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Chapter 31
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Shocked all the way back to her room, she closed the door tightly. Leaning on the door panel, only then did Ning Xiaofei dare to take a breath.

Lifting her right hand and thinking about what her hand had just mastered, her small eyebrows immediately wrinkled and she hurriedly rushed into the bathroom and turned on the tap.

Soap, hand sanitizer, disinfectant ...

She carefully rubbed her hands several times before pulling a paper towel to dry her fingers.

Raising her hand to her face, Ning Xiaofei looked at it and wanted to cry without tears. Bastard, how can she use this hand to eat later, Ah?!

Her eyes rested on the mirror, and she noticed her bare upper body in the mirror. Her mind hummed and she was busy pulling up the bathrobe that had slipped under her shoulders and wrapped herself up.

It’s over! That Yan Wangye must have seen it just now...

No, if he had seen it, he definitely should have been angry.

He probably just paid attention in taking pleasure and did not notice it. That was a narrow escape. Ning Xiaofei raised her hand and patted her chest to settle her palpitations but in the next second, she removed her palm aside.

Damn Mu Tianye, the hooligan....

With a scolding in her heart, she flung off her fingers angrily, raised her hand to straighten her hair, and then wrinkled her eyebrows.

A ——

She just thought of running away and forgot to take her clothes . Now what should she do?

Go back and get it?

That guy’s still in the room.

Don’t take it, don’t wear it!

Running out of the bathroom and clutching the phone on the table to see the time, Ning Xiaofei only wished she could run over to Mu Tianye then bite him to death.

For his sake, she had been delayed for almost an hour and if she did not hurry, she would surely be late.

Being late on the first day of work, she’d surely leave the leader a bad impression on her. Will there be any good fruit for her to eat in the future?


What’s so great about it? Wasn’t it just touching him...how many times?

Counting it, she felt as indecent as he was. The one that should be embarrassed is him, right? What does she have to be embarrassed of?!

Cheering herself up, she clung to her bathrobe and went out of the guest room again, arriving outside the main bedroom door.

As soon as her right hand gripped the doorknob, the ambiguous memory just floated up again and her courage to open it up a moment ago lessened by half.

Gritting her teeth, she carefully pushed open the door, looked through the door crack but did not see Mu Tianye’s figure. She immediately weighed on her toes then slipped in all the way quietly to the cloakroom door.

She has to take advantage of the guy who hasn’t finished showering yet and quickly tak her clothes out.

Taking a sneak peek at the closed bathroom door, Ning Xiaofei opened the cloakroom door.

Under the light, Mu Tianye was standing in front of a clothes hanger and was removing a black shirt from the shelf.

He had obviously just taken a shower, and at a glance he absolutely had nothing to hide about his body.

Ning Xiaofei’s heart trembled and did not dare to see if he wore clothes or not. Instinctively, she wanted to turn and run away.


But thinking of her work, she clenched her teeth again, rushed through the door, grabbed her getaway clothes, and turned and fled.

She hardly rushed out of the cloakroom when she heard the voice of the man behind her.


Mu Tianye, you are still not done!

Though roaring in her heart, Ning Xiaofei still obediently stopped her footsteps. Clutching her clothes, she turned around and stared at her toes like a primary school student who has done the wrong thing and was being criticized by the teacher.

“You ... Is something the matter?"

Mu Tianye frowned and glanced at Ning Xiaofei, pausing for two seconds over her squeamish white toes then brushing her off to the bra on the ground.


His intention was to remind her that she had dropped her clothes, but in Ning Xiaofei’s ears, she thought he wanted her to help him dress.

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