Extracting Billions Of Toxins And Tempering An Unsullied Body

Chapter 217 - The Crisis of Moyu Tower. The Insect Tide Has Attacked Again
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Chapter 217: The Crisis of Moyu Tower. The Insect Tide Has Attacked Again


Hearing Fang Qingshan’s answer, Li Junyan fell into silence. After a long while, he said, “Even the Mountain Defense Formation can’t resist it?”

“At this point, we can only deal with these insects. They are not coming for our Moyu Tower.”

The Insect Tide was still some distance away from them. Perhaps they would change their trajectory, but no one could say for sure. To be on the safe side, Fang Qingshan activated the great Mountain Defense Formation and ordered all the disciples to enter a level 1 state of alert.


Accompanied by the melodious sound of the ancient bell, the remaining disciples of Moyu Tower, no matter what they were doing, came to the door one after another. Some of them were even in closed-door cultivation.

“What happened? Even the big bell was rung.”

It must be known that Moyu Tower had an ancient bronze bell. Usually, it was silent. Only when there was a major change would it ring to remind all the disciples.

“I remember the last time the bell rang was during the Sect Master’s succession ceremony.”

The sudden ringing of the bell made everyone a little nervous. When they rushed to the mountain gate to gather, they realized how serious the matter was.

“There are so many Winged Golden Black Bug.”

Seeing that the Insect Tide was getting closer and closer like dark clouds, everyone was desperately praying that the trajectory of the Insect Tide would change.

The Winged Golden Black Bugs were extremely fast. In the time it took for half an incense stick to burn, they had already arrived nearby. As the dark clouds approached, the surrounding light was also blocked, as if the sun was gradually being swallowed.

Everyone was almost dumbstruck. Only now did they realize that the Insect Tide was bigger than they had imagined. It was boundless and menacing.

Now that they were already so close, the thing that they were most afraid of still happened.

Their target was precisely Moyu Tower!


With a loud bang, the Insect Tide crashed into the Mountain Defense Formation. Ancient array patterns spread out in circles, like ripples on the surface of the sea. Countless Winged Golden Black Bugs were knocked unconscious and fell down one after another, it was as if a black rain had fallen.

A huge wave that was half the height of a person came whistling over and swallowed many Winged Golden Black Bugs. The golden light dispelled the darkness. It was as if the clouds and mist had been pushed aside and the moon had been seen. It brought some warmth to everyone.

An ancient aura spread out, carrying an indescribable pressure. It was as if it was a guardian God protecting everyone. This was the power of the Mountain Defense Formation.

“That’s great –”

However, before the disciple could be happy for too long, the smile on his face froze in the next second.

Countless Winged Golden Black Bugs fell, followed by many more. In just an instant, the Mountain Defense Formation was completely surrounded, and darkness once again appeared before everyone’s eyes.

After seeing their surroundings clearly, everyone’s hearts fell to the bottom of the valley.

The densely packed wings, legs, and eyes were squeezed together as they stared fixedly at the people inside the array formation. Their cold gazes had no emotion at all. Just a single glance was enough to become an unforgettable nightmare.

The Winged Golden Black Bug was quite small, but with so many of them squeezed together, it became a huge monster that crawled around the protective light barrier of the Mountain Defense Formation.

Everyone was just below them. Although they did not come into contact with them, at first glance, they thought that they were inside the abdomen of some huge bug. When they looked up, they could not even count the number of bugs.

Some female cultivators who could not bear it mentally could not help but lower their heads and half-crouch on the ground, retching. It was not strange that they had such expressions. Even some male cultivators felt nauseous, their expressions were extremely unsightly.

There were too many insects, and they were so tightly wrapped that no wind could escape. Furthermore, they seemed to be increasing in number, and the sound of their wings flapping grew louder and louder. Tens of thousands of Winged Golden Black Bugs gathered together, and it was comparable to a sound wave attack. It made people’s hearts tremble.

Even the light from the light barrier dimmed considerably. It was as if it could not withstand such great pressure and was on the verge of collapsing. In the next second, it would be crushed by these insects.

“There are too many of these Winged Golden Black Bugs. If this goes on, I’m afraid that in the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, the Mountain Defense Formation will lose its effect.”

No one knew what kind of madness had gone into these insects. They suddenly went crazy and charged towards the location of Moyu Tower. It could be said that the timing was not good and they were extremely unlucky.

Zhou Haozhe could not help but say, “This is not the way to go on. We should take advantage of the obstruction of the array formation. Otherwise, we will fight these stinking bugs to death!”

Li Junyan shook his head. “No, these bugs are only at the periphery of the formation. If we launch an attack, it’s hard to guarantee that we won’t anger them. At that time, I’m afraid the situation will be even more disadvantageous for us.”

Seeing that his suggestion was rejected by Li Junyan, Zhou Haozhe lowered his head with some dissatisfaction. “If we don’t deal with them, are we going to sit and wait for death?”

The more Zhou Haozhe thought about it, the angrier he felt. By the time he reacted, he shot out the spiritual energy in his hand, and it landed on the swarm of bugs.

“Junior Brother Zhou!” Li Junyan saw this and wanted to stop him, but it was too late.

Like a drop of water falling into a pot of oil, the swarm of insects instantly became frantic. The sound of flapping wings was incessant. Many people felt a splitting headache and the tentacles were also moving non-stop.

At the same time, there was the sound of crunching and gnawing. The scene looked creepy.

“Not good! These bugs are gnawing on the formation!”

Hearing a cry of alarm, the crowd hurriedly raised their heads to look. They saw two sharp teeth growing out of the jaws of these bugs, as if they were really gnawing on the formation.

In just a short moment, the light of the great Mountain Defense Formation had dimmed compared to before. Fang Qingshan could feel the energy of the formation disappearing at an extremely fast speed.

“I’m afraid that the formation will be completely shattered before the time it takes half an incense stick to burn.”

Seeing that the formation was gradually weakening, Fang Qingshan condensed several rays of spiritual light and shot them into the southeast direction of the formation. “Disciples, please lend me a hand!”

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