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Chapter 281 - Give him the tape.
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Chapter 281 - Give him the tape.

Ms. Liu placed both cups of tea gently on the table, her movements oozing caution. The atmosphere in the living room was overwhelmingly oppressive.


In the foyer, the closed door finally parted and Mu Tianye stepped in. Ms. Liu quickly trotted over and picked up his coat.

“Young Master... you have guests!”


Mu Tianye turned his face towards the living room, and immediately saw Mother Mu, who had risen from the couch. Since the couch Ning Xiaofei was sitting on had its back to the door, he didn’t see her. His long eyebrows slightly rose, then slowly furrowed.

Mother Mu didn’t hesitate to speak at the first opportunity to get the upper hand.


Mu Tianye snorted, and he stepped towards the stairs.

“Ms. Liu, see the guests off!”

At this time, Ning Xiaofei also stood up from the couch.

Mother Mu’s eyes flashed a different color and she raised her voice.

“I know you don’t want to see me, but there’s something I have to say.” She coldly swept a glance at Ning Xiaofei across from her. “It has to do with your young wife.”

Mu Tianye slowly withdrew his right foot from the stairs and turned around towards the living room. Only then did he see Ning Xiaofei standing across from Mother Mu.

Retracting his right foot, he turned and walked over to the sofa, and immediately reached out to hold Ning Xiaofei’s palm.

“Follow me upstairs.”

He never looked at Mother Mu directly, as if there was no one else in this living room except Ning Xiaofei.

“Young Master!”

Lin Zifan spoke softly.

Mu Tianye slanted a cold glance at him, and Lin Zifan immediately shut his mouth knowingly.

Patting Ning Xiaofei’s arm lightly, Mu Tianye spoke in a low voice.

“Go upstairs first.”

Ning Xiaofei nodded and walked towards the stairs.

“Stop!” Mother Mu took two quick steps and blocked Ning Xiaofei. “I haven’t finished yet!”

“Enough!” Mu Tianye frowned and walked forward, pulling Ning Xiaofei behind him, and pointing his left hand to the hall. “Get out of my house this instant.”

The corner of Mother Mu’s lips twitched uncontrollably. “Is this the way you treat your mother?”

The man lifted an eyebrow, his voice so cold it hinted no emotion nor warmth. “I don’t have a mother!”

Four words, like a count of slaps, smacked Mother Mu in the face. Her pretty face suddenly changed and her lips trembled.


Lin Zifan rushed over and supported her arm.


Pulling her arm out of his hand and slowly stopping the blow to her back, Mother Mu took a deep breath.

“I know you hate me, and I don’t blame you, but ... there’s something I have to say today. Zifan, give him the recording!”

Lin Zifan nodded and took the phone out of his pocket.

“I’m not interested!”

Mu Tianye pulled Ning Xiaofei to head upstairs, but Mother Mu stepped forward and blocked him.

“As soon as you finish listening to the recording, I’ll leave right away.” At this point, Lin Zifan had already opened the audio on his phone, pressed the play button, and Ning Xiaofei’s voice immediately rang out.

“That’s right, I did do it for the money ... This is the credit card your son gave me with one million limit per month. Just swipe it, he pays the bill. Oh, I almost forgot, there is also this ...”

Mu Tianye frowned and turned to look behind him. Ning Xiaofei immediately spoke, “Tianye, listen to my explanation. I am...”

“Shut up!” Mother Mu sternly interrupted her explanation, staring at Mu Tianye. “Didn’t you say you hated women who love money? Now, can you still say that?”

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