Extracting Billions Of Toxins And Tempering An Unsullied Body

Chapter 72 - Being Targeted for No Reason? Bai Haoyu’s Enmity
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Chapter 72: Being Targeted for No Reason? Bai Haoyu’s Enmity


When the others heard this, they were dumbstruck. “With such a god around, what’s the point of competing? First place is already in his pocket.”

The others shook their heads. “You can’t say that. Who knows if a dark horse will emerge, just like in the first Dao of alchemy competition.”

The person who said this even looked at Gu Xi.

Other than Ou Yechen, there were other people whose strength could not be underestimated.

For example, the muscular man standing not far away from Gu Xi was called Wang Dazhu. Although he appeared rustic, his experience was also quite legendary.

Wang Dazhu was born in the wilderness, without any clan or sect. His status was even worse than Gu Xi’s.

He was originally a wild hunter. It was said that he had accidentally entered a Secret Realm and obtained a great opportunity, allowing him to excel in the area of forging. From then on, he diligently practiced and formed his own sect. One could say that his strength was formidable.

“There’s also this one. He comes from the wealthy Bai Clan. It is rumored that this Bai Clan is powerful and has a rich heritage. They have countless spirit stone mines in their hands. Just by sitting on the mountain and eating nothing, it is enough for the disciples of the Bai Clan to have an endless amount of spirit stones in their lifetime.”

Everyone looked over. What greeted their eyes was a young master dressed in luxurious clothing. The embroidery on his clothes was made by countless skilled craftsmen. Even the materials used to make it were worth tens of thousands of gold. The materials caused the clothes to be impervious to weapons, water, and fire. It was enough to show that he had an extraordinary status.

“I heard that this Young Master of the Bai Clan has a close relationship with the imperial family.”

Bai Haoyu did not look like he was here to participate in the competition. Regardless of whether it was his aura or his surroundings, he did not seem to fit in. He looked like a young master who had roamed the world and was here to enjoy the scenery.

“Don’t think that Bai Haoyu doesn’t care about the affairs of the world. He’s a gamer, and his forging skills are top-notch. In addition to the Bai Clan’s assets, he has money and connections. How can anyone compete with him?”

One had to know that refining weapons and artifacts were different from refining pills. If the medicinal ingredients were not good enough, one could rely on one’s own skills to turn something useless into something magical. However, refining weapons was about the actual ingredients.

Even if one had heaven-defying skills, one would not be able to turn a pile of scrap metal into a divine weapon. Therefore, materials were extremely important. It was just like cooking. Only when the ingredients were good would the taste be good.

No matter how good one’s skills were, even if the God of Cooking was reborn, one would not be able to turn an overnight meal into a delicacy. The same principle applied to refining weapons. With a good foundation, one would not have to worry about not being able to refine good things in the future.

Whether it was Ou Yechen or Bai Haoyu, they were both formidable opponents. On the contrary, Gu Xi did not have much of an advantage.

In terms of background, he could not compare to Ou Yechen. His ancestor was a noble forging family, and he was also the descendant of the God of Forging. Just his thousand years of foundation was enough to crush many people that were present.

In terms of resources, he could not compare to Bai Haoyu. Ordinary forging materials could be bought with spirit stones. However, for those extremely rare and precious materials that could be used to forge divine weapons, even if you had money, you could not buy them.

They were all collected by the aristocratic families and the major sects, so they would not take them out easily. No matter how you looked at it, Gu Xi did not have much of a chance of winning.

The reason why the major sects were so eager to participate in the Dao Conference in the Capital was not only because they could make a name for themselves and obtain resources and opportunities, but also because they could raise the level of their sects.

Small sects like the Supreme Purity Sect were originally categorized as third-grade sects. If their disciples could obtain good results in the Dao Conference, they could directly be promoted to a second-grade sect.

Therefore, whether it was the Sect Master, Wu Huaqing, or the others, they all thought highly of it. It was not easy for a monster like Gu Xi to become the first in the Dao of alchemy. It gave them hope. This was something that had never happened before.

As long as they entered the final stage in the refining competition, the promotion of their grade was a certainty. Therefore, at this stage, they could only succeed and not fail.

“Elder Wu, it seems that the people Senior Brother Gu is facing this time are all quite troublesome.”

Wu Huaqing’s gaze was firm. “No matter what, we must do our best to help him and obtain a good ranking in this weapon refining competition.”

Everyone already understood the rules of the competition. Green Lotus Princess gave everyone time to prepare for the smelting matters. In the afternoon, the competition would officially begin.

Wu Huaqing pulled Gu Xi and rushed to the largest smelting materials market in the capital. Whether it was alchemy or weapon refinement materials, there were many of them. It could be said that they had everything. Many people were trading there, and it could be said that they were extremely famous.

“We didn’t bring many materials when we came. I also collected some for you before, but there wasn’t enough time. Now let’s see if there are any other good things here.”

Ou Yechen and Bai Haoyu made Wu Huaqing feel a sense of crisis. He wanted to find better materials for Gu Xi.

There was a dazzling array of items in the market. Suddenly, Wu Huaqing’s eyes stopped, and he pulled Gu Xi over as if he was attracted by something.

“Wrap this up, boss. I’ll take it.”

It was a Red Copper Immortal Tear Stone. It was rich in spiritual energy and stable. If it was added to the materials, it could greatly improve the performance and quality of the Magical Artifact or weapon.

“Boss, can you give me a cheaper price?”

“Sir, you must be joking. This is a top-grade Red Copper Immortal Tear Stone. The price is already very low. How can I go any cheaper? In the entire market, this stone is rare. It can only be found by chance.”

Although the stone in front of him was only the size of a fist, the price was terrifying. Looking at the string of zeros, Wu Huaqing gritted his teeth and said that he would buy it even though his heart ached a little.

After all, it was related to the fate and future of the entire Supreme Purity Sect. No matter what, he had to buy it to give Gu Xi more chips.

However, a hand suddenly reached out and snatched the Red Copper Immortal Tear Stone.

Bai Haoyu looked at the stone in front of him and said with appreciation, “I want this stone.”

Looking at this guy who came out of nowhere, Wu Huaqing could not help but say, “We took a fancy to it first. I’m afraid it’s not good for fellow Daoist to do this.”

Bai Haoyu did not even spare him an extra glance. “What’s not good about it? You want it, but you haven’t paid for it yet. Also, even if you paid for it, so what?”

These words sounded extremely overbearing, but Bai Haoyu did indeed have the strength. His gaze fell on the shopkeeper.

“How much?”

The shopkeeper recognized Bai Haoyu at a glance. He could be said to be a spendthrift in the capital. He was rich and overbearing, and there was no one who did not know him. He instantly became much more enthusiastic.

“30,000 middle-grade spirit stones.”

Bai Haoyu waved his hand and said, “I’ll pay you 40,000 middle-grade spirit stones.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he even deliberately glanced at Gu Xi.

“You must be the previous number one in the Dao of alchemy, Gu Xi, right? Since that’s the case, there’s no need to join in the fun in refining weapons. It’s also a waste to give you this good material.”

After he finished speaking, he took the Red Copper Immortal Tear Stone and left, walking away arrogantly. For some reason, Gu Xi felt as if he was being targeted. However, this was only the first time Gu Xi had met him, so where did this enmity come from?

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