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Chapter 36
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When the door was pushed open, the figure of Pei Ruoxi appeared in front of everyone. Looking around, her eyes stopped for a few seconds on Ji Mo, and then fell on the face of Xu, and asked, “Am I late?”

Seeing Pei Ruoxi who came into the door, Xu piled up a smile on his face and stood up from his chair to greet her.

‘No, no, we’re just getting started, and you’re not that late! Come here, Miss Pei, come in!’

Seeing Pei Ruoxi, everyone at the table all had to get up. She was not only a well-known female anchor, but also, now a pillar on the TV stage. Even if the Chief Producer has to bow to her, let alone them?

Because of that unpleasant experience just now, Ning Xiaofei had some disdain in her heart, but going with the flow, she also stood up.

This Miss Pei, obviously wasn’t an affable person. But since she has offended the director general, she couldn’t offend anyone again.

On this thought, she could not help but glance at the direction of Ji Mo.

He took her to task for being late. But when this one is late, why isn’t he saying anything?

But that’s just bullying the weak and fearing the strong.

As she glanced over, she saw the man frowning and holding the papers on the table, still sitting unmoved in his chair — the only person in the room who didn’t get up.

Seeing this, Ning Xiaofei poured him several points of appreciation.

In his effort, Xu has invited Pei Ruoxi to sit down in an empty chair on his right hand side.

“Miss Ruoxi could join us in this column group this time so our ratings will be guaranteed. Everyone, give her an applause.”

“Xu producer, you flatter me.” Pei Ruoxi handed her bag to the assistant behind then gave a faint smile, “I used to do entertainment hosting, this is also my first time getting in contact with an interview segment. So please take care of me everyone."

“Miss Pei is polite."

“That is, you have to guide us more than that!” "


At once, someone patted her on the horse’s arse.

Sure enough, people are treated differently. Ah!

Ning Xiaofei secretly sighed. She sat quietly back in the chair-to this kind of person, she will never go so far as to flatter.


On the opposite side, Ji Mo heavily dumped a file on the table.

“The meeting continues!”

When they heard his voice, they all took their seats again. Pei Rouxi glanced at him and sat down in her chair.

Ji Mo opened his mouth again. “Today, our main objective is to decide, who should be invited as our first interview guest. If anyone has any idea, you can speak freely!”

“What do you think Miss Pei?” Xu producer asked with a laugh.

“This is a very simple question.” Pei Ruoxi gently shrugged her shoulders, “Of course, we should entertain big stars, the greater the fame, and the better it is. Today is the age of entertainment. Ratings depend on popularity, just like the festival I hosted yesterday, Xicheng. As soon as it came out, the rating percentage immediately rose by two points!”

The crowd at the table immediately nodded and echoed their agreement.


“Miss Ruoxi, you’ve really hit the nail!"

“Who said no, but speaking of it, Xicheng is really very difficult to please and hard to invite. He’s a big shot!”

"With Miss Pei around, what’s there to be afraid of?”


“Cough!” Ji Mo coughed, “Are there other opinions?”

Everyone looked at each other and no one said anything.

Ning Xiaofei looked at this situation and could only gently shake her head. It seems that this column will follow the old ways of other interviews and will soon go down the drain.

“Ning Xiaofei, what do you think?”

Opposite, the sound of Ji Mo’s voice came out of the blue.

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