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Chapter 279 - We just met
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Chapter 279 - We just met

“Are you at work?”

Over the telephone receiver, Mu Tianye asked gently.


“I’ll pick you up at the office.”

“No, I’m not at the office, I’m outside.”


“A word or two won’t make it clear. I’ll talk to you in detail when I get home.” Ning Xiaofei stepped down the stairs with a mouthful of advice. “Go home first and wait for me. Be sure to wait for me, I have something very important to tell you.”

“Okay,” The man replied, and after a moment, he added, “Don’t rush on the way, and be safe.”

Ning Xiaofei ended the call and quickened her pace, walking out of the teahouse.

Mother Mu was obviously not a good person. There was no way she’d let her go so easily, so she recorded all her words in anger. If Mu Tianye heard those words and thought she was serious, it would be the end.

She had to clarify things before Mother Mu sent him the recording, so that he wouldn’t misunderstand.


Focusing on Mother Mu, who got up from her chair gloomily, Lin Zifan aske softly. “Madam, are you going to see?”

Mother Mu took a deep breath. “Let’s go see Tianye.”

“But...” Lin Zifan frowned, his tone hesitant. “You and young master...”

Mother Mu coldly interrupted him, “Before she makes up lies, I must let him know what kind of person this woman really is!”

She initially thought that Mu Tianye’s interest in Ning Xiaofei was just momentary. She didn’t want to interfere more, until she saw the scandal between Ning Xiaofei and Xicheng. She couldn’t sit still any longer and came back again from the United States.

This time, she had come prepared, making multiple preparations. She thought that it was a sure thing, but she never thought that she would end up being so countered by that girl.

“Now that Ning Xiaofei is rightfully spoiled, if you go to the door, I’m afraid that Young Master...”

“Worst case he hates me more!” Mother Mu took a deep breath. “No matter what, I can’t let him be lulled around by a woman like that!”

Seeing her walk out of the booth, Lin Zifan quickly grabbed her handbag and chased her out.



The taxi parked below the apartment building. Ning Xiaofei paid the fare, didn’t take the change and hurriedly got off. She returned to the apartment and opened the door, but there was no sign of Mu Tianye in the living room.

“Young Miss is back.” Miss Liu welcomed her out with a smile and took the backpack from her. “Are you hungry? The rice is ready. If you’re hungry, I’ll cook some dishes now.”

“Is Tianye back yet?”

“Not yet.” Ning Xiaofei lifted her wrist to look at her watch. He was probably stuck in a traffic jam on the road. The Mu building was located in the middle of the commercial center. Traffic jams at the end of the day were a common occurrence. “Then you can do it later. Wait for Tianye to come back, and save the food from getting cold when he arrives.”


“Okay.” Miss Liu smiled and answered, “Then go and get changed in the meantime.”

“Call me when Tianye is back.”

Ning Xiaofei changed out of her high heels and went upstairs. She put on a set of comfortable casual home clothes, and went into the bathroom to remove her makeup and wash her face, all the while organizing her thoughts on how to explain to Mu Tianye.

On second thought, she decided to tell the truth.

Downstairs, she faintly heard the doorbell ring.

Thinking it was Mu Tianye coming back, Ning Xiaofei quickly pulled a towel and wiped her face twice, drawing her slippers and trotting down the stairs.

“Honey, you’re back...”

Mid-sentence, she saw Miss Liu letting Mother Mu and Lin Zifan into the living room. She choked on the words that reached her mouth.

Miss Liu then smiled and spoke, “Young Miss, let me introduce you. This is...”

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