost both away matches. It will be terrific if they fall out over the finals.

Paul Allen hopes accidents will happen to both teams. It would be best if the main players will be injured during the finals!

“Elena, are you leaving tomorrow?” Feng Yu hugged Elena.

“Yes. I need to perform in other cities and return to Moscow next week to prepare for my ballet performance. I want a perfect final performance.” Elena snuggles in Feng Yu’s arms.

“Alright. Don’t tire yourself out. Just let Kirilenko know if you need anything.”

“Mr. Kirilenko has been taking care of me, and I know it is because of you.”

Both chatted for a while.

Elena can’t bear to leave, but Feng Yu encouraged her to pursue her dreams. Everyone should have dreams, or else their lives will be too boring.

After sending Elena off, Feng Yu returned to the arena for the third match.

The injured players suddenly revived this time, and the Wind and Rain Team won the match easily.

The next day, the Wind and Rain Team won again, and it is 2:2 now. The commentators are speechless. They had not expected the Wind and Rain team to make a comeback in their home matches.

Of course, the coaches from both teams knew this would happen.

The home teams won the next two matches.

The fans in the two cities are overjoyed. This is the final match of the finals, and no one wants to lose.

“Listen up. We will be going all out for this match. We will focus our attacks from the outside courts, and the inside-court players will focus on getting the rebounds. Outside players must take note when attacking, and defense must not be afraid of fouls...”

When George Karl explains his strategy to his team, the Nets are also discussing their tactics.

At the same time, the owners of both teams are drinking in the office.

“Feng, which team do you think will win?”

“I think my team will win.”

“Why? This is my home ground, and most of the audiences are from New York!” Kirilenko is unhappy with Feng Yu’s reply.

“That’s because our substitutes are stronger and have a stronger fighting spirit. You all must wait until next year to win it.”

Kirilenko wants his Russian player, Andrei, to get the MVP.

It’s not Andrei is not a good player. He is an all-rounder, but his biggest weakness is his accuracy. If he wants to get high scores, he needs more attempts. This request from Kirilenko will disrupt the Nets’ strategy.

Feng Yu also wants Yao Ming to get the MVP. But Yao Ming and Gasol will restraint each other, and both cannot play their best. Feng Yu told the players to follow Karl’s strategies.

“I disagree with you. We will win, and Andrei will get the MVP. A Russian getting the MVP in the US best basketball league should be interesting.” Kirilenko emptied his glass of alcohol.

Feng Yu shook his head. “Maybe.”

The match started, and both teams are playing their best to win.

At half-time, both teams have fouled many times, and their strengths are about the same.

Very soon, the Nets’ coach’s face changed. He realized the Wind and Rain Team is trying to suppress Gasol and control the inside court. Bateer, Ramdolph, and other inside-court players are too slow.

But the Nets’ coach doesn’t understand this strategy. Point guard Billups and Mobley had fouled too many times and will be sent off soon.

Karl remains calm as he is not worried about those two players being send-off. The Wind and Rain Team has two substitutes for point guards, and both can score and pass well. In other teams, they will definitely be in the starting line-ups.

During the third quarter, Gasol has been foul out. At the end of the third quarter, Billups, Mobley, and Yao Ming are foul out.

The Wind and Rain Team’s two substitutes, Gilbert and Ginóbili, came on. They attacked from the outside court, and three minutes into the fourth quarter, they got a ten-point lead.

Gilbert is an outstanding point guard and can score 3-pointers accurately.

Ginóbili’s speed is too fast for Carter to stop.

The final whistle sounded at the end of the match, and the Wind and Rain Team won with 12 points. Everyone is surprised when the MVP was announced. Ginóbili is the MVP, and he is a substitute!

But Ginóbili had the best average score in the seven matches of the finals in the Wind and Rain Team, and he scored 32 points in this match to help his team win.

Am overseas player had won the MVP in the finals.

Feng Yu looks at Kirilenko. “How is it? I said my team could win.”

Kirilenko laughed excitedly. “Hahaha... the MVP is not an American. I can’t wait to see those NBA officials’ faces!”

Feng Yu: “.......” How can you be so happy after losing the match?

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