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Chapter 37
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Ning Xiaofei raised her face and looked across at Ji Mo.

She saw that Ji Mo was holding his chin and leaning her direction.


Just because of the reputation of Pei Ruoxi, he did not dare target her, and he’s going to pinch her soft buttons?

A sudden burst of displeasure rose in Ning Xiaofei’s heart but she still maintained the smile on her face.

“I have already done a preliminary statistic. There are a total of 17 similar interview programs on this city’s TV stations, all of which had the entertainment industry’s famous stars as subjects of their interviews and there are also more than nine similar programs on provincial TV stations. The ratings for the last month are...”

She had done her homework for a long time, and the data had been sorted out over the course of several nights. The data were detailed and accurate.

Similar domestic programs, success stories abroad, audiences, audience groups, ad placement, social influence...

Ning Xiaofi methodically expounded her views from all angles. At first, everyone was somewhat dismissive, especially Pei Ruoxi who played gently with her right hand which has a new manicure, with a completely impatient expression.

Opposite, the eyes of Ji Mo shone with disapproval were gradually dyed with a sense of interest.

“To sum it up, if we continue this kind of style, with the TV’s influence and Miss Pei’s reputation, the ratings should not be too bad. However, since it is a key project, I discovered that we can be innovative on this basis. Guests should not be confined to famous stars from the film and television industry but could be diversified. We can invite all kinds of people from different walks of life. After all, this is a personalized age. If we follow the old ways like others, it is prudent to be safe but difficult to have a breakthrough.” Ning Xiaofei closed the notebook in her hand. “I am a newcomer. I have been doing investigative journalism before. I don’t know much about this so it’s okay if you laugh.”

As soon as her voice fell, a chuckle came from the table.

The laughter was very light, but it was full of disdain and contempt.

Ning Xiaofei need not have look but also can judge from the voice that it was from female anchor, Pei Ruoxi.

This sister is a high-ranking host while she is a small new with little transparency. Naturally, it’s impossible to provoke her so she could only pretend not to hear it.

“En.” Xu producer smiled and nodded, “I can see, Xiao Ning has done a lot of homework. Young people who have this kind of steadfast spirit are very good.”

“Thank you Xu producer."

Ning Xiaofei politely returned back a smile and closed the notebook in her hand.

As a small newcomer with little transparency, she certainly does not expect her opinions to be recognized by everyone, but she will express her own ideas. At the least, she could let some people – the general director for example, who deliberately is making things difficult for her, – to understand that she is not a “Boot-licker”, she really is a hardworking person.

With this thought in mind, she sighed in her heart.

Miss Huang was kind enough to recommend her to come over. It’s just that she’s afraid she’ll also not stay in this column for long.

On the first day, she has offended the general director as well as the famous anchorwoman, neither of whom she couldn’t afford to provoke.

It seems that this time, she’ll let her teacher down.

Forget it. It isn’t a big deal. Just go back to her investigative journalism.

While Ning Xiaofei was diving into her own thoughts, Ji Mo’s voice sounded once again.

“Now, let’s cast a vote! Those who support Miss Pei’s opinion and think we should continue to invite stars, raise their hands.”

In an instant, arms were raised like a hula at the edge of the table.

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