Exclusive Property: Mr. Mu's Favorite

Chapter 26
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Ning Xiaofei turned around and carried the gift box back to the cupboard, opened the lid and saw the champagne roses inside.

She couldn’t tell, this guy would even actually buy her flowers.

No, if it was for her, why didn’t he tell her? Who did he buy it for?

A man like him, let alone a little three or little four, a fifth, a sixth, and maybe a few more, but he had better go to his little mistresses every day, so she can live on her own.


Just a bunch of flowers, she doesn’t care about it.

Covering the flowers again and putting them back in the hall cabinet, Ning Xiaofei carried Mu Tianye’s coat, went upstairs again and knocked on the door of the study.

Seeing her come in, Mu Tianye extended a right hand directly to her.

The rich is the master, you cow!

Ning Xiaofei kept her unstated criticism secretly as she delivered the coat in her hand. The man’s slender fingers stretched out, and probed into the coat’s pocket then pulled out a black wallet from inside.

What does this mean?

Could it be that he was afraid of me stealing his money, and also anxiously checked in out as soon as he took it. But what did he mean by taking out his purse?

She could put up with being a maid and a slave, but she wasn’t a thief!

Ning Xiaofei’s small face sank and was about to attack, but the man has re-extended his right hand to her. Between his index finger and middle finger, there was a black card and just by looking at the exquisite logo on it, Ning Xiaofei could tell that it was a High V credit card of some multinational bank.


Ning Xiaofei stared in astonishment at the card between the man’s long, slender fingers.

“Give to ... for me?”

Mu Tianye took in the expressions on the girls small face in his eyes. Then he took back his arm and stood up.

The light in front of her was again blocked. For self- protection, Ning Xiaofei took a step back pulling away to a safe distance.

The man grabbed her by the wrist with a big hand, pulled her hand over, and deposited the card in her palm.

“Don’t embarrass me with cheap clothes. The kitchen fridge should be full. I don’t like to smell instant noodles in my kitchen.”

What’s so great about being rich?

Never mind, she’ll forgive him in the face of the card.

Ning Xiaofei pouted in her heart but a sweet smile appeared on her face.

“Yes, thank you, husband.”

This, however, relieved her of her pressing needs, and she had spent little of the money she had left just to order food for him. With this card, at least she would not have to go hungry.

Turning, Mu Tianye returned to his seat without addressing her again.

Ning Xiaofei turned to hang the coat hanger, went to the door, opened the door and thought of another thing, she turned around.

“That, husband... What’s the password for this card?”

Just giving the card without the password, how could she use it?

The man didn’t even move his face, he just lightly spat out two words.

“My birthday.”


“And husband’s birthday is...”

Mu Tianye’s face darkened. He turned his face and roared out two words.

“Get out!”

Really stupid. The marriage certificate has his identity card number, asking him such a simple question, if she were his staff, she’d be fired early!

Ning Xiaofei quickly flashed out of the study, helped him to close the door tightly and swung her fists at the door.

She’s his wife, not his mother. Where would she know when he was born?


By the way, the marriage certificate!

When she thought of it, she immediately grinned. That’s right. She forgot about it. She has his ID card on her marriage certificate and a date of his birth is on the ID card.

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