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Chapter 38
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The expression on Pei Ruoxi’s face did not change much, but the brilliance in her eyes was more and more obvious, with a somewhat complacent look.

Ji Mo glanced around and nodded gently.

“Now, those supporting Ning Xiaofei’s, raise your hands.”

Ning Xiaofei raised an eyebrow.

He’s going to have to embarrass her, right?

With her profile and background, who would support her?

Gently gritting her teeth, her pair of eyes glowered towards the Ji Mo.

Looking at him, she saw the man sitting up straight, and then...he...he actually raised his right hand up.

Ning Xiaofei’s eyes immediately widened.

Does Ji Mo support her?

This kid is sick!

Noticing Ji Mo who raised his right hand, the fingers of Pei Ruoxi which were tapping gently on the tabletop suddenly froze then the pair of eyes turned around and for the first time, looked closedly at Ning Xiaofei’s face.

Of course, this gaze was definitely not friendly, seemingly calm, but sharp and makes people uncomfortable.

Feeling this look, Ning Xiaofei secretly frowned, holding the small notebook and only wishing she could slap the book in Ji Mo’s face.

Wasn’t she just late? Ji Mo this bastard, was it necessary to get back at her like this? If he is looking forward to putting her against Pei Ruoxi, and let her, a little newcomer, fight with a famous host, wasn’t this asking her to go to her death?

At the table, everyone’s eyes first went to Ji Mo, and then looked at Pei Ruoxi, their eyes were a bit complicated.

“I also support Xiao Ning!”

The boy sitting beside Ning Xiaofei also lifted his right hand, turned his face and gave Ning Xiaofei a friendly smile.

A burst of gratitude suddenly rose from Ning Xiaofei’s heart. She smiled back at him.

She is not a fool, from the previous performance of Ji Mo when Pei Ruoxi entered the door, she could guess that there must be a story between the two.

Ji Mo obviously was using her as a gun, deliberately doing the right thing with Pei Ruoxi, so he would support her. Only the man in glasses really recognized her.

“Early tomorrow morning, you two each submit a detailed plan for me.” Ji Mo stood up from his chair and reached for the documents and his laptop on the table. “If there is no plan sent to my office by nine o’clock, you don’t have to come back to the column tomorrow!”

With this remark, the atmosphere in the conference room suddenly became solemn.

Everyone looked at his face and did not dare make a sound. A line formed in Xu producer’s forehead appearing a bit embarrassed.

Simmering in anger, Ning Xiaofei shoved her seat and stood up.

“Leader Ji, do you find this interesting?"

So what if she wrote up a plan, would he really dare to use it?!


Ning Xiaofei was not a fool. Of course, she could clearly see that there are articles in it. It was obvious that Ji Mo and Pei Ruoxi have some difference.

Who has she offended? What makes Ji Mo use her as a gun, Ah?

What is the identity of Pei Ruoxi? This column group still relies on her for support and must keep appearances. On the surface, it seems that Ji Mo is holding onto her but in fact, he is just letting her go to run with others. Her diligent efforts would only be in vain.

She was certainly unable to stay in the column, but before she went, she too was going to exorcise this evil spirit.

Opposite, Ji Mo lifted his face.

“What do you mean?”

“My meaning is very simple.” Ning Xiaofei hardened her small face and answered coldly. “My plan, do you dare to use it?”

The meeting room turned quiet for a moment, and everyone held their breath in astonishment, looking at Ning Xiaofei.

Arguing with the general director on the first day of work, this little girl... Ah, is this new born calf not afraid of tiger or is she really stupid?!

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